Thursday, September 6, 2012

Change is a Four-Letter Word to a Siberian Husky

Oh my, the look says it all.

Change. According to, the definition of change is, "to make the form, nature, content, future course, etc., of (something) different from what it is or from what it would be if left alone."  According to my boy, Wolf, "change" is a four-letter word. And, well... apparently I did not get the "change" memo, or just chose to ignore it because I decided to do some early Autumn cleaning and rearranged my room, which included moving his bed. Mind you, I only moved it about five feet and it was to give him more room and get his bed away from the heating vent before the upcoming cooler season (I thought I'd get a head start). So my moving his bed really was to benefit him. But as you can see from his photo taken last night when he first went to bed (and discovered it had been moved), his look says he's pretty unhappy with me. Then, he proceeded to get up walk over the my nightstand, which is now in the spot that previously housed his bed, and he used his nose to push not one, but two of my framed photos off the end table, then sat down and sighed. Yep. I am definitely in trouble.

Early this morning, this was the look I woke up to. A little better...don't you think?

And here he is looking at me right before it was time to go out...I think I'm wearing him down...he's warming up to his new spot...what do you think?  

* * * * * * * * * * * * *
We are sending out wooos and get well wishes to furpal RA Husky, who has started laser therapy for leg alignment issues. Enjoy the treatments, RA, and may they work so you are strong and well! We are thinking of you! (PS - Gibson, who has laser therapy treatments on a tri-weekly basis, says "Don't forget to kiss your vet tech!")

ra husky

RA Husky


  1. Love it....I think he is getting over it...but the do hate change

  2. Love it....I think he is getting over it...but the do hate change

  3. Aw thanks soooo much!! That is really appreciated.


    p.s. Wolf we totally understand! No bed relocation allowed!

  4. Change is a toughie!! Hope there is adaption!

  5. Yup, he is a slow adapter like me.

  6. Newsflash...weenie dogs don't like change either. Max is still very upset because the big family room addition is in the process of being re-built!


  7. YOU MOVED THE BED 5 FT? Are you insane? Poor Wolf. His life is all topsy turvy. What next? Feed him in a different part of the room? Mercy.