#Trees4Earth: Plant a A Tree and Reduce Your Pet's Carbon Pawprint on Earth Day

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A Billion Acts of Green

Woo! To date, 2,023,267,635 Acts of Green have been reached! Now, let's reach 3 Million! Share and Pin our poster with our Harley highlighting some very easy and important ways  you can help reduce your pet's carbon pawprint! For even more ideas, visit the Earth Day Network's Billion Acts of Green site HERE.

#EarthDay2016 is 

Earth Day 2016, today, marks a historical moment as it is the United Nations Paris Climate Agreement Signing Ceremony in New York City! More than 150 world leaders are signing the #ParisAgreement for global climate change, and you can watch it, learn more about what our leaders are doing to help our environment and become a citizen signer HERE.

According to Earth Day Network: 

Trees Help Combat Climate Change 
How you ask? “They absorb excess and harmful CO2 from our atmosphere. In fact, in a single year, an acre of mature trees absorbs the same amount of CO2 produced by driving the average car 26,000 miles.”

Trees Help Us Breathe Clean Air 
Is there anything better than stepping outside on a warm sunny day and breathing in the air? Hopefully, clean air! Explains Earth Day Network, “Trees absorb odors and pollutant gases (nitrogen oxides, ammonia, sulfur dioxide and ozone) and filter particulates out of the air by trapping them on their leaves and bark.”

Trees Help Communities 
Of course they do! Not only do our pets seek out the shade and coolness of lying beneath a tree, and families and friends gather under the shade of a tree for gatherings, games, and get-togethers, Earth Day Network shares that trees also “help communities achieve long-term economic and environmental sustainability and provide food, energy and income.”

So what can we do?

Recycle that pool water!
First, hug a tree. Yep. Go right ahead. Be thankful for trees and what they do for our planet. Here we are once again sharing our tips for helping to reduce your pet's carbon pawprint and our effort toward helping global climate change.

Walk your dog whenever possible instead of going by car.

Use recycle shopping bags when going grocery shopping for your supplies and food.

Feed your pet their food in a stainless steel dish.

Make your pet's snacks whenever possible.

Recycle pet food containers and cans instead of throwing them in with the trash.

Recycle pet medication containers (check with your vet, pharmacy, and acupuncturist as many happily accept them. My acupuncturist loves them).

Clean "green" with chemical-free household supplies (we should be anyway for the health and safety of our pets).

Use biodegradable "doggy-do" bags.

Don't use the microwave to warm up their food.

Plant a tree in memory of a pet.

When emptying out a pet pool or water dish, use it to water flowers, shrubs, and trees.

Recycle old dog beds, blankets, and toys. Stitch em' up, give them a wash, and donate to shelters.

Spay or neuter pets to reduce the epidemic of homeless animals and overpopulated shelters.

Look into reducing energy by installing solar panels (we did this last year), or simply by turning off TVs, computers, lights, iPods, radios, etc. and getting outside more to play with your pets or volunteer at a shelter to play with some homeless animals.  You'll save energy AND have happier furbabies!
*Source: ©Dorothy Wills-Raftery, FiveSibes.blogspot.com

To become part of the Earth Day movement, make a donation, and see what else you can do to help, please visit the Earth Day Network at www.earthday.org.

You can also help by sharing information about Earth Day by using the hashtags #EarthDay2016 and #Trees4Earth.

In 2020, Earth Day Network will be celebrating 50 years of their environmental movement! Let's help them achieve their goals, which should be all of our goals ~ plant a tree (or two) and reduce both yours and your pet's carbon pawprint today because protecting the Earth is protecting our home.

Together, we can do this.

My Flashback Friday photos are of Gibson and our adopted feral kitty, Binx. The above photo of my Gibson during one of our springtime strolls from a few years ago is perfect for today's Earth Day Flashback Friday! Gibson loved the feel of grass under his feet, sniffing flowers, hanging out under the shade of a tree with me, and always the first of the FiveSibes to get into the kiddie pool! On this Earth Day, and every day, it's good to stop and really feel the sun, hug our pet, and be thankful for the beautiful moments we share together on this Earth.

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  1. Replies
    1. Thanks, Nichole! Hope you had a great Earth Day, too! :-)

  2. Happy Earth Day! I need to go through some of Mr. N's old things and donate them!

  3. I love this Earth Day post! Shared on Twitter and G+ under Sarcastic Dog :-)

  4. Happy Earth Day :) Love from Layla

  5. Love your tips for greener living! Happy Earth Day!

  6. I pinned! I think planting a tree in memory of a pet is a great idea- awesome list!

  7. These are great ideas! I wish there was a better recycling program in my area. I've often thought about all of those cat food cans that go to waste! Happy belated Earth Day!

    1. Thank you, Robin! Hopefully, one day all areas will have a strong recycling program. :-)

  8. What a great post- some excellent ideas to inspire us all to go green and care for the earth.

    1. Thank you, Talent Hounds! I appreciate that! :)

  9. Happy Earth Day! I do use most of these tips, but there sure were some other great ones I had not thought about. Great Earth Day post.

  10. Great tips, thank you! Happy Earth Day!

  11. Happy Earth Day! Hope it was enjoyable. Your tips are great and an excellent way to inspire others!

  12. Great list of suggestions for reducing one's carbon footprint. Thanks for sharing.

  13. I miss the trees we had in the country, cities are not always so great for trees or oxygen-producing plantings outside parks. Great list of things to do for lightening the carbon load, thank you =)

  14. I miss the trees we had in the country, cities are not always so great for trees or oxygen-producing plantings outside parks. Great list of things to do for lightening the carbon load, thank you =)

    1. Thank you, Mary! So true...we are fortunate our home is surrounded by trees, but I do miss the country trees! :)

  15. I love this concept. Trees are also a great way to remember after those we love have passed. I'm always sad to see forests demolished (heartbreaking that so many animals are left to find new dwellings). Planting trees is a great way to give back. Thanks for this post!

  16. Happy Earth Day and these are great tips for all pet parents.

  17. Great tips! Happy Earth Day!

  18. I remember celebrating "Ecology Day" in the seventies when I was in high school. Basically, the concept was the same. Thanks for the great tips.

  19. Thanks for the great tips! I really wish our apartment building would recycle. Maybe I need to suggest this to the resident council. :) I really miss trees here in the city - there really aren't very many!! There should definitely be more trees - they are beautiful and they help the environment in so many ways.

  20. Thanks for this post! Animals really bump up a carbon footprint, and you have some great tips on how to lowers that by making minor changes!

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