Monday, July 22, 2013

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Another Update on the Upcoming Epi-Dog Book!

Greetings, howls, and barks to all! Here is another Epi-dog book update, this time brought to you by our Canine Epilepsy SpokesHusky, Gibson!

 If you submitted a story and photos of your Epi-dog for my upcoming book, please be sure to check the list (in alpha order according to your dog's name) below to be sure we have your dog on it in order for him/her to be in it! And also it's a good time to be sure we have your dog's name spelled correctly! Future updates and info on the book will also be periodically added to our FiveSibes: Siberian Husky K9 News & Reviews Facebook "Events" page at this link HERE.  It is a public community page, so even if you don't do Facebook,  you'll be able to read the postings. 

A test Email has also gone out today (July 22) to all who have submitted a story, so please keep an eye out. If you had submitted a story and photos, but don't see your dog's name on this list, didn't receive an Email, or if your dog's name  is misspelled, please contact us at ArcticHousePublishing(at)gmail(dot)com. 
Tentative publication date is for either November 2013 for Epilepsy Awareness Month OR March 2014 for Epilepsy Awareness Purple Day.

We are currently in the first round of editing stage, and I've met with the printer to review various books sizes and layout styles. The title is in brainstorming, and I hope to announce it soon. I'm busy currently working on the cover design, in between taking stock out in tissues as these are such heartfelt, heartbreaking, loving, and wonderful stories about some amazing Epi-dogs.

I will continue to update everyone as we mush along the publishing trail!

Here is the list of Epi-dogs (in alpha order according to your dog's name) to be featured in my book to date:

1.  April Colon of the DaWeenies
2.  Barkley Brown
3.  Blu McGuckin
4.  Caesar Linder
5.  Cheyenne Kelley
6.  Cooter LaRouge Mitchell
7.  Darwin Walther
8.  Daytona Ray
9.  Drake Allen
10. Emma Mitchell
11. Fifi Lion
12. Gabby Specketer
13. Gandalf Marques
14. Ghost Ross
15. Gibson of the FiveSibes
16. Gjoya Klane
17. Happy Laughlin
18. Herik McNutt
19. Hero of Alley’s Rescued Siberian Husky Angels
20. Isis Yoder
21. Jaddah Dickerson-Kauffman
22. Jaro Canisneus
23. Jasper Spoddig 
24. Jaxson Brown
25. Jed Underwood
26. Jhett Maxwell
27. Juno Ramirez
28. Kaybee Fortenbaugh
29. Kelly Frezon
30. Kelsey Bloemker
31. Kiah Consolo
32. Koda Ting
33. Kona Clinesmith
34. Kyra St. Clair
35. Lil Ms Startlitt Dreams
36. Lily Arnoff
37. Lola Winstone
38. Malachi Suthard
39. Mango Blair
40. Manilow Drury
41. Mattie Lanzl
42. Max Dansby
43. Max Jameson
44. Meeko Hill
45. Megan Wilkinson
46. Mighty Quinn Smith
47. Montana Mercer
48. Mya Corey
49. Nala & Boo Stoddard
50. Nitro Massolle
51. Nukka Maksin
52. Peanut Lopez
53. Pursuit McLean
54. Peedie Idzakovic
55. Precious Townsend
56. Pudge Zoerman
57. Reilly & Zeke Brennan
58. Riley Halverson
59. Riona & Fearghas Robinson
60. Rocco Banat
61. Rosco Jenkins McDougall
62. Rylee Hulett Widaman
63. Shyla Broga
64. Sky Grobmann
65. Squig Lagerlow
66. Tilly Bearman
67. Toby Dirkson
68. Topaz Ponagai
69. Trixie Walters
70. Trump Critelli
71. Tucker Boileau
72. Tundra Templeman
73. Wally Selwood
74. Wanbli Herrmann
75. Willis Hopple

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  1. We can't wait to hear more about this book! And a lot of our superstar friends are in it!