Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Helping Huskies in Need: Finding "Celine" and Finding a Family for "Chupa Chups"

We hear stories every day about Huskies and dogs in need. In this blog post, I'd like to talk about two Huskies who could really use all of our help, whether it is by sharing, re"Tweet"ing, or blogging about in an effort to spread the word and their photos so someone out there can help them.

Up first is "Celine the Siberian." Celine was in a crate in the far back of a pick up while her family packed up from a dog show. No one saw her get out. Her family is frantic and missing her and offering a reward. Please see her photos below and share this post in an effort to join others in getting her photo and contact info out there...someone has to have seen her. Celine has to be somewhere. We pray she gets home safe and soon.


Reprinted from "Celine the Siberian" Facebook Page


HOW DID CELINE GET LOOSE?  COULD SHE HAVE BEEN STOLEN?   Celine was in the very back of her owner’s truck, not a van - a pickup.  She was not visible.  To be stolen, someone would have had to have crawl into the truck on their hands and knees. Celine popped open her crate door unseen. The back of the truck was open while her owners loaded up to go home.  No one saw her leave the truck or run across the parking lot. 

WHERE AND WHEN WAS CELINE LOST?  Sunday November 3; from the parking lot of Valley Plaza Resort - 5221 Bay City Road, Midland, MI 48642

I THINK I HAVE SEEN CELINE!  HOW DO I CORRECTLY REPORT CONFIRMED SIGHTINGS?  Sightings must be reported directly to Cindy and Gerry Hess, Celine’s owners.  This is the correct way to ensure that the proper action is taken immediately. Please do not post sightings to Celine’s Facebook page.  There is a risk that the post could be overlooked or mishandled. Gerry or Cindy or the site administrator will post confirmed sightings.  

PLEASE use one or both of these phone numbers:
home:  (610) 845-5042     
cell: (484) 686-4022    

Celine is spayed. She is 11 years old and has been fighting cancer. She has no breeding or monetary value. She's a much loved family member and is desperately wanted back home by Gerry & Cindy.

IS THERE A REWARD?  Yes, there is a $1000 reward for the safe return of Celine, no questions asked.
IS CELINE MICROCHIPPED?  Yes. Note that microchips are for identification only. They are not GPS. Dogs must be scanned by a shelter or a vet to obtain the owner information on the microchip. Then that information has to be used to contact the owners. Unfortunately, sometimes it is not used. Microchips are an insurance policy, not a fail-safe. Sometimes microchips will migrate in the dog's body and if the whole body isn't scanned, the chip will be missed. Some scanners do not read all brands of microchips.

ARE THERE FLYERS I CAN PRINT AND DISTRIBUTE?   Yes. There are several versions of flyers available. Please watch this page for updated flyers & different versions.

1) Main flyer - updated 1-15-14 click HERE

2)  Photo Flyers
Red: Click HERE
Blue: Click HERE

IS THERE A WAY TO DONATE MONEY TO HELP CELINE?    Please Private Message (PM) Celine The Siberian's Facebook page.

HAVE THE AREA ANIMAL CONTROL SHELTERS AND HUMANE SOCIETIES BEEN CONTACTED?   All shelters and animal control services within a 75 five mile radius have been contacted but a daily visual search of each facility is desired.  If you are able to assist in this way please remember to ask onsite management if you can see any animals not on the“adoption floor” or in the public kennels and pens.

HAVE YOU CONTACTED LOCAL VET CLINICS?  Yes.  But, please, if you visit a clinic, politely confirm that they have the flyer and are keeping it highly visible.  Perhaps suggest that they keep a stack of flyers to give to clients as well.  Until Celine is found we need to do everything possible to keep her in the public eye.

HAVE YOU CONTACTED TV AND PRINT MEDIA?  Yes,  there have been multiple TV reports on Channel 5, Channel 12 and on the show Zoe on the Go.  The local newspaper, Midland Daily News, has published 3 articles. The Examiner, a national news source, has also published Celine's story. Links to the various videos and stories may be found in the NOTE named Media Coverage.

IS SOMEONE CHECKING PETFINDER?  Another great way to help.  Daily checks of Petfinder and similar websites are desired. Private Message (PM) links to any possibilities to Celine's Facebook page.
  I WANT TO HELP SEARCH.  WHERE CAN I FIND INFORMATION ABOUT THE NEXT LIVE SEARCH EVENT?  When searching on your own, please be sure to know what to do in case of a sighting (Do not chase. Calming Signals, CALL in report, etc.). Resources for you to learn the best practices are posted on Celine's Facebook page. Organized search events will be posted on Celine's Facebook page. If you'd like to set-up your own organized search, please Private Message (PM) Celine's Facebook page.

I DON’T LIVE IN THE AREA, HOW CAN I HELP?  You can help in dozens of ways and we need you!! For example: Share Celine’s flyer on your own Facebook, blog, or Twitter page and change your cover photo to either of the "Red" or "Blue" one posted above.

When sharing, it's a good idea to tag or list link to the Celine The Siberian Facebook page so that info is always with your posts.

Celine the Siberian

HAS ANYONE GONE TO REST AREAS AND TRUCK STOPS WITH FLYERS? Some, but likely not all.  If you are able, please take flyers to these locations.  Remember to ask permission to post a flyer.  Ask if you can leave some flyers at the counter. 


IT’S HUNTING SEASON.  HAVE HUNTING ORGANIZATIONS BEEN ALERTED?  Yes. Please be extra careful when out searching. Wear orange when searching where hunters may be active. Please extra nice to hunters - Most are very helpful, but some aren't interested in anything but the reward for safe return.

WOULD IT BE USEFUL TO ORGANIZE A MOUNTED SEARCH (HORSEBACK PATROLS)?  Yes, it’s a great idea to contact horse groups and riding centers.  Feel free to do so.  They can always be asked to post a flyer.  However, as it is hunting season, many riders prefer to stall or pasture their animals.  It can be unsafe for them to be out. 

HAVE YOU CONSIDERED USING ANIMAL COMMUNICATORS AND PSYCHICS?  Yes. Some have been contacted and the information they've provided is taken into account.

 Please be sure to visit Celine The Siberian's Facebook page HERE for updates and full information.

Please...if you have seen one of these phone numbers immediately:
   home:  (610) 845-5042     
cell: (484) 686-4022    

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Now it's time we go around the world to Saudi Arabia and meet "Chupa Chups":

"Chupa Chups." Photo provided.

This beautiful baby, Chupa Chups, needs some help and a rescue friend has asked that we share this info in the hopes of helping. Chupa is a Siberiran Husky that was surrendered to a foster home by a volunteer that rescued Chupa Chups off the streets of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Chupa Chups is now being tried out by a family to see whether they'd adopt him or not (even though they have said the chances of adoption are low). Since the foster home is already full of dog case, they are not able to foster the husky for too long and Chupa Chups is at risk of euthanization. While they said this decision wasn't easy to make, they said there are no animal shelters in Saudi Arabia and they try to help those they can on their own using their own funding. 

The vet believes Chupa Chups to be around three
years old and he is an intact male. He has good teeth, but one of his eyes is bigger than the other, and the small one is somewhat inflamed and being treated. Unfortunately finding homes for a husky in Saudi Arabia is very difficult. The foster parent says Chupa Chups is a very lovely boy, who does need training. In general, the foster says keeping dogs as pets in the Saudi culture is very foreign, so they really want him to find him a home in a better climate as well and have reached out to rescue folks here in the United States to see if there is anyone who can help save Chupa Chups.

Chupa Chups and friend playing. Photo Provided.

If anyone is interested in helping, or wanting more info, please Email the contact person at: iheartba6areeg(at)gmail(dot)com

Thank You!


  1. My prayers go out to both of these beautiful animals. Be safe, babies!

  2. We have shown at that fairgrounds. I doubt anyone stole Celine from there. Our filed trainer is in that area and I know they have shared Celine's picture. They are also a boarding facility and I think it is good that they are aware of her being lost.

    I hope both dogs find their way home.

  3. Hi guys I think its great what you are doing.
    I will do what I can and share these also!
    Today is a special day cuz I am co hosting my very first blog hop! Called thoughtless thursday!
    ((Husky hugz frum da pack))
    "Love is being owned by a husky"

  4. Well, these both are looking so cute and any pet lover will sure like to have them and hope they will soon get a family. Also, you are doing a good job by helping them and also suggest the people to must have a some health insurance for pets for any medical emergencies.