Friday, June 2, 2017

Puppy Love (x 3) on a Flashback Friday

Flashing back almost nine-and-a-half years ago to when the baby "Pupsters" Bandit, Wolfie, and Chloe joined our family that already included their older brother, one-year-old Gibson, and the love of his life and the Pupsters surrogate momma, two-year-old Harley. It's been so special watching these three grow up together and it has always warmed my heart over the years knowing these littermates will never be separated and will always share a home together. The antics, the craziness, and the joy of training and raising three puppies at once will always be something so special to me. Is it possible this January the Pupsters (who still act like puppies) will turn a decade in age? Where does the time fly?

"A sibling is also one of 
your best friends." ~Unknown

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  1. Adorable pic. We still can't believe you actually dealt with three little pups at one time:) Good job.

    Woos - Misty and Lightning

  2. The smiles are wide whenever there are flashback photos. Too adorable.

  3. Thanks for joining the Pet Parade! I love your Flashback photo. It gives me puppy fever. ♥