Monday, July 15, 2013

Blog the Change for Animals: Trooper Husky Rescue and National Pet Fire Safety Day

Today is ‪National Pet Fire Safety Day‬ sponsored by the American Kennel Club and ADT Security Systems. Our honorary firedog "Harley" is here to remind everyone that prevention and preparedness are key to your pet's safety. Check out our past blog post HERE for some tips, videos, and info on pet fire safety, pet oxygen masks, and how you can get your free pet window cling. And let's be safe out there. via FiveSibes: Siberian Husky K9 News & Reviews

Since last year we wrote about National Pet Fire Safety Day, we thought we'd share the link again this year above...and also use this day to talk about the Trooper Husky Rescue in Oneida, New York.

Trooper Husky Rescue is a no-kill Siberian Husky and Malamute special needs rescue operation, taking in those with medical problems or special needs, including being heartworm positive, having diabetes, seizures, being a tripawd, etc. "We also take in older dogs and those who are not perfect!" they state. Their mission is "to provide a safe haven for dogs that have been abused, neglected, abandoned and for those with special needs. Our goal is to provide them with the tender loving care that they deserve until we can find them a good home with the proper screening."

The also state on their website, "Our rescue is in our home and some of the dogs are in foster homes, so please call before coming out to see our dogs. Some are not used to being around people and will be very nervous at first. We take in surrenders from owners who want what is the best for their Husky or Malamute.  In some cases there has been a change in their home environment such as an owner being deployed or financial problems in addition to other unfortunate situations. We also have a selection of foster homes that will house the Huskies and Malamutes for as long as it takes to find a warm and loving home. While Trooper Husky Rescue tries its best to take in those in need, we do not always have room. If you have a Husky or Malamute that needs to be surrendered, a signed surrender form and all vet records are needed."  

Here is a video clip from when Trooper Husky Rescue, and handsome "Brutus," a special needs Husky with a digestive disorder, were guests on CNY Central News:

I think folks who rescue Huskies, and all pets, are amazing, thoughtful, angels on Earth. And to rescue those who have special needs or medical issues is so commendable. As a mom to a special needs Husky (as most of you know, my wooly Husky "Gibson" is an Epi-dog, a dog with Canine Epilepsy). I could not even imagine someone abandoning their dog simply because he has seizures, only three legs, or is not "perfect." I tip my hat to those, like Ron and his volunteer staff and foster parents who open up their hearts and homes to these wonderful animals. 

Trooper Husky Rescue is fairly new, organized in 2010, and they have applied for their non-profit status. Recently, in addition to the special needs Huskies they have, they took in dogs in need from the flooding that put the city of Oneida in a state of emergency. Here is a video from CNY Central News:

Trooper Husky Rescue relies heavily on donations
of materials, dog food, and funding to help these special needs dogs and displaced dogs. According to director Ron DeMauro, who named the rescue after his Husky "Trooper," they are also hoping to start a pet food bank in the area. Currently, they are seeking donations of kennels, are a looking for property to set up an actual rescue location.

They are also running two drives, a Food Drive:

And "Operation Heartworm" drive where folks can purchase a ribbon for a $1.00 donation that will help Trooper Husky Rescue raise funds to receive heartworm testing, preventatives, and medications:

If you would like to donate dog food, kennels, funds, etc., or if you have a special needs Husky or Malamute you need help rehoming, please contact Trooper Husky Rescue by Email at: trooperhuskyrescue534(at)gmail(dot)com. And please tell them the FiveSibes sent you over!

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  1. No post for the hop because somehow, this 15th snuck up on me, but as the Knight and I are both life members of a fire department... Bravo. Thank you and the sponsoring organizations for promoting such a great cause!

  2. Oh, that fire safety is sooooo very important!!!
    Just this morning there was a fire at a house that was a Cat Sanctuary and more than 100 cats died. It was so tragic. Only 10 cats and 2 dogs survived and, thankfully, the homeowner.
    At furst the news was saying that it was a hoarder situation, butts Thanks Dog, it was inspected and tied to a rescue and was inspected regularly. All the kittehs were well cared for and loved.
    The fire alarm wasn't working, it was the doggie that woke the owner up (middle of the night), and saved them.
    Ruby ♥

  3. Fire safety is very important
    Benny & Lily

  4. What a cool pic with the firefighter hat on, such an important message!

    Wags to all

    Your pal Snoopy :)

  5. Thanks for the info...which is very important to me..

  6. This dogs are so cute and have attitude.