Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Announcing the Premiere of "The Sibe Vibe" Radio Show!

Woooo! We are so excited to announce the premiere of our radio show, "The Sibe Vibe," which is part of the Dog Works Radio network! Our first broadcast will be airing this Sunday, August 26 at 1 PM EST.  The show will focus on the amazing breed of Siberian Huskies and will feature a variety of guests while we highlight rescues, stories, canine sports and events, authors, experts, Canine Epilepsy, artists, and more! 

My co-host is 
the awesome Robert Forto, canine behaviorist and the lead trainer at Alaska Dog Works. He is the training director for Dog Works Training Center and also hosts the weekly Dog Works Radio Show that is geared toward educating dog owners in canine sports, working dogs and canine training. He also hosts, along with his wife Michelle, "Mush! You Huskies," a radio program about everything in the world of dog powered sports and concentrating on mushing. He is currently training Team Ineka for the 2014 Iditarod! I am so thrilled to have him as my co-host! 

Shows will air one Sunday a month and will be listed HERE. And don't worry if you miss any broadcasts, there will be links posted so you can hear the show any time after the air date via a podcast! I will also be creating a page here (and eventually on the not-yet finished that will list all the shows, too.

Our first guests who will be on this Sunday's very first broadcast of "The Sibe Vibe" will be DEBI KLEIN, PRESIDENT; and JANET CROSS, VOLUNTEER COORDINATOR of the SIBERIAN HUSKY RESCUE OF FLORIDA, INC. (SHRoF)! These wonderful ladies will be talking about the rescue, helping Huskies, the rescue's national Siberian Husky Lost & Found Registry, and much more! And if you ever wondered how Siberian Huskies manage in the heat, they have the answers! Click HERE for the direct link to Sunday's show featuring the SHRoF!

Then, in September, we will be chatting with the folks from TAILS OF THE TUNDRA SIBERIAN HUSKY RESCUE, who will be celebrating their 10th annual "Tails on the Trails" event on September 29th! A list of future shows and guests will be posted at a later date.

I also want to thank the very talented artist Michelle Littler for our wonderfully fun logo! Michelle, who has the littletoad shop on Etsy, is the talented gal who also does the illustrations for my FiveSibes™ Tales. Thanks, Michelle! (And thanks to Road Dog Tales for initially introducing us!)

We hope you can join us each month for a fun hour of Husky chat!


  1. Wow! How exciting! I can't wait to hear the first one!


  2. That is just too cool! We will definitely be tuning in!

    RA, Isis & Nanük

  3. Wow, what fun news! You will all be even more famous now. I bet your show will be wonderful and I'll add this to the BC Calendar to help get the bark out. Break a the peeps say! BOL
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, COP

  4. That is very, very exciting news!

  5. That is awesome! Congratulations and good luck!

  6. Congrats!!!

    Stop on by for a visit

  7. woo! How exciting is that!!
    Benny & Lily

  8. Congratulations! This is an excellent showcase of your knowledge and talent. We are very excited about this.

  9. wow,thats sooo sure you will make a wonderful show and it will be a great sorry,that i cant hear it in germany
    have big,big fun
    hugs anni