Friday, October 2, 2015

Let's Hear it For the Girl! Flashback Friday Features a Fab Follow-Up on Furpal Faith, Celebrating Her 15th Birthday Today!

Photo of Faith courtesy of Jeanette DaBaldo
Today's Flashback Friday is bit different from our usual Memory Lane photograph postings; it's a Flashback Friday story update that features some flashback photos to last year! In the name of joy, happiness, and excitement, I am not going to bury the lead here today because we are so thrilled to send out big Happy Birthday woos and wishes to our very special furpal, my "furniece," and Wolf's sweetheart (and yes, they met online and fell in love at first "woof!")...the very beautiful Faith DaBaldo who turned 15 years young today! Let's hear it for the girl - wooooooooooooo!

"I pawed the poem myself just for you, Faith."

 In a Flashback Friday photo essay, these are pics of Harley, and brothers Wolf and Gibson, all having a little Sibe fun "woochatting" via cell phone and laptop with Faith! Oh, these clever Siberian Huskies!

 Many may know Faith from Facebook, including the Snowdog Appreciation Group (you can request to join HERE). Faith is truly an amazing Siberian Husky girl...with the beautiful looks of a mere Husky pup, Faith has endured degenerative arthritis, several allergies, and chronic irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) issues, but she does not let that keep her down. It was exactly one year ago today, on Faith's Birthday, that I first wrote about Faith's inspiring story Faith is Renewed With Hope From Stem Cell Therapy: A Husky's Personal Journey. (You can read it HERE.) My article on Faith also appeared in 2015's Volume 4, Issue 2 of  American Pet Magazine, and her story remains inspirational today!

I thought it would be fun to catch up with Jeanette and Faith and see how Faith is doing today, her 15th Birthday, and one year after our initial interview.

Photo courtesy of Jeanette DaBaldo
As we know from my article from last year, Faith had her first VivaStem® Stem Cell Fluid Therapy session in September 2014, and we had chatted with Jeanette a month later, on Faith's 14th birthday. Now, let's fast-forward a year, and Jeanette says, "She did well" on the treatment. But, the road was not without some bumps along the way for Faith. "She ended up having a respiratory infection in December, and in January she had another stem cell shot, which she had a minor allergic reaction to (face swelling), but that second stem cell shot did help her kidney values and it did help her a little orthapedically." Faith continues to get chiropractic, laser, and Aquatread® (canine underwater treadmill) therapies every week, says Jeanette, as well as weekly aquapuncture treaments. According to Jeanette, aquapuncture is "injections of Adequan® Zeel and Trameel, and B12 that are administered to eight acupuncture points on her back."  Newly added to Faith's treatment regimen is acupuncture. And "so far so good" as Faith adjusts to the newest holistic treatment in her healthcare. Faith used to also do water therapy, but Jeanette does say that due to a bad shoulder, Faith is not swimming as much as she used to so as not to aggravate it. However, Faith absolutely loves her walks with her hu-mom! And on the days when Faith is "sassy," it's a real blessing, says Jeanette, as that means she is feeling good!

Faith in a recent , fun cartoonized videotaped Aquatread session.
Video courtesy of Jeanette DaBaldo.

In February, Jeanette notes that Faith did go on low-dose pain meds to give additional help with her overall arthritis pain. "And she is going to be starting a new canine nutritional chew from her vet, Dr. Michelle, for an extra boost to her joints and overall health with pull down the inflammation naturally."

For the future, Jeanette hopes to one day add I-Therm treatments to Faith's healthcare routine. I-Therm, according to, "is a revolutionary system that (in a non-invasive manner) safely heats tissue and promotes healing with depths of penetration not observed with any other treatment modality."

"Faith has taught me that it's a journey, not a destination."  
~Jeanette DaBaldo

It is wonderful that today there are so many different holistic and alternative treatments available to add to the healthcare of our pets. The same as with us humans, it is vital to help the body help heal itself in order to maintain good health and longevity.

Just one look at beautiful Faith's bright blue eyes, big Sibe smile, and hearing her chatty woos, one can't help but feel inspired and overwhelmed with joy that we do in fact have so many more options for our pet's care than in the past. In my opinion, with all that we have available now to help our beloved pets, 15 is the new 10! 

"Everyday is a blessing," says Jeanette. "Faith has taught me that it's a journey, not a destination. There will be bumps, but love, hope, and determination prevails." Adds Jeanette, "Her love and will drive me to be better. By watching her and feeling her unconditional love, she has taught me no trial is too big to overcome."

 Faith, we'll see you again next year for another positive update! Happy Birthday, girl! We love you!


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  1. Happy Birthday to that most beautiful Faith! We're glad to hear she is getting along well with her treatments.

    1. Thanks, Brian! We will let her know! (We're so glad, too!)

  2. Wooowooooo!!! Love that sweet Faith! She is so precious!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!