Sunday, June 20, 2021

Hello, Summer! Happy Father's Day!

Woo! Welcome Summer!
Here at FiveSibes, that means pool time when not in the a/c!
How do your dogs enjoy summer?

 "Well, we'll go swimmin' every day
No time to work just time to play
If your folks complain just say,
'It's summertime, summertime, 
sum, sum, summertime!'"
~Thomas Jameson 
And on this first day of Summer, we also send out Happy Father's Day wishes to all the dads! 
Sunday Memory: Gibson & FiveSibesDad


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  1. Such a sweet message. Happy Father's Day to all the special Dads out there.

  2. Such a lovely message. We hope your Dog-Dad has a great Father's Day.