Courage Doesn't Always Roar

As many of you know, my beautiful 8-year-old wooly boy, Gibson, is an Epi-dog, having been diagnosed shortly after his third birthday with idopathic epilepsy. Since then, he and I have embarked upon a "Live Gib Strong K9 Epilepsy Awareness Campaign" to help others understand Epi-dogs can and do live happy, full lives. He suffers from weak hind issues for years as a result of his meds, but we work through it with laser therapy, diet, light exercise, home massage, supplements, sling harness when necessary, and this past Christmas he slipped on ice and tore a CCL, which I am treating with through Conservative Care Management and the aid of an Woundwear A-Trac Stability brace and a GingerLead Dog Support & Rehabilitation Harness.  (review to come).

Gibson is amazing...his spirit and will unwavering. He has the courage of a lion. Every step of progress he makes, just makes my day! I've been reporting periodic updates of his progress, which is slow and steady and promising. 

Just recently, I've been asked, "Why don't you put him down?" Well... You can imagine my reaction. Shock, disbelief,  horror, anger...I felt it all! Unfortunately, this is often times the sentiment that is shared by some people to those of us who are working hard to rehabilitate our dogs through one ailment or another. Why would I consider such a thing when there is so much life in him and so much I can do to help him? 

I hope and pray that through our awareness campaign, we can help to educate and inform people in order to help them understand that there are other options to HELP dogs with these type of ailments and injuries. There are therapies, medications, and supplements to all try. If we can help to change the opinion of one, just one, than we've succeeded.

Is it work to rehab Gibson every day for months and months? Of course. But, he is worth every single minute of my time and love, the same as any other family member would be. And I know in my heart that he knows I am helping him and he loves me for helping him to the best of my ability. I will always take my cue from him...and I am confident that if it was time for anything different, he would let me know. Right now, he is full of life and hope and is on a road to recovery that will always, always be filled with love.

“Courage doesn't always roar. Sometimes courage is the little voice at the end of the day that says I'll try again tomorrow.”  
~Mary Anne Radmacher


  1. Oh my goodness! I can't believe somone actually said that to you! Crazy! Of course he is worth every minute of you help!
    He is your family. Some people just dont understand that.
    What you do for him is amazing! And you truly do help educate others, and for that we thank you. I have learned so much about epilepsy from you, and my dogs dont even have it, but I think it's important to be educated on the subject in case (god forbid) it happens. Then at least I can be confident in knowing that I wont be completely lost.
    Thanks for all you do to educate and all you do for your special boy Gib!
    ((husky hugz))
    Frum our pack art love is being owned by a husky


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