Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Tasty Tuesday Treats for Cinco de Mayo!

The air is filled with lively music, laughter, and singing as it echoes all around our neighborhood. One can't help but to start dancing! It's Cinco de Mayo and one of our local restaurants is having a street festival and we are fortunate enough to enjoy the sounds from the comfort of our own backyard!

 To celebrate on this Cinco de Mayo Tasty Tuesday, we are sharing one of the FiveSibes favorite prepared treat and even a Siberlicious recipe from our fabulous baking friends over at House Woof Dog Biscuits in Vermont!

Up first, of course, is our Gibson's namesake treat...

 Gibbie Snacks were formulated by House Woof with the Epi-dog (canine epileptic) in mind. Named after my Epi-Husky "Gibson," these are formulated with no wheat, no rosemary, and no preservatives (all possible triggers for seizures), and no salt (always important, especially if one of the medications an Epi-dog is on is Potassium Bromide). They are made of only the freshest ingredients and are even human-tested! And an added bonus is that $1.00 from every bag of "Gibbie Snacks" purchased through their online store, House Woof donates to The Wally Foundation~Canine Epilepsy (TWF). TWF offers possible financial assistance to families/rescues/fosters of dogs diagnosed with idiopathic epilepsy. (I'm also a volunteer Case Manager with TWC, helping counsel and support Epi-dog families!)

And here's a wonderfully delicious "
Wolf Den Hash Browns" recipe from their kitchens over at House Woof just for all of our puppers! What a great snack for today!
 (Thanks,House Woof!)

You can also find House Woof on Facebook!

We're joining Sugar, the Golden Retriever and Kol's Notes Tasty Tuesday Blog Hop! Be sure to pop over and see lots of great tasty posts from the "hoppers!"


  1. These look so good!


  2. Sounds like your pack had some delicious Cinco de Mayo party snacks ;-) I just recently learned about House Woof Dog Biscuits, and I overall like their ingredients, but wish they had a grain-free line as well.