Thursday, April 25, 2013

Calling All Siberian Husky Friends! Help Our Breed Win's Breed Competition!

We're back on the campaign trial in support of our breed, the Siberian Husky! And we're reaching out to all our furpals to help us once again as we are in a fun face-off in another breed competition - this one by's Facebook Page! If you would like to help our breed, please visit their page and "Like" the graphic. That's all! (If you have Facebook, please don't share that graphic as it casts a vote for the other breed. A bit tricky I know!) Woos and Thank Yous to all our friends for your support!!! 

 The voting is not over! Facebook Page has revised their Bark Madness Competition to reflect a question style format (see below) after much input from readers. Even if you have already voted, please go back and visit their page and revote "Siberian Husky" using their new question format as the former method will now not be used. Go Vote Husky! And let's remember, it's all in fun! Thank you!


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  1. Ok now I have to see though if Chihuahuas are entered. But if they aren't then we'll vote Sibes ��

  2. Bummer on Mom for not doing FB. Good luck to the Sibes!!!

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  3. Since we are all in the same northern double-coated breeds, we are signing on to cast our vote for our Sibe cousins.