Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Boycott Boring: Kyjen's New Outward Hound Backpack & Leash Mate Area "Must Haves!"

"Woo! Like my new cool backpack?"

Our Bandit, who is partially deaf, is starting school to learn commands via a vibration collar and sign language. In perfect timing, I recently received a new Outward Hound Backpack in blue from the Kyjen company to test and review. First, let me just say that this backpack is awesome! There are two large pockets with plenty of room for leashes, treats, toys, and even a mesh zippered pocket so it can safely carry her vibration collar and remote to class. It's amazing just how much room is in this pack. 

Lots of space for essentials!
The best part was when I hooked it all up on Bandit. She's never had any type of pack or coat on her, and when I put on the Outward Hound backpack, she didn't even flinch! Even while out walking to school, Bandit did not seem to mind having it on at all, which tells me it is quite comfortable for the dog. The pack also has reflective trim that is great when walking in the dark. Prices range from $36.99 for a small, to $54.49 for an extra large. It's a great item for hikers on your holiday gift list, too!  

I also tried out a Leash Mate, 
which connects by velcro to a leash and can hold quite a bit! It's perfect for taking along on walks and the pockets can hold several jar of medications and has plenty of room for even a cell phone, small wallet, and set of keys. There is also a smaller pocket for carrying disposable pick-up bags. A very handy item indeed for just $14.99!

Leash Mate has room for phone, keys, wallet, bags & meds.

Both of these items come in several colors and the back pack has several different size choices. You can refer to their website to check out the size ranges and how to measure your dog. There are Velcro straps to adjust it to a perfect fit for your dog. Here is a full video review of both products:

Bandit of the FiveSibes™ gives these two excellent products a four-paws up rating! And remember, "Boycott Boring Toys" by visiting


  1. Very cool backpack. It's good to have a job and pack dog works!

  2. We got to review one of those too. It really rocks!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  3. Mom is interested in that leash pack. What happens if you are holding two or more leashes and one of them has that leash mate attached - is it very difficult to do all the hand switching that occurs when dogs switch sides and such?

    Happy Thanksgiving to you from all of us.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  4. Oh, that backpack could be great! And, that leash pack could be much better than the waist sack Ma now wears, that makes her feel like she's back in the 80's with a fannypack! (Yup, I laugh at her, butts it more important that she brings treaties for ME, so I laugh behinds her back! BOL


    Pees: Have a Great Thanksgiving guys!

  5. Very cool! Mom bookmarked Kygen for me :) Thanks!

    Wishing you all a very Happy Thanksgiving! :D

    Waggin at ya,