Saturday, January 19, 2013

Happy 5th Birthday to Our Pupsters: Bandit, Wolf, and Chloe!

"Wooo! Is it cake time???  Nommm-nommmms!"

Wooo! Today is a very special day as we celebrate The Pupsters' Fifth Birthday! I just can't believe how fast time flies! Watching these three littermates grow up together has been such a wonderful experience! They are truly a joy, a lot of fun, and complete our FiveSibes pack family! Yesterday, we posted a couple puppy pics of them from when they came home with us at just 14 weeks old! In some ways, it seems like that was just yesterday for us!

We celebrated with vanilla ice cream from our local dairy poured into a bone-shaped cake pan, special plates and napkins, and of course - presents!

Party time for Chloe, Wolf & Bandit!
"Um...Mom...where's our ice cream cake??!"  
"Oh, yeah, yummmm....!"
"Nom-nom-nom...Happy Birthday to us!"
The whole pack family joins in the celebration!
"Seconds, please?!" asks Bandit.
Happy 5th Birthday, Wolf!
Happy 5th Birthday, Chloe!
Happy 5th Birthday, Bandit!
To celebrate their big day, we're hosting a giveaway! The prize is one of our "The Sibe Vibe" radio show T-shirts! Just complete the Rafflecopter below and if you win, you can tell us which size you'd like - Small, Medium, Large, XLarge, and 2XLarge. You don't have to have a Facebook or Twitter to enter...just follow our blog here if you don't already and leave us a birthday blog comment! You can enter until next Friday! We will then announce the winner on a post that weekend! Good luck!


  1. Pawty of five fur three ;-)

    Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy

    I vote woo get even more fun stuff woomorrow!


  2. Happy Birthday!!! It looks like you had a pawsome birthday party!!

    The Florida Furkids

  3. Wow, you all are just 4 months older than me. I hope I get as much attention on my birthday as you all got. And boy that ice cream cake was super. Like I said, I hope my vickie is paying attention here.
    Happy birthday

  4. Woof! Woof! Happy 5th. What a DELISH! Tasty Birthday Treat. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  5. Belka and Kodiak send birthday wooos! They wish they could have been there to party with you!

  6. Happy Barkday! Your party looks awesome. The White Dog Army wishes you all long happy lives filled with lots of pampering, friends, good health, a bazillion family cuddles, and always, love.

  7. Happy Happy Happy Birthday Bandit, Chloe and Wolf! OMD did that ice cream bone look nommers! Droolin over here :)

    Enjoy your special day!

    Waggin at ya,

  8. happy birthday sweet babies
    sammy sends extra big kisses and hugs to his dreamgirl chloe.
    your party seems to be great,with all that icecream and stuff.
    the boys wished they could celebrate with their sibe-friends!
    have a great sunday

  9. HAPPY HAPPY YAPPY Birfday NUMBER FIVE... to all THREE of you.

    WOW what a SUPER Pawty!! LOVE your CAKE!!!

  10. Love the Sibe Vibe!!! Happy birthday puppers.

  11. What a fun birthday party! The cake looks good enough to eat....happy birthday dear sibes!

  12. Happy Birthday Bandit, Wolf and Chloe!!!

  13. Oh, that birthday pawty looked awesome guys!!! I LOVED your ice cream cakie! Genius! Every pup looked like they had a great time!
    I can't believe I wasn't following you guys! I swear, sometimes Ma is just a total Airehead!!

  14. Happy Birthday!!!

    Stop on by for a visit

  15. Happy happy birthday Sibes!!! xxxx

  16. Happy birthday to the pups! They're so cute. :)

  17. Hi Sibes! I'm sorry I missed the birthday party! Happy Birthday Arooooos!!! I wanted to let you know I left you something in my post today. If you get a chance, pop on over and get it!
    Your pal,