Friday, April 15, 2016

Forever and Always on a Flashback Friday

Today marks the five-month anniversary of when my amazing and beautiful Mom earned her angel wings, and tomorrow will be four months since my beloved Gibson earned his furangel wings. I like to think that he had to leave to keep my Mom company. It has not been easy without these two loves in my life, and losing them so close to each other before Christmas, very far from it. But, to honor them and their love of life and family, I will fondly reflect back on all the incredible memories and adventures we had. My Mom was with my daughter and I the day we brought home four-month old ball-of-fluff wooly puppy Gibson in April of 2006. And I like to think of them now happily swinging together above the clouds in Heaven keeping each other company, while keeping a close eye on all of us here. I know Gib will be giving my Mom lots of those wonderful Gibbie kisses and wooing "love you" to her, and she will show him unconditional love and keep him by her side always so he will feel safe and never be lonely. 
I love you, Momma and Gibbie. 
Forever and Always.

"Everything in life is temporary, because everything changes. That's why it takes great courage to love, knowing it might end anytime, but having the faith it will last forever." 

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  1. precious tribute, bless you dear

  2. Sweet memories, they are what help us deal with the loss.

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

    1. OP Pack, you are so right, so right. <3

  3. That is a wonderful photo. Hugs and love from all of us.

  4. I'm sure that your mom and Gibson are loving being united where they can both keep their eyes on you. Thank you so much for your POTP and thoughts this week. I am feeling wonderful and I know all of the prayers helped. ♥

  5. A lovely way to honor and remember them!