Sunday, November 3, 2013

Gibson's Daily Epi-Tip #3 and Farewell to a Few FurFriends

Be sure to check our original post HERE that kicked off this month's National Epilepsy Awareness Month to see what some of our special giveaways and fundraisers are for our "Live Gib Strong" K-9 Epilepsy Awareness.

* * * * *

Sadly, we've lost quite a few friends in Blogville and Facebook recently. We'd like to dedicate today's blog to some furfriends we will always remember and know they are now running free in those beautiful fields beyond the Rainbow Bridge. Our hearts are with your hu-families. Wear your angel wings with pride. You will never be forgotten and forever missed.

Good bye sweet forever free beyond the 
Rainbow Bridge.

Bandit & Cocoa ~ Buddy, the Christmas Husky's sibelings
Cooper Wilkey
Sasha Maya Ford
Timber of the Furkids Malm
Nuka of the White Dog Army
Benny of Two French Bulldogs 
Aurora Johnson of Northern Lights Sled Dog Rescue


  1. It is always sad to lose friends. May their families find peace.

  2. Thank you for this special tribute to Nuka and so many of our Friends who have passed over the Bridge.

    Thank you also for the Epi tips you are posting, you are such a wonderful resource for pups and families that need a supportive friend as they learn to deal with seizures and the changes they bring. We are proud to be your friends.

  3. Thank you for your remembrance of our dear Sasha Maya. So sorry to see her go and to all the others who lost a beloved fur kid we are sorry for your loss.