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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Where Have We Been?!

Miss us? We sure do hope so! We all missed you! First up, we are all But, we've had a rough time lately. I needed to take a step back from blogging to focus on family as there have been some serious health issues with two of our family members, and sadly, one of them, my father-in-law, who suffered from two strokes has now been diagnosed with B-cell non-Hodgkin lymphoma and has just begun aggressive chemo treatments. Then, one of our FiveSibes, our alpha queen Harley, had a sudden health setback that I hope is now under control, which I will be blogging about in an upcoming post. For now, please know we are back! There are a lot of things coming up to share, including a recap of Harley's recent episode, plus some exiting news, as well as our 3rd Annual FiveSibes™ #LiveGibStrong K-9 Epilepsy Awareness Purple Day® Blog Hop where I hope you will join us and "go purple"then link up with us, our two co-hosts, and others across the globe on March 26 in support of canine and human Epilepsy awareness. So, please check back or sign up for our blog posts via Email to know when a new one is up! Hope all is well with each of you.


  1. Dang, I'm so sorry to hear about those health issues, hugs from all of us. Yep, we've been missing you!!!

  2. We are so very sorry about your family difficulties. We send good thoughts and prayers for your father-in-law and lovingly crossed paws for Harley. Mom sends you great big hugs.

    Woos - Lightning and Misty

  3. We missed you! Sorry to hear about your father-in-law and Harley. We've been thinking about all of you. 24 Paws crossed that things get better. <3

  4. Sorry to hear about the set backs. We missed you. Sending pug hugs and pawsitive vibes for the sibes. Hope your father-in-law and Harley are OK. XS

  5. We are sorry to hear about the set-backs. We will send 'pawsitive' healing thoughts and energy your way to both the 2 and 4 legged in your pack. ~ ღonika, Sam, & Elsa 🐾