Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Today's Edition of #FiveSibes Newsy Tuesday: Husky Coffee Review & Giveaway!

Many who know me know my love of both Siberian Huskies and coffee. Yep, I’m a java nut and truly enjoy a good cup of joe. I mean, what writer doesn't like (or need) coffee?? (I do realize not every single wordsmith shares my caffeine passion, but many do, and to me, coffee rules!) As a career author and photo-journalist, there are so many beyond-midnight and all-nighter deadlines, that coffee is my best friend. As Lorelei Gilmore of the famed Gilmore Girls TV show stated, "I need coffee in an IV!"  

My days always start with brewing up coffee as I bid good morning to Wolf and Bandit! With the aroma of coffee filling the air, I am a happy camper. And, if I must admit it, I am a bit of a coffee snob. My coffee HAS to be good! So, when I was contacted by Husky Coffee, I was intrigued! So much so, I had to give it a try! I mean, pass up coffee? No Way! Plus, how can you go wrong with the name “Husky Coffee”—two of my favorite things!

 "Woo! Smells good!" says Wolf. "But it's for humans, 
not us Huskies!"

Bandit wants Hu-Mom to get brewing!

Please note:
I received complimentary Husky Coffee to try.
As always, I only review products I will use,
and always give my honest review.

Don’t miss the Husky Coffee Giveaway 
later in this post!

I love when you open a bag of vacuum-packed coffee and the first thing that hits the senses is that fantastic aroma of coffee! Mmmmm-hmmmm. And Husky Coffee did not disappoint! Passing my initial sniff test,  I was ready to brew up some. Husky Coffee has a variety of types and roasting levels to choose from, and I chose their Brazil and Columbian coffees, standard grind, and light roasting level as I prefer my coffee not-too-strong and smooth. I also selected a dark roasting, coarse grind for making cold brew. And, they also have single-serving capsules, too!

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All set! Mugs are awaiting while the Husky Coffee brews away! In the meantime, if you like my pretty cool Husky mugs, you can get them, too! 

A Little About Husky Coffee

Now just what is Husky Coffee all about, you may ask. Based in Yakima, WA, and proud alum of the University of Washington (Go, Huskies!), these coffee connoisseur love Huskies! So much so, they decided to name their company after their favorite breed.  “Marley” is their current Husky and he is a handsome boy! Husky Coffee was started with a mission in mind: to “help Husky rescue groups” by donating 10% of their proceeds to #HuskyRescue groups. Pretty cool. Interested? Drop them a line! Their customer service is tops!

 Special coupon by Husky Coffee for FiveSibes readers!

There are all types of brews, including decaf, and choices of roasts and grind to suit your java palette. I was very pleased with my smooth delicious choices, and look forward to trying some other varieties! Visit their website at HuskyCoffee.com to check it out! You can also follow them over on Facebook. Be sure to tell them FiveSibes sent you! Try a brew for yourself, or maybe you can even ask Santa to leave a bag or two in your stocking!

 You may enter until 12 AM EST on December 18th!
Must 18 or older and USA only. Winner has 72 hours to respond via Email, or another winner will be randomly selected, so watch our blog and your Email! 
***Don't forget - a mandatory selection is to leave us a blog comment on whether you will be sipping the coffee for yourself, or giving it to a friend to try!***

Congrats to Jo Ricker! Please check your Email for instructions!

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  1. Dad learned early on not to talk to Mom until she finishes her first cup of coffee each morning. We also give her space till she starts cup number two. We'll keep the Husky coffee for her. She would love it in honor of our beautiful Tsar who we miss so much.

  2. I would love to win this. My passion for coffee
    Is only exceeded by my passion for cats!

  3. The Dad loves his coffee too and that does sound yummy!

  4. Woo-hoo...coffee and dogs. What could go better together? We'll definitely have to check out this brand! Cheers ☕️

  5. I would love to give this coffee to my dad... and, enjoy a cup with him! :)
    --Ann B. (L.....B@yahoo.com)

  6. Ummm errrrrr confession - coffee stays here in this house to enjoy in the mornings with Layla

  7. Coffee for me with my two crazys i need to be able to keep up

  8. My husband and I enjoy coffee so much I will be keeping for us to enjoy! Happy Holidays!

  9. I would share it with my best friend. This coffee sounds awesome.

  10. I love this and the post and cups are adorable. My husband is a huge coffee junkie even more than you lol...so IF I won he would drink it.. though knowing me I would save the bag. So cute 🐕

  11. I love my coffee cant do with out it 6 to 8 cups a day and it has to be hot or i wont drink it

  12. I will give it to my husband as a gift.