Digging Spring! Seasonal Pet Tips & Siberian Husky Memorial Candle Ceremony

With the arrival of warmer weather, we want to once again give a friendly reminder to give your yard a good safety check and remove any dangerous or poisonous items and mend any broken fences, gates, etc. 

  • OUTDOOR SAFETY: With the unveiling of pools and grills, be sure you have safety mechanisms in place so your beloved pet can not get burnt, drown, or get hurt. If you have an in-ground pool, even if you have it gated, be sure you have a pet ladder so if they accidentally fall in, they have a way out.
  • KEEP PET'S PERSPECTIVE: Get down to your pet's level and see it from their perspective. Is there anything dangerous lying around that was hidden under snow, water, or mud? Any "escape" holes? Any places where wildlife or insects can build a home? Any salt or poisonous winter items around where they can now get to them?   

  • KEEP 'EM COOL: Invest in a kiddie pool or two now before they are sold out for the summer. A fun, inexpensive way for your pet to cool off on the upcoming hot days.

  • WATER: Always keep fresh, cool water available.

  • BEAT THE HEAT: Remember when walking your dog in the warmer weather, to do so during the coolest points of the day - early AM and late PM - so as not to overheat them. Also be conscious of the hot pavement and roads on their paws; keep to the grassy sides if possible or shady areas. And always bring along a bottle of water.
For more seasonal safety tips, infographics, and pet poison control information, please visit our March 11th Spring Ahead blog post HERE.

Siberian Husky 
Memorial Candle Ceremony 

Tonight at 8 PM (all time zones in an effort to keep a continuous candle lighting across the globe), light a candle for a FurAngel, whether it is your beloved dog, or for Siberian Huskies you know who earned their wings and join in the Sibernet's Siberian Husky Memorial Candle Lighting Ceremony. My sweet, beloved Gibson is listed in this season's vernal equinox memorial ceremony. 

Here is my candle lighting tonight for my angel Gib, in celebration of his amazing, although too short, life. #LiveGibStrongForever. I miss you, G. 


 Also, tonight is the perfect time to check out Peaches and Paprika's beautiful (*tissue alert*) memorial tribute to all the amazing dogs of Blogville who earned their wings this past year. Thank you so much, Carol, for including our dear Gibson (see 2:20):

 While remembering and celebrating the lives of our beautiful furangels on this first day of Spring, we look forward to a season full of good health, happiness, and special times spent together with our furbabies.


  1. Lady is feeling far to sensitive to look at that video today. We are dusting off our purple for Saturday. May today bring you only found memories. Hugs and Happy Spring

  2. We'll surely remember Gibson tonight and every night.

  3. Bandit was a great model for your beautiful Spring graphic:) Lightning would love to be digging like that too. We also loved the memorial video, and it was both sad and sweet to see so many of our pals and our dear Phantom.

    Our candle will be lit tonight for sure.

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  4. We will remember Gibson tonight and hope he and Pip are having a most wonderful time together at the bridge.


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