Sunday, February 14, 2016

A Day for Love: Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day from all of us here at FiveSibes! My boy Wolf loves to smell roses, and he loved the bouquet of red ones my hubby gave me today. As he went over to give them a sniff, I photographed him framed against the sunlight pouring in the window, casting him in a shadowy glow for today's Shadow Shot Sunday!

Shadow Shot Sunday 2

In other Valentine's Day news...

On today's Valentine's Day episode of my Dog Works Radio show, "The Sibe Vibe," my featured guest is Nanette Willis of Sassy's Goodies in Missouri. Named after one of Nanette's Huskies, Sassy's Goodies are all natural, home-baked canine cookies and "Pupcakes" that are gluten-free, and now even some grain-free selections! 

Inspired to cook and bake healthy choices for her dogs after
her previous Husky, Nala, passed away from complications of canine diabetes. A fun, informative hour of talking sweet treats for our dogs! You can check out Sassy's Goodies on Facebook too!

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***February 15 Update ~ Congrats to listener JEANETTE DABALDO on winning the Sassy's Goodies Valentine Treat Giveaway on our live show!***

A lovely flashback to last year when we celebrated Valentine's Day with a special heart-shaped "Pupcake" from Sassy's Goodies. Boy, I sure do miss my boy, Gibson. He loved howlidays...and treats!

 Wolf and his beautiful galpal Faith from Illinois shared Valentine's for their second year! Oh, love is in the air for these two Siberian Huskies!

Faith's mom, Jeanette DaBaldo, an admin at Snowdogs Appreciation Group on Facebook, also created this great video featuring beautiful Valentine dogs from near and far! (And you can see our Harley and Gibson at :50, right after Jeanette's beautiful Faith, who happens to be Wolf's Valentine!) will always and forever be in the air for our pack lovebirds ~ (furangel) Gibson and Harley. 

 And for my beloved Gibson...

"I loved you yesterday. I love you still. I always have and I always will." 
~Tim Walters

We hope everyone's Valentine's Day 
was filled with lots of love.