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Monday, September 22, 2014

The "Itchy 21 Huskies" - The Road from Hoarding Hell to Happiness and Health

There truly are angels among us.

Photo via Pet Angels Rescue, Inc.
You may have heard about the “Itchy 21 Huskies" backyard breeder case in Oklahoma, where there was a hoarding situation with 21 Huskies and/or Husky mixes who were in extremely poor health, including parasites and a contagious form of mange. Pet Angels Rescue network worked tirelessly, along with the Sheriff’s department, to convince the owners of these dogs to surrender them so the rescue could see to it that they received the urgent health care they obviously needed.

Thanks to the Siberian Husky Care and Referral Service, we learned of this situation and have joined them to share this story, and hopefully our readers will share as well.

According to Pet Angels Rescue, Inc. on their YouCaring fundariser page, “We had to scramble into action as we had learned these dogs had a contagious form of mange and could not share the acre with the other rescued animals. So Wednesday we scrambled to get supplies to set up a new holding area on the acre we will be expanding to next to us. Dog runs where purchased and assembled for over 20 dogs in one day by just a handful of people at a cost of about $2,500.

Thursday morning in a caravan of 3 vehicles we headed out for the one and half hour drive to where the animals were…. The overall living conditions were crowded, but not terrible for what I have seen in my many years of rescue, but the dogs physical conditions where some of the worst…. In our care we have 21 dogs. 18 are Huskies, 1 Pit-Husky, and 2 Anatolian Shep pups…. The offspring she has kept are in poor condition; they are growth stunted, thin, missing hair, and the 4 youngest (are) crusted over in sores from the mange. The dogs have roundworms, hooks, whips, tapes, and coccidia. The coccidia and the whipworms being the most damaging to the animals. Along with this they have sarcoptic mange, so they just itch non-stop and chew wounds on themselves."

Pet Angels Rescue, Inc. further explains, "We had what we thought
Photo via Pet Angels Rescue
where 10-week-old puppies and some around 6 monthd old, this assumption was going off of their size. Sadly, upon examining and noting these puppies where breaking adult teeth we learned we have a 11 lb, 4-month-old Husky puppy; 6-month-old, 15-pound Husky babies; and 1-year-olds that are the height and weight of a small 6-month-old pup at about 35 lbs."

"Thankfully, these conditions are treatable. It will take time for there bodies to overcome years of neglect. But their health should be on the mend soon once we rid their bodies of parasites. The older dogs are pretty good with humans; the youngest are very hand shy. All I believe will make a loving pet in the future. The puppies are already coming around,” updates Pet Angels Rescue, Inc.

The dogs are now being treated by a vet, medicated, and will be microchipped. They are now, thankfully, on the trail back to becoming healthy dogs. They will then be placed up for adoption into loving homes so they can put their tragedy behind them.

Currently, Pet Angels Rescue, Inc. are running an “Itchy 21” (dubbed for their mange condition and resulting itching), fund-raising campaign (see widget below) in an effort to keep the financial aid coming for these rescued babies. You can click HERE to find out the full-detailed story, conditions of the Huskies, a photo gallery of the "Itchy 21 Huskies." For more info on these Huskies, and to fill out an adoption application, please contact Pet Angels Rescue, Inc. via Email HERE. 

Twenty-one furbabies saved. 

Twenty-one furbabies will be nursed back to being healthy, happy dogs. 

Thanks to the Pet Angels Rescue, Inc. network, these babies have a wonderful shot at a wonderful life. If you can’t donate, please share their story to others because sharing IS caring.

And, yes, there are indeed angels among us. And so many of them are called rescuers.

To visit Pet Angels Rescue Facebook Page, go HERE.

To visit Pet Angels Rescue website, with info on Siberian Huskies, go HERE.

To visit the Pet Angels Rescue "Itchy 21 Hukies" fundraiser page, go HERE.


  1. Thanks for sharing this. It breaks the heart but there is now hope for them, thanks to this amazing rescue and their helpers. We will go and do our part to help...and ask the Universe to bathe those pups in healing light and positive energy.

  2. I saw something about this on FB as well. So so so very sad. I am thankful that they have been rescued though, and our paws are crossed that they are make great recoveries and find proper homes.
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!