Saturday, July 25, 2015

Fighting For Frankie: A Community Helping a Therapy Dog Who Has Helped So Many Others

"Frankie" Ekberg of The Husky Brothers
Here's a story about a beautiful red and white Siberian Husky boy named "Frankie." Frankie is one of four Siberian Huskies from Long Island, New York known as The Husky Brothers, who are part of the Facebook group, The Empire State Snow Dog Club, 
a group I'm proud to say I'm a member of! The Huskies also have their own Facebook page called The Husky Brothers, and older brothers Frankie and Cain have their own book, penned by their mom, Jodi Ekberg! The Husky Brothers are pretty well-known around the Long Island/New York City area. Frankie is a certified Therapy Dog, bringing lots of smiles and good wishes to ailing hospital patients. Frankie and Cain helped their hu-mom, Jodi, through cancer diagnosis, treatments, therapy, and depression, giving her the will to live and keep on working to get better...until one day, she did! Jodi was a guest on a past episode of my show "The Sibe Vibe" on Dog Works Radio and also downloadable from iTunes (under Dog Works Radio family of shows). And Frankie's work as a Therapy Dog has been was highlighted by News 12 Long Island.

Check out the Club's Facebook Group Page  HERE

Jodi and her boys have been very active in events, meet ups, and fundraisers put on by The Empire State Snow Dogs Club, when suddenly,  Frankie was diagnosed with terminal cancer, lymphoma, and was given only a few weeks to a few months to live. Devastated, Jodi refused to give up on her boy who gives so much to other people...and who helped save her life when she had cancer.
"These Huskies are not just dogs," notes Jodi. "They are my boys. They are my children. I am not going to give up on Frankie. He never gave up on me when I had cancer and wanted to give up. I'm going to do everything I can to help him. Our group (The Empire State Snow Dogs Club) is just amazing. These people are not just fellow Husky lovers. They are all so caring...and we truly care about each other and each other's Huskies. We are not just a group, we are true friends."

Jodi and Frankie on a hospital visit.
 Watch Frankie working, with his mom Jodi, and helping patients in Oceanside before his cancer diagnosis at South Nassau Communities Hospital HERE. Video from News 12 Long Island.

To hear Jodi talk all about her boys (pre Frankie's cancer diagnosis) and The Husky Brothers book, tune in here to my show "The Sibe Vibe," where we get to learn all about these amazing Huskies who helped Jodi with her own cancer diagnosis and recovery.

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 Frankie the Therapy Dog's Cancer Diagnosis in the News:

Frankie saw a specialist who suggested chemo treatments to help shrink the tumors. These treatments are extremely expensive. And the Husky and Snow Dog community that Frankie, Jodi, and The Husky Brothers are part of have all pulled together and are rallying behind Frankie - #FightingForFrankie to be #FrankieStrong. To help the Ekberg's pay for the much-needed treatments that could save Frankie's life - so many wonderful angels on Earth have set up ways to help raise funds:

  •  Frankie's Online Cancer Auction - So many wonderful donated items (125 to be exact!) up for bid for ongoing auction over on Instagram by @SiberianMischief ~ click HERE to visit auction (ends Sunday, July 26 at 10 PM EST).
Two items on the bidding block are Jodi's book and my own. I ask that you please pop over and check out this amazing auction Jeanine Chang has organized with so many wonderful donations from all over! The link to the Auction on Instagram (you can access it via computer, too) is:

  • A "For Frankie" You Caring straight donation drive HERE.
  • Ordering a "Frankie Strong" bandana HERE.
  • Ordering a "Frankie Strong" T-Shirt HERE

Again, the link to the auction (which ends tomorrow - Sunday, July 26 at 10 PM EST) is: For more info and links to all the above, you can check out the #FrankieStrong online brochure HERE.

"I can never thank everyone who has pulled together to support my Frankie enough. So many wonderful, caring angels here on Earth." ~Jodi Ekberg, Frankie's Hu-Mom

Frankie, we are all joining in a #pawcircle of healing, love, and prayers for you! Stay strong, and we know you'll one day be back at work in the hospitals sharing your own inspirational story and continuing to encourage and help people in need.


  1. It is so wonderful that lots are stepping up to help that handsome dude. We send prayers, love and hugs his way.

    1. Thanks, Brian! I know it will be greatly appreciated by Frankie & family!

  2. Great article! It really is amazing how we have all come together to help this beautiful boy! I hope my auction goes well enough to pay for a few months of treatment for Frankie! He's such a special boy... We will not stop fighting for him until he is well again!!