Wednesday, July 8, 2015

It's Christmas in July! We're Celebrating With A Buddy, the Christmas Husky Giveaway Deal!

Chloe the Elf is all ready to ship out so me Buddy books!

Picture this...the snow is falling, glistening in the moonlight. A warm fire is crackling in the hearth. The sweet smells of baked goods and fresh pine tease the senses as holiday music fills the air.

 Sleigh bells ring, are you listening?
In the lane, snow is glistening.

So right about're either smiling and daydreaming of pumpkin pie and fresh dog cookies...or you're groaning! I know it's July, but it marks the halfway point to....Christmas! My favorite holiday! So what better time to do some celebrating and bring you a sweet sugar plumb of a GIVEAWAY!

Do you remember the story of Buddy, the Christmas Husky? It's s pecial story, heartbreaking, while also being heart lifting. Buddy is a real life Siberian Husky I wrote about in
Photo by Lisa Byrd. Courtesy of Mama Shay.
my book Buddy, the Christmas Husky~A True Holiday MiracleHe loves to "Roo-Roo" and loves his friends on social media! He has his own Facebook page,  he's on Twitter (look for
@ChristmasHusky1) and he's quite the handsome boy! But it wasn't always so bright for this rescued Husky. The story follows his journey, one that will leave you cry, and laugh, and hopefully vow to help an animal in need.

"An injured, starving, and homeless Siberian Husky is rescued by a Good Samaritan one snowy Christmas Day. Through a network of caring people across thousands of miles, the Husky, who becomes known as “Buddy, the Christmas Husky,” discovers that not all humans are mean and uncaring. His long journey brings him to find compassion, friendship, and a loving mom to call his own." ~From Buddy, the Christmas Husky~A True Holiday Miracle

The book also contains a centerfold section featuring photographs of Buddy's journey from being an abused and abandoned dog on the streets, to being rescued, and then ever homeless dog's dream...finding a loving foster mom of his own, Mama Shay! 
 A portion of proceeds from the books will be donated to "Buddy's Buddies" through the University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine to help with Buddy's medical expenses. (When he was found, he had, among other things, mange, buckshot in his skin, and was diagnosed with lymphoma When paid, Mama Shay will use the money to help other dog in need.
 It took a community to save a Husky. A community known as "Team Buddy" and some of the members have never met, except through their love of animals and social media!
I'm so excited to bring you this seasonal holiday promotion ~ good for the month of July ~ purchase a Buddy book and you can enter the Rafflecopter below for a chance at a "Buddy Basket" full of gifts! And, a "bonus" is if you recommend a buddy of your own to purchase the book, and they do, you get an extra chance at the giveaway! If you already purchased a Buddy book in the past, Buddy is so happy, and  because Buddy loves his pals, if you recommend a friend* or two to purchase it, and when they do, you can enter to win! (*They have to purchase to book to qualify for the entry). Just follow the Rafflecopter directions (includes liking FiveSibes & Buddy Facebook pages, Tweeting about the giveaway, and leaving a blog comment answering the question, "How did Buddy get to be called the Christmas Husky?" Entry deadline is 12 AM August 1, 2015.

So what's in the Christmas in July "Buddy Basket?" So many (p)awesome things donated by Team Buddy! Just look...

  • An 8x10 Color Canvas Professional Print of Buddy (Photo  by Lisa Byrd Photography).
  • A Buddy T-Shirt
  • A Buddy Keychain
  • A Buddy Magnet
  • An "I love My Siberian Husky T-Shirt
  • An "I love My Siberian Husky" Drink Cozy
  • An Author Autographed Copy of Buddy's Book
  • A Personal Note From Mama Shay

Let's help Buddy by selling some books (lots would be nice! the more we sell, the more money we raise!), raising some donations, AND entering a fantastic giveaway for a Buddy Basket filled with "Roos" and great stuff!

Buddy, the Christmas Husky may have a holiday name - because that's when he was found...but his story transcends time and is a book for all seasons! It's a great gift for an upcoming birthday, for any dog or book lover, an animal rescuer, vet, vet tech, family member, school librarian, local shelter, Siberian Husky lover, etc. Everyone will love Buddy's story!

Oh, and it was selected as a "Best in Print" for 2014 & 2015 by American Pet Magazine, too! 

So we hope you are making your list, and checking it twice, and no matter if they've been naughty or nice, they'll love a Buddy, the Christmas Husky~A True Holiday Miracle book!

**Please remember - you need to purchase a Buddy book during this month of July in order to qualify for the Giveaway! If you refer a friend, they, too, must purchase a Buddy book in order to get your bonus chances for the Giveaway!**


  1. Buddy was injured, starving and homeless when a good samaritan rescued him on Christmas Day. Buddy is now fairly healthy and is a happy beautiful boy.

    1. His story is so inspirational! Thank you for coming by and visiting!

  2. We love Buddy furiend for sure!


    1. He's such a sweetie! What an inspirational story!

  3. Oh I would love this book for my daughter! I'm assuming I can find it on amazon?

    1. It is, but we supply them! You can go on our publishing site at Go to the "Store" tabl! :-) And, you can let me know know if you'd like it personalized to your daughter!

  4. Buddy was named the Christmas Husky because that's when he was found and rescued. I love happy endings! Sounds like a wonderful book!

    1. It really is, Shelley! Hope you purchase one and enter our giveaway! Buddy appreciates the support!