Monday, October 8, 2012

Sibes Surfing in Stilettos?

Chloe, how's the book party over there in the UK?

Chloe is in England. 

Harley is wearing stilettos. 

Are you curious yet?  Hope so!  

We have Sibes, we have stilettos, and we have some surfing, some partying, and a fabulous read...

Still curious?

Today, we are going to have some fun! We are off "surfing the 'Net in stilettos" as we join the book launch party for Carol E. Wyer - author of Mini Skirts and Laughter Lines, and the fabulously funny Facing 50 With Humour blog, who has just released her second book, Surfing in Stilettos and has invited everyone to come celebrate at her book release party! Now since Carol resides in the United Kingdom, she has made access to her book party super easy - it's an online celebration, and you can even chat with other folks from all over while you enjoy some virtual mingling and sipping of refreshments. And don't fret about the time difference, the party does on all day so no matter where you live, you can join in the fun! Oh, and...there are prizes! Including on of our books! To discover how to join in the fun, visit Carol's Facing 50 With Humour blog and check it all out. 

Harley, surfing the 'Net in Hu-Mom's fave stiletto boots!

While there, you may even bump into me (in the chat room) and our Miss Chloe, who is a huge fan of Carol's...and has "travelled" to Carol's parties in the past, and she absolutely adores Carol's fun festivities. Since, as many of you know, Chloe is healing from a double cruciate imbrication surgery she had this past summer for blowing out both of her CCLs (ACLs in humans) and her meniscuses, so she couldn't model the stilettos, so our surrogate momma and alpha queen Harley stepped in and modeled the heels for her! (see above). (Disclaimer: No Huskies were hurt during this photoshoot. And, no, we do not actually have our Huskies walk in heels, it's just a fun photo!) Now it's your turn...see how posting a "stiletto" photo could win you a prize by visiting Carol's blog today.

As a matter of fact, Chloe is one of Carol's special guests at this party! We are so excited...go check it out on Carol's blog and click on the "TED" tab (Ted is the canine character in her book, a real life friend of the author's) and join Chloe who is the featured canine guest! We are even sponsoring one of her brother Gibson's books - What's Wrong With Gibson? Learning About K-9 Epilepsy - as a giveaway for Carol's great book bash! So be sure to stop by, say hello to Carol (be sure to tell her the FiveSibesMom sent you!), check out all the fun and prizes, and be sure to visit Chloe and enter to win our book!

To read more about Carol, check out these pages:

So, please join us in wishing Carol the best of luck with her new book, and let's go party!


  1. How exciting! I do love a good party!

  2. The judges are here and have decided that you have without doubt fulfilled all the criteria asked of you and will notify you of their decision.
    I think the clue lies in the fact that they patted Harley incessantly and have been cooing over Chloe ever since she got her.
    It has been fantastic having you all as part of the party and thank you so much for everything.
    Results tomorrow and thank you, all of you. xx

  3. Harley, you look smashing in your stilettos! Furry nice of you to help your little sisfur Chloe out.

    Chloe, I never knew you were such a pawty animal! BOL! And an international one at that! England must be nice this time of year. Enjoy your pawty and congratulations to your friend on her new book. Sounds fun! Love the photo of you with your book and stuffie. YOu are just too adorable!


  4. How fun! Harley, it takes a "real" manpup to be comfortable enough to don stilettos for a photoshoot! We respect you! Puppy Up! My friend! Glad to see Chloe is not overdoing the partying.

  5. Hi guys, it sound like a great party !! We are definitely going to visit !!

    Woos of love.

    Echo & Link

    P.s : we change our blog adress (&design... & host... LOL) so now, you can visit us on