Wednesday, September 9, 2020

#FiveSibes #WaitingWednesday Blog Hop: Spotlight on Southern Siberian Rescue

#FiveSibes #WaitingWednesday #Rescue

Read more about beautiful Nellie further down in this post and how you can adopt her and other gorgeous Huskies from today's highlighted rescue~Southern Siberian Rescue!


 #WaitingWednesday Blog Hop #HuskyRescues


Organization Contact Information


Southern Siberian Rescue

PO Box 98601

Raleigh, NC 27624

Tel: (919) 868-0798


 Adoption Information:
Adoption Application:  
Foster Information:
Facebook Page (@SouthernSiberianRescue):
 Happy 18th Anniversary to 
Southern Siberian Rescue!

Photo collage courtesy of Southern Siberian Rescue

"Southern Siberian Rescue is a group of dedicated volunteers responsibly rescuing Siberian Huskies in need throughout North Carolina and surrounding states. Our sole purpose and priority is to help unwanted, misunderstood, abandoned or neglected Siberians find homes. We do this by providing needed health care, rehabilitation and training for all our foster dogs and carefully screening potential adopters.

The Siberian Husky is not a breed for everyone and adopters need to understand this breed and all of its quirks and beauty. We also spend a great deal of time educating potential owners and the public about the Siberian Husky, their special requirements, temperament, personalities and traits. We promote the importance of adopting from a reputable rescue or working with a responsible breeder when inviting a Siberian to your home."


 How Can I Adopt or Foster From Southern Siberian Rescue?

Check out their Adoption Policies & Foster Info:

Meet Beautiful Adoptables From Southern Siberian Rescue...
(Full List of Beautiful Adoptable Huskies & Bios HERE)








đź“Ś Note: Don't let seizure history stop you from adopting beautiful Nellie! According to Southern Siberian Rescue, her bloodwork was fine, which typically means no underlying issues! Please visit  my important in-depth blog post about Canine Epilepsy and seizures for more info and how dogs can live full, happy lives with seizures HERE.





 Helping to educate others about the Siberian Husky breed's specific needs BEFORE they get one to ensure they are prepared and the home becomes a loving forever home.


#BreedEducate2Relate #WaitingWednesday #Rescue Blog Hop

What's This  #WaitingWednesday 
Blog Hop All About? 

It's about becoming a "village" to help rescues, homeless Huskies, and all abandoned pets of any species in need. It's also to share breed information to help educate folks so they understand the traits, habits, and needs of specific breeds, such as the Siberian Husky, BEFORE they welcome one into their home to ensure the home will be a forever one. Please check out our recent post HERE where I talk all about this new important Blog Hop! 


How You Can Join in Our Weekly "Village" to  Help Homeless Pets...

Write a blog post (or Facebook or Instagram post) highlighting a rescue (you can do a different one each week!) along with some photos of the rescue's adoptable animals (dogs, cats, horses, bunnies--any species) along with a little info on the pet and the rescue's contact information.

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While we here at FiveSibes randomly select rescues to highlight, if you are with a non-profit rescue of northern breed dogs (and mixes of both), and want to be sure I feature your rescue, please send me your info and some of your adoptables to highlight in an upcoming “Waiting Wednesday” post! Feel free to Email info and photos to FiveSibes(at)gmail(dot)com and put "Waiting Wednesday Adoptable" in subject line!

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  1. We are participating for the first time. This is a great blog hop, close to our hearts. Athena is a rescue cat and advocate for pet adoption.

    Purrs xx
    Athena and Marie

  2. Such wonderful pups, we hope each is not waiting too long.

  3. Sweet Nellie! What a beautiful girl. Here's hoping she finds her forever home soon!