Thursday, May 2, 2013

Of Injuries, Rehab, and Healing of Huskies

Love is...sharing rehab together!
'Tis the season for rehabbing Huskies here...I haven't done an update in quite some time, so I thought I'd bring everyone up to speed on what's happening here.

As you recall, Chloe, who was just four years old, had double bilateral cruciate imbrication surgery last summer. She, I am happy to report, is progressing nicely! Where she had no ability to stand or walk after collapsing from a simple jump up on the bed only to discover she had shredded both hind CCLs and mensiscuses (deemed most likely from a genetic problem as she was from an irresponsible breeder). While there is a hitch to her gait now, she now can jump up on furniture, counter surf (which we discourage, however, seeing her stand up on the counter for the first time in almost a year was just wonderful! So I reached for my camera to capture it!), run with her with siblings, and even kick up dirt with her hind legs! Oh happy days!

Gibson also tore his CCL while playing in the snow this past winter and since he's an Epi-dog, the vet and I selected to treat him with Conservative Care rather than put him under surgery. So he's been in a WoundWear A-Trac Stability Brace Harness (he wore it 24/7 for five weeks, then he wore it for just rehab walks, and now, he wears it on longer walks.  Next month, he will be completely brace free!) and receiving K-Laser USA treatments, strict rest, and a daily dose of a natural anti-inflammatory. He, too, is getting stronger and improving each day. His pep is back and he wants to run, but of course, he is not allowed to yet! He does try to do his Gibbie Hip-Hop dance while on leash though! 

Here's Gibson on his first walk back to the vet's office (after having over a month of in-home treatments and a month of rehabbing) for a K-LaserUSA treatment on his knee (K-Laser is awesome and is a holistic approach to healing. Gibson has gotten successful treatments for weak hind end issues and in aiding to heal his CCL tear).

A short video clip of his rehab walking in the WoundWear brace that was an amazing help to his healing. The brace helps support his leg, and allowed him to almost immediately put weight on his injured leg. See my original post of this journey by clicking HERE.
Through their protocol with continuous wear, it served as an important part of Gibson's Conservative Care Treatment. He went from not being able to put weight on his right hind leg, to this:

And here's Gibson wishing he could run, but here's a quick clip of him doing some of his Gibbie Hip Hop moves showing how he is getting stronger (and you can't keep a Husky down)!

Harley has joined the ranks of rehabbing Huskies here when after the late March snowstorm, she decided to play Iditarod Husky and run like crazy in circles in deep snow, and she came up lame in one of her hind legs. After undergoing anesthesia and full X-rays to be sure she didn't injure her hips, it concluded she had torn the rotating ligament in her knee. Ouch. She, too, we are treating the Conservative Care method, and at last vet check up, the ligament was starting to strengthen, but she has a ways to go yet on rehabbing. So, Gibson and Harley are sequestered together on our "rehab" side of the deck, separate from the others so they don't engage in Husky play and exacerbate their injuries. Gibson, of course, is thrilled to have her keeping him company as we all know she is his one true love!  Conservative Care treatment is a slow, steady careful process, but definitely a viable one in certain injury cases that you can discuss with your vet.

A little couples' rehab walking!
Love is...sharing a water bed while healing.

Our lovebirds rehabbing together.

 Although with the warmer weather arriving, the cool freshly dug (by the Pupsters) holes are calling to both Gibson and Harley. Gibson will be joining the pack again soon on the other side of the deck and will once again have free roam. I am a nervous mom to first let him go as I worry he will reinjure his knee. He goes to the vet for a follow-up next week, so I'll be anxious to hear how well his healing has come along.

And just yesterday, Wolf decided he did not like a bath anymore, and when our groomer came to the home to give them all a "Spa Day," Wolf whined and thrashed so much, that he came up sore and limping last night. I was pretty worried about him and with all the CCL tears of late, I hoped it was not that. I gave him a limb and paw massage and a natural anti-inflam, as well as lots of rest on his ortho bed, and today he seems to be doing a bit better. My groomer equates to someone who suddenly decided to work out - so he is experiencing some muscle strain. I had my vet ready on speed-dial, but it does indeed seem to be muscle strain from my gymnast Husky boy. He used to be just fine - okay, he was always a howler and whiner when the water touched him (except he loves the pool and hose in the summer!), but this time he was off the chart with his spasmodic tub gymnastic! My groomer, who has  handled our Sibes in our home for years, cut his bath short to avoid serious injury. We're rethinking how to bathe him in the future so not to distress him, so I'm busy looking up in-home doggie walk-in tubs!

Wolf with his new "get well" buddy, Lamb Chop. He's feeling a bit better tonight and, thankfully, his legs are getting stronger.

So it's been a busy triage rehab center here with four of the FiveSibes. I guess, if we look at the number of furkids and the years we went without incident, the law of averages was bound to catch up! Okay, universe, we have now met our fair can move on out to sea now! And feel free to totally skip Bandit!

I do post short tidbits and photos on the Sibe kids, as well as dog food and treat recalls, rescue pups needing a home, and canine news over on our FiveSibes: Siberian Husky K-9 News & Reviews Facebook page, so if you ever want to read our "daily" news, stop on over. You don't have to be a Facebook member to read our page as we keep it on public and open for all to read.

Until next time, stay healthy, our friends!


  1. Oh goodness, we had no idea you have so much going on there. We know that every pup is getting the very best possible care there, but we are going to have to add our best sibe vibes, crossed paws, and prayers from Mom for the best of recoveries for all. God bless.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning and Mom

  2. Your house sounds like White Dog Ranch (although everyone is on the mend now) so we are totally sympathetic! Glad to hear that everyone is progressing well. We too think the K laser is a godsend; Quinn and now Nuka use it. White Dog healing energies and positive thoughts to you!

  3. What are you doing? Running the Five Sibe medic over there? bol!

    Sorry to hear about an the injuries. Hope everyone is healing up OK and will be running in no time. :) Sounds like you've been a very busy mom. We will be looking forward to when the pool comes out and everyone can play. :)

  4. It sure sounds like there is a lot of good healing going on and we all send our best healing purrs to your beautiful Husky family.

  5. Wow, so much happening. I hope everyone is feeling better and we know they are just receiving the best care possible! Hopefully summer will bring reasons for playtime!

  6. That is a lot of Husky Boo-Boos...:(
    Glad y'all are on the road to recovery and hope you will be out there digging up the yard and counter surfing soon!


  7. Wow, you guys have been super busy around there getting everyone healthy and happy! Great to hear that everyone seems to be doing better - yea! Here's to complete and full, better than ever recoveries to all! And you deserve a treat yourself Ma!!! :0 Have a great weekend!!