Monday, April 22, 2013

Earth Day 2013 - The (Furry) Faces of Climate Change; Helping to Reduce Our Pets' Carbon Pawprints

The FiveSibes love the Earth and sure hopes everyone else does, too. After all, it's the only planet we have and if we don't care for it, who will? We must think not just of ourselves, but of future generations as well. This year, we are joining in the Earth Day 2013 "Faces of Climate Change," so let's be good to our Earth. Here at the FiveSibes, we have some tips to measure your dog's carbon pawprint. For a full (free) version of my Earth Day article and photos, please visit page 24 of the recent issues (Vol.2/Issue 2) of AMERICAN PET MAGAZINE. Here's a sneak peak:

Here's some tips from my article to help everyone "think green" when it comes to our pets and their pet care, and help to reduce not only our carbon footprints, but their carbon pawprints as well:

Walk your dog whenever possible instead of going by car.
Use recycle shopping bags when going grocery shopping for your supplies and food.

Feed your pet their food in a stainless steel dish.
Make your pet's snacks whenever possible.
Recycle pet food containers and cans insread of throwing them  in with the trash.

Recycle pet medication containers (check with your vet or pharmacy as many happily accept them). 

Clean with chemical-free household supplies (we should be anyway for the health and safety of our pets).

Use biodegradable "doggy-do" bags.

Don't use the microwave to warm up their food.

Plant a tree in memory of a pet.

When emptying out a pet pool or water dish, use it to water flowers, shrubs, and trees. 

Recycle old dog beds, blankets, and toys. Stich em' up, give them a wash, and donate to shelters.

Spay or neuter pets to reduce the epidemic of homeless animals and overpopulated shelters.

See if you can find the FiveSibes' above photo in the Earth Day's "The Face of Climate Change" Wall (and you can join, too! See how by visiting the Earth Day Network.) To see the full photo wall, click the arrow tab on the right to move the Twitter panel to the right.

Happy Earth Day 2013!


  1. Fab ideas! Happy earth day huskerboos!!


  2. Those are some grat tips. We follow some but can always do more for our planet.

  3. We LOVE that pic of the pack!!!

    Happy Earth Day! We will try to treat our earth well.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  4. LOVE the pic of the pack!! Especially Bandit in the hole!! hehehe
    Happy Happy Earth Day Sibes!!

  5. Thanks for all the wonderful tips! We are big recyclers and always make our own treats. We definitely need to take care of our planet, and all the living creature on it too!

    Khady Lynn

  6. Those are all great tips. We do a good potion of them, but we could improve, and will.

  7. Happy Earth Day you Fabulous Five! Good tips...I do need to see about the poo bags - thanks!

  8. Happy Earth Day...all year round! Your tips were excellent ways to treat the Earth a little kinder and your full article was very insightful and well done...hopefully with your words you have made a difference!