Friday, July 26, 2019

And Then There Were Three Sibes...

Unbelievably, tomorrow marks the five-week anniversary of our beloved Chloe earning her wings, and this is my first post since then. To say that we are still in shock, is an understatement. To say I lost some writing mojo is right on point. Chloe's acute liver failure came on so sudden...not a even a clue. Her annual spring bloodwork from two months prior was all good, as were our other three. So not only were we shocked by the news, but our vet was as well. So many of you have so thoughtfully reached out to us to ask us how we have been and how Harley, and Chloe's littermates sister Bandit and brother Wolf are doing, and we thank you so very much for all the kind words, sentiments, prayers, and images.

"Time passes. That's the rule. No matter what happens, no matter how much it might feel like everything in your life has been frozen around one particular moment, 
time marches on.  ~Cynthia Hand

As when we lost Gibson back in 2015, the first couple of weeks were really the roughest on them (for Gib, it was very difficult for Harley, his bonded companion). With Chloe's loss, it is especially hard on her brother Wolf. He and his "twin" sis were pretty close. He has been hit with grief the worst, and his anxiety returned. Bandit, her sister and partner in crime (they were dubbed the "Tweedles"), has been anxious and sleeping in her spot in the corner under the kitchen nook table, and Harley meanders around table, walking in and out of Chloe's corner spot.  While grieving myself, it's even harder watching the packmates grieve.

My grandson really helped to perk up the pups, and watching him interact with Harley, Wolf, and Bandit brought such proud joy to my heart. For the Fourth of July, we filled the FiveSibes' pool and my daughter bought our Huskies some new pool toys--squeaky "firecrackers" with hopes of getting them to play. My grandson hand delivered them to each of them saying, "Here you go. One for you...and one for you...and one for you!" The joy in the Huskies from my grandson hanging out and giving them new toys was priceless!

 "Some things just fill your heart 
without trying."~Princess Sassy Pants & Co.

Treats, from special friends, like Sassy's Goodies (who also makes the Gib Nibs epilepsy fundraiser treats), also helped cheer up our grieving Huskies.

Some human little brother time, new toys, a little full-spectrum hemp oil, and lots of ice cream, pizza bones, treats, love, and patience...and I believe we are starting to adjust to that post-loss new norm.

For me, it's all so surreal. I still miss my beloved boy Gibson, and it's been almost four years since he crossed the Rainbow Bridge. While we are all adjusting to a new normal, yet again, Chloe's chatty presence is missed. There is a deafening quiet now when it is meal time as Chloe is not loudly alerting me a good half hour ahead of time by wooing and talking. (Oh, how she loved food!) She is not sitting with the other three, her pretty head perked in anticipation as her happy tail wagged while I prepare their meals. To say it is so strangely quiet here, is an understatement. Chloe was not everyone's cup of tea because she was so vocal, but I miss her voice. Our chatty, always happy, Chloe, with the tail that eagerly and always wagged, right up until the end.

But, as we continue on our journey with our FiveSibes now down to three, and knowing that our time left with them is even more precious now as the two remaining Pupsters are 11 and a half, and our alpha queen Harley is 14 and a half and now really starting to show signs of her is all so bittersweet. Bitter that we are in their golden years, their final leg of life with us on this plane, and yet so sweet that we have had the special privilege of all our times together--both past, present, and those yet to come with our remaining three--laughing, loving, and embracing life. But no matter the number--right down until that (dreadful) day when my beautiful, loving, amazing FiveSibes are only one--they will always and forever be Forever FiveSibes to me. 

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  1. This was beautifully written. And I know what you mean about them being forever - it is that way with all. They're still here, we just can't see them. But that doesn't make them still part of your heart.

  2. So sorry to hear of your loss. Shock is the correct word to use when losing a beloved dog. They are such a huge part of our lives. It sounds like Chloe was very loved and you have many fond memories of her (and gorgeous pictures too).
    Prayers for you and your family, and her Fur-Siblings as you make it through your grieving.

  3. What a beautiful post. It's clear how loved your dogs are, and how missed Gibson and Chloe are. Your posts especially resonate with me since my oldest boy, my first "puppy", will be 11 this year. At the same time I feel both insanely privileged and happy to have been able to grow together with him for this long (and hopefully much longer), but on the other hand it makes me really sad to think about him entering his senior years. Sending puppy snuggles from my Kitsune and Fenrir, and continued healing thoughts as your pack learns to live without Chloe physically by your side.

  4. You've been in my heart and mind these passed 5 weeks. Know we continue to sending oodles of poodles of comfort and hope the tender memories of your precious girl provides comfort to you and the other Sibes. Thinking of you and sending digital ear rubs to the gang. Losing a member of the pack is hard on all the survivors, whether they have two or four legs. 💜💜💜

  5. What a touching post!!! It is so hard to bounce back after the loss of loved ones and for you to have lost so much so recently. Mom totally gets how you are feeling. And yes, those little ones can do so much to lift the spirits.

    Hugs and Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  6. Have thought of you often and wondered how you and the Sibes have been. I know it is difficult but thank you for sharing. We loved Chloe too and miss her and Gibson too.

    We know what you mean...we will always be the 24 Paws of Love down to the end.

    Our thoughts and prayers are with you. So glad the grandson could help cheer everyone up a little bit. Our love to you and the pups.

  7. You put it down so beautifully and feeling the loss of your precious girl is a hard reality to how special life is and how we must appreciate every single moment we have with our furkids.

    I Love that your grandson came over with the new toys to perk them up, that was such a clever idea and distraction for them which hopefully will help them heal.

    Sending you a big big hug with a lick from Layla

  8. So sorry for your loss. What a beautiful family and pack. Glad that your grandson could lighten the hearts of those left behind. Wishing you the best as time moves on for your delightful pack.

  9. I'm sorry to hear that the grief has been so intense. It seems like you are moving through it gracefully despite the pain. Take your time getting back into blogging. We will all be here waiting for you when you are ready.

  10. I was so sorry to hear about Chloe. I have 3 senior(ish) dogs, so your words about spending their golden years together really touched me.

  11. Aww ... I actually refuse to commemorate Jasmine's passing. We like to remember her birthday and other memories from her life.

  12. Beautifully written and thank you for sharing. I5 truly is horrendous to lose a member of the family and what we go through to recover is a long journey. Take time, enjoy your loved ones and I’ll keep you all in my thoughts and prayers ❤️

  13. What a lovely post. I know you miss your girl but isn't the little boy totally wonderful lifting their spirits eh?

    Losing them is always tough, ALWAYS so the support of friends and family sees us through. It's good to see you on the blog again!

  14. Such a beautiful post. I still miss Praline and she's been gone 8 years. They tend to touch a part of our soul and they'll never be completely gone from us.