Friday, June 15, 2018

K9 Epilepsy FUNdraiser Card Drive & Giveaway!

Our Harley, Chloe, Wolf, and Bandit have their card and donation all ready for Olivia!

Woo! It's party time! Fellow Epi-dog, Olivia Barnaby's 8th Barkday is coming up on June 21st, and to celebrate, Olivia and her hu-mom, Jeanaann are celebrating by hosting a Barkday Card Drive to benefit The Wally Foundation~Canine Epilepsy!!! Send a card with just one dollar (less than a cup of coffee) and you could be changing the life of an Epi-dog somewhere in the world!

Pssst...a little birdie told me that Olivia's Barkday is also Jeanaann's birthday, so double the birthday wishes are being 
sent out to the Barnaby household!

Photo Courtesy of Jeanaann Barnaby~KnottyToysforGoodDogs

As you know, Canine Epilepsy is a cause near and dear to our hearts as my now furangel Gibson was an Epi-dog, just like Olivia! As a matter of fact, thanks to Gibson and Olivia, that is how Jeanaann and I met many years ago. Olivia is also one of the Epi-stars in my book, EPIc Dog Tales: Heartfelt Stories About Amazing Dogs Living & Loving Life With Canine Epilepsy! It was while I was interviewing Epi-dog families and writing the book, that I "met" Olivia and Jeanaann. I always say I thank my Gibson for bringing me together with so many amazing people and their equally amazing Epi-dogs, like Olivia! 

To hear the stories of how these dogs embrace life, even with seizures, is a true testament to the pure joy of a dog and how they enjoy life to the fullest! Now there are some important lessons in there for us mere humans! I know I sure learned so much from my furangel Gibson, and I am still passionate about, and dedicated to, advocating for these phenomenal dogs that once upon a time were overlooked, surrendered, or (gasp) euthanized. 

Today, I am so happy to hear of the stories of people now adopting dogs with seizures, and it is through education and support programs, such as #LiveGibStrong and #Paws4Purple, and fellow advocates such as Olivia and Jeanaann, and Rick Selwood and The Wally Foundation, that we will hear more and more stories of these Epi-dog survivors and champions. While yes, it is a worry; and yes, it is not always easy; and yes, there is a financial aspect with medications, tests, and vet visits, but the bond and joy you will share with your Epi-dog or any special needs dog is immeasurable. And I know right now there are many of you amazing pet parents out there nodding your heads in unison! Gibson was, and always will be, my heart dog. My spirit animal. My canine hero. 

Who is Olivia Barnaby?

The Barkday Girl - Olivia! Photo courtesy of Jeanaann Barnaby

So let's talk about our beautiful Barkday girl! Olivia, who will be turning 8 on June 21st, was adopted from a shelter by Jeanaann at nine months of age in 2011. Three months after, Olivia had her first seizure (and scared her hu-mom). She was diagnosed with idiopathic Canine Epilepsy. Olivia is now on three anti-seizure medications, and while she deals with almost daily focal seizures and monthly grand mal seizures, Jeanaann says she is one happy girl! Together, they are fantastic advocates for dogs living with Canine Epilepsy, by sharing not only Olivia's story, but also important information as well as a series of E-books Jeanaann has written and are available through her blog site at Knotty Toys for Good Dogs.  The site also features Jeanaann's hemp chew toys for which she donates a portion of the sales to The Wally Foundation.

What is The Wally Foundation?

"Wally" Selwood
The Wally Foundation (TWF) is a non-profit organization that offers possible financial assistance for much needed anti-seizure medications to families, rescues, and fosters of dogs diagnosed with idiopathic Canine Epilepsy. 
TWF namesake is "Wally", the founder and Executive Director, Rick Selwood's beloved Saint Bernard who had Epilepsy. Selwood says, "Our belief is that no human should have to choose between food on the table, and affording medication or treatments for their epileptic dog.We believe that no family should have to euthanize their beloved dog due to a lack of understanding of the disease, or a lack of resources." Rick says they “will also provide support and information on canine epilepsy, a database of specialists and treatment centers, and how and where to obtain the lowest possible priced medications.”

Party Time!

To participate in Olivia's 8th Barkday Card Drive, simply mail a ONE DOLLAR ($1) donation (or more if you like) in a card wishing Olivia a Happy Barkday! Send cards via snail mail to:

Olivia Barnaby
c/o Knotty Toys for Good Dogs
P.O. Box 125, Coe Hill, ON.
K0L 1P0, Canada

If you prefer to do it online, you can send your donation to Olivia's Card Drive via PayPal to and include 
some Happy Barkday wishes for Olivia. That's it! 
Now get those cards and donations ready to send!

Goodie Package Giveaway!

Oh, wait, silly us! There's more! I mean, what's a Barkday party without goodie bags, right? Hu-mom Jeanaann is on it! For every card with a donation (snail mail or digital donation), that person's name will go into a random drawing for a pretty (p)awesome "Goodie Bag!" So what are all the goodies? Check it out here:

Stay Tuned...

On Sunday, June 17th, a special episode of "The Sibe Vibe" on Dog Works Radio aired! Tune in to hear me chat with Jeanaann all about Olivia's Barkday Card Drive Fundraiser HERE

Since it's our FiveSibes Flashback Friday Blog Hop, it's just so fitting that today's photos from Memory Lane are of my beloved Gibson, who I made this journey on the path of Canine Epilepsy with, and who I would do it with all over again. And Gibbie, well, he never met a party or ice cream cake he didn't like! And how they all love to eat their cakes together! Love you for always, my sweet G-man.

Join us each week for a fun and memorable stroll down Memory Lane in our FiveSibes Flashback Friday Blog Hop! The list is open all week, so if you are busy on Friday, you can come back and still link up! Be sure to visit the "hoppers" blogs, too, for some great fun and photos. What a wonderful way to remember those younger days--whether it is a week ago, a month ago, a year ago, or decades ago! Show us your pet's pics and come hop along!

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  1. Happy birthday Olivia! And great flashback pics of Gibson!

  2. Gosh! Every time I visit I learn so much about epilepsy and dogs and the work being done for their care. I am full of admiration that there is such hope and care and no dog and owner needs to feel alone.

  3. Happy Birthday Olivia, you are one brave little girl. Your posts are always heart warming, a good reminder and so appreciated by me and Layla xx

  4. Olivia is a cutie, Happy Birthday sweetie!

  5. We're big fans of sweet Olivia and have sent our birthday card off to her earlier this week. Happy birthday, Olivia!

  6. A very Happy Birthday to Olivia!! Gibson really was such an inspiration, I'm sure he knows how many lives he has changed and enriched. You were lucky to have shared your lives together.

  7. Happy birthday Olivia! I hope it's a good one and the drive goes well.

  8. Happy birthday Olivia! Glad to hear that she is living happily like any pup should!

  9. Happy Birthday to Olivia! It is great that she's celebrating by helping other epi-dogs via The Wally Foundation.
    I always love seeing photos of Gibson.

  10. Happy Barkday to Olivia!! You are one adorable doggie!

  11. Happy barkday Olivia. The picture of Gibbie is precious.

  12. Olivia is so cute! Happy Barkday!! I love the card drive idea, so smart and for a great cause too.

  13. Happy Barkday to Olivia! It is great that you are giving back to dogs with epilepsy. My best friend has a dog that has seizures and it is really hard on her and her family.

  14. Happy 8th Barkday Olivia! You're styling in your epilepsy awareness bandana:) I'm continually amazed by the number of resources that pet parents create and support to care for our fur kids. When it's your heart dog or cat or other beloved pet, there's just nothing that can stop you from spreading the word and helping others understand. I love coming here to learn more about epilepsy in pups.

  15. Happy Birthday to both Olivia and Jeaneanne! Olivia looks so pretty in her party photo. The Wally Foundation sounds wonderful, I'm sure they help a lot of families in need.
    Love & Biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

  16. I sent Olivia a card and a donation. Supporting canine epilepsy is a great cause. I had a dog with epilepsy decades ago.

  17. Happy Birthday Olivia. Hope you got all the treats and presents you wanted.

  18. The Wall-E foundation sounds like a wonderful group that can help people who need financial assistance with their dogs who have epilepsy. I admire those of you who can work with your dogs with this illness. I honestly don’t know if I would have the emotional stamina to deal with it. But on the other hand, I guess we would do anything for our fur children.

    1. That should be Wally. My phone doesn’t always like my accent.

  19. Happy Belated Barkday Olivia! Donation made to the Wally Foundation! What a wonderful organization!