Tuesday, April 22, 2014

It's Earth Day! Are You Reducing Your Pet's Carbon Pawprint?

Happy Earth Day!

It's a good day to think about all the ways we can help show that we love our Earth by taking good care of our environment and doing some "Acts of Green." We strive to keep ourselves and our pets healthy, and we need to also keep our planet healthy.

Here's some tips an excerpt from my article published in the Volume 2/Issue 2 of American Pet Magazine to help everyone "think green" when it comes to our pets and their pet care, and help to reduce not only our carbon footprints, but their carbon pawprints as well:

Walk your dog whenever possible instead of going by car.

Use recycle shopping bags when going grocery shopping for your supplies and food.

Feed your pet their food in a stainless steel dish.

Make your pet's snacks whenever possible.

Recycle pet food containers and cans instead of throwing them  in with the trash.

Recycle pet medication containers (check with your vet, pharmacy, and acupuncturist as many happily accept them).

Clean "green" with chemical-free household supplies (we should be anyway for the health and safety of our pets).

Use biodegradable "doggy-do" bags.

Don't use the microwave to warm up their food.

Plant a tree in memory of a pet.

When emptying out a pet pool or water dish, use it to water flowers, shrubs, and trees. 

Recycle old dog beds, blankets, and toys. Stitch em' up, give them a wash, and donate to shelters.

Spay or neuter pets to reduce the epidemic of homeless animals and overpopulated shelters.

Look into reducing energy by installing solar panels, or simply by turning off TVs, computers, lights, iPods, radios, etc. and getting outside more to play with your pets or volunteer at a shelter to play with some homeless animals.  You'll save energy AND have happier furbabies!

"Woo! We can play in the pool all day long! Mom reuses the water for her shrubs and lawn!" 

*Please note that this is a copyrighted article and photos. Please request permission to use any portion of this article or any blog posts, with credit and a link back, by Emailing the author at FiveSibes(at)gmail(dot)com. 

You can join the Billion Acts of Green movement like we did by joining the Earth Day movement and  "Pledge an Act of Green" by visiting EarthDay.org. 

Here's our poster for Earth Day featuring our alpha queen "Harley," who as you can tell, just loves running on the Earth! Feel free to share and post our poster on your blog or website, (our copyright info is already on poster) ~ I just ask for a friendly link back over to here. 

Let's keep our planet clean, safe, and healthy for all humans an animals for centuries to come simply by doing something green!

Well, it' time for me to turn off the laptop and cell phone and head outside for some fun with our FiveSibes! Have a Happy Earth Day!


  1. We love, love, love our planet! Happy Earth Day!!!

  2. Those are some great suggestions. We recycle here and it makes us feel better.

  3. Awesome ! Happy Earth day
    Lily & Edward

  4. Great post guys! PAWfect suggestions for going green as well. We do the best we can, although I know there are more things we should be going green with.
    Have a great day!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

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