Tuesday, December 15, 2015

*More Prayers for Gibson* ~ An Update

Gibson's first Christmas 2015 season photo with Clarice.
The past few days has been such a rollercoaster of emotions. Gibson made it through the night at the ER, just barely, and was transferred to our vet hospital in the morning, where they had him on heavy doses of antibiotics and IV fluids. 

Gib at ER
My brave boy began to rebound. His fever dropped from nearly 107 at ER to 103.3.

The first two days were touch and go. I've brought him home at night to be with the family, and the days he has been in our vet hospital on the IV fluids. 


Over the weekend, our vet tech tech came to check up on him and administer fluids and his meds. His fever continued to drop. Blood tests confirm no more bleeding or bacteria in his belly. Small baby steps in the positive direction. 

Last night he began drinking water on his own, had no fever, and could even manage to stand up, although extremely weak after not eating (and he is still not eating on his own. He will take special food via syringe and just moved to spoon, but only a small amount). 

Last night was his most comfortable yet, with no fever, no
panting, and he was very comfy. And his girl, Harley, stayed right by his side. I got a plenty of Gibbie kisses. And in return, kissed that velvety nose of his. The velvetiest nose I've ever felt!

 The mystery has been what caused the internal bleeding and bacteria? He was so bad off at the ER that I held him in my arms wondering if this was time for his final journey, then somehow, he mustered up the courage and opened his eyes to look at me and I knew it wasn't yet. We would continue fighting this unknown monster.

Once at my vet hospital, who love and know him so well, he began to rebound. My vet quite literally saved his life.
The rebound, so welcome. Made  my heart soar.

 However, his rebound, is a temporary one.

Today, a specialist came in to do a second ultrasound...and there news is not good. Gibson has a tumor that periodically is bleeding. The tumor is on his spleen. There is also a "lump" that can be seen, but diagnosed, on his liver. He is also now showing signs of anemia. On the positive side, his chest X-rays show no sign of tumors, so "it" has not spread. Our prayers are that the lump on the liver is just that, some weird lump and in no way connected to the tumor. The spleen with the tumor can be removed in surgery...if...IF...it hasn't spread to the liver. If it has spread, I will have to set Gibson on his journey...which I can not even fathom. I can't lose my boy. I must stay strong and continue our fight and hope and pray it has not spread to the liver.

The choice now is surgery vs. no surgery. He is an Epi-dog. He had severe arthritis in his knees. He has weak hind issues. The ironic part is that after rehabbing from his lameness, he has had the very best summer being alert, even running about the yard, howling, hanging with his love and the rest of the FiveSibes pack, doing his famous Gibbie "hip-hop" dance, and just being a very happy, loving Husky. My last post of November was all about Gib and how he still has a lot of fight left in him.

So how can one day he be wooing at me and slamming me with his big, beautiful polar bear paw, gazing at me with his beautiful soulful blue eyes, hoping all around...and later that same day be on a stretcher, a very sick boy? No surgery only means the condition will worsen at some point...and to see him go through what he just did again, I can't do.

I know I am not the only one to be at this crossroads, but I know we all feel at the time we find ourselves here, that we are the only ones. It's a lonely and scary place to be. Gibson has beat so many odds. He is my warrior boy. And he again  must face a big monster. This time it is not epilepsy, but a sneaky, nasty tumor.

I pray the next time I write, it will be to say that Gibson continues to "LiveGibStrong" and is recuperating from surgery. I pray we will have this Christmas and others to come to celebrate together. 

If we could all join in - human hands and our dogs' paws - in a pawcircle of prayer, hope, and strength that Gibson will once again weather this storm...and that God may guide the hands of those his care is entrusted in. 

May Gibson continue to #LiveGibStrong here, in the now, with me and his family.

Thank you all so much for your continued prayers, comforting words, and wishes for healing for my big, beautiful boy. You've all touched our hearts immensely and we thank you for your caring and support.

"Hope is the thing
with feathers
That perches in
the soul
And sings the tune
without the words
And never stops
at all." 
~Emily Dickinson


  1. Our prayers remain with our Gibson furiend,

    Nuk & Family

  2. Thank you for the update although we wish the news were better. This brings back memories of Thunde and how quickly he got sick. We are crossing paws and holding hands in prayer for Gibson. We know very well how difficult this situation is. Many hugs.

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning And hugs from Mom

  3. Gibson is a fighter and all of Blogville will be right beside you saying prayers and sending warm, loving thoughts. We have all our paws crossed at my house for a good outcome.

  4. Oh dear, deat Gibson. We are all sending prayers to you sweet boy and lots of love and hugs to your Mom too.

  5. I am so sorry about Gibson. ~hugs~

  6. We were in the same position with Brut. He was fine one minute and failing the next. He too had a tumor on his spleen, but he had spread to his lungs and couldn't be operated on. We gave him the best life possible and he lived 6 weeks longer before we had to decide.

    I'm so sorry about Gibs, he's been through so much already. :( We are sending 24POTPaws for you and Gibson. Paws crossed.

  7. Feel our arms and paws surrounding all of you shielding you with love and our strongest energies. Gibson IS an awesome Warrior and we walk beside him.

  8. Feel our arms and paws surrounding all of you shielding you with love and our strongest energies. Gibson IS an awesome Warrior and we walk beside him.

  9. We are sending POTP for dear Gibson and holding our hands tight in prayer. May your boy keep gaining strength and we will continue sending all kinds of positive energy that he will fight this. We sure do hope he is feeling better. Thinking of you during this difficult time and sending hugs...Jeanne, Chloe and LadyBug

  10. Wee is keepin Gibson in our prayers, wee nose hims is a fighter n hims will fights whateva comes his way.
    Gibson is Izzy's inspirayshun in her epi fight her says ifs Gibson fights den mee can too.
    Wivs Lov
    Uji, Izzy, Ziggy, Missi, Hiro & Momma Tea
    xx xx xx xx xx xx

  11. Gibson,
    We are holding you close to our hearts.

    Mango Momma and Dexter

  12. Just heard about Gib. We all have our paws joined together with Mommy's hands and we will keep him in our prayers next to our hearts.

    God bless....Mommy and the girls

  13. Oh Gosh poor Gibson. We sure send many many purrs and prayers. And all 22 cats are crossing their paws for you Gibbs. There are two donkeys here too and they are crossing their long ears for you. We sure hope that lump can be removed and hasn't spread. Sending many good thoughts too.

  14. I heard from Ann at Zoolatry that Gibson is in need of the Power of the Paw and I add my purrs. Get well Gibson, it sounds like you are putting up a good fight and me and my mum wish you the best.

  15. We're sending lots of purrrrrrssssss and prayers to Gibson and all of you. We are hoping and praying for brilliant docs and a successful good fight for Gibson.

    Grace and Company

  16. Imagine our paws in your circle, we are sending love and POTP.

  17. Poor Gibson, we are sending him our very best healing purrs and POTP. We are purring very hard the tumor hasn't spread and that he makes a full recovery once his spleen is removed.

  18. Gib is in our thoughts and prayers over here...as are you.

  19. Sending our purrs & hugs for Mr Gibbie and speshly his fambly. Our woofie Callie is sending her strongest tail wags to help him feel better too.

    Jazzy Cat & Callie Woofie

  20. Praying here for Gibson. So sorry the two of you have to go through this. Yes LiveGibStrong!!!


  21. Gibson, I am sending you all of my strongest healing vibes and POTP. Stay strong, my furiend.
    Grr and Woof,

  22. I am deeply sorry that he is having so difficult a time. Just seeing him lying there makes my eyes ;easy. Purrs and prayers for your baby and may be rally thru and be strong. And for you, gentle hugs.

  23. Aw wow, I so badly wish there was something I could do :( Poor sweet Gibson, and all that you are going through right now Dorothy.... just wow :( Sending you all my love and prayers!

  24. We are sending purrs and prayers of support to Gibson and you all.
    Timmy, Dad and Family

  25. Our paws are crossed for you, Gibson, and we're sending tons and tons of AireZen and healing vibes!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  26. We are purring for your sweet Gibson to start to recover and will say prayers for him. Take care.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  27. POTP coming your way Gibson. We pray for a Christmas miracle that Gibson is again strong.
    Thanks for being friend
    Sweet William The Scot

  28. It is indeed a lonely, scary place to be. We hope and pray Gibson will rally and be okay.

  29. What a terrible dilemma to be in. You have our thoughts and warm hugs as well a hope that Gibson will be better soon.

  30. I send hugs. xoxoxoxo

    Luv, Angel Keisha and Murphy the Poodle

  31. Lots of prayers and hugs buddy
    Lily & Edward

  32. We sends our furry best purrs for Gibson. Get well, your family loves you very much!
    TK, Pip and dee

  33. We sends our furry best purrs for Gibson. Get well, your family loves you very much!
    TK, Pip and dee

  34. Gibson, we noe ewe due knot noe uz, but ya might oh hurd of R total lee awesum pal, St Francis....we ask him two send two ewe blessings; he haz plentee ta spare & heez willin ta share.....may thiz find ewe on de road oh ree coveree N grate health now, & in yeerz ta come ~~~ ♥♥♥♥♥

  35. We are sending the very strongest POTP that we can. I have had a similar situation, although the dog was not an epi-dog. Our yellow Lab, S, swallowed a big bone that lodged in his intestines when he was 12 yrs old. He had surgery to remove the bone. During the surgery, they saw a huge tumor on his spleen and a smaller one on his liver. They asked whether to remove the spleen and part of his liver or whether to euthanize him on the table. We chose removing the spleen and liver tumor. Believe it or not, the histology showed it to be a non-aggressive form of cancer, for which removal was a complete cure. He lived a couple more very happy years before he crossed the Bridge due to something else entirely.

    I hope and pray that you have a similar outcome. If Gibson doesn't think it's time yet, then it's not!

    Lots of Lab kisses to all of you.