Monday, July 23, 2012

Uniting for Rights of Dogs and A Gift Pack Giveaway

Today is a very important day in the's Bloggers Unite for the Rights of Dogs day. The Be the Change for Animals (BtC4A) has proudly partnered with Blog Catalog and Dog Rescue Success...and all of us..."to harness a global online community to help save the lives of dogs in need." Since this is such an important issue, today's post is a tad on the long side, but filled with lots of info, available Huskies from rescues, and even a prize pack giveaway! So kick back, put your feet up, gather your pets around and please read this longer than usual post. You'll be glad you did!

So what does all this Uniting for the Rights of Dogs mean?

It means that while one voice for the rights of dogs is commendable, many voices joining together is what it will take to make change and benefit dogs and future generations of dogs by uniting now against puppy mills and pledging "No Pet Store Puppies."

My family has adopted shelter and rescue animals for years. We've saved pets from accidents, raised babies who were motherless, and also have had some pets from reputable breeders. What we all need to do is to join together to support the many shelters and rescues who are out there every day saving animals. There are so many ways to support them, whether it is spreading the word about their work, donating money or supplies, helping with transporting, visiting shelter animals, fostering, and adopting rescued dogs.

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According to the ASPCA, "Some additional information about the No Pet Store Puppies campaign and about puppy mills:
  • The ASPCA estimates that there are thousands of pet stores in the U.S. that sell puppies. The ASPCA ultimately seeks to convince pet stores to limit their business to pet supplies and encourages them to partner with their local shelters to offer adoptable pets in their stores.
  • Operators of puppy mills breed dogs in unsanitary, overcrowded and often cruel conditions where profit is given priority over the well-being of the dogs.
  • According to a poll conducted by Lake Research Partners and commissioned by the ASPCA, 78 percent of consumers are unaware that most puppies sold in pet stores come from large-scale commercial breeding operations commonly known as puppy mills.
  • The poll also reveals that nearly 80 percent of consumers would not purchase a puppy if they knew it came from a puppy mill."

Have you taken the ASPCA's No Pet Store Puppies  pledge? Simply put, you pledge that if your local pet shop sells puppies, you will not purchase anything there. Instead, check for pet  supply stores who offer adoptions. Not sure of stores in your area that do...or, do you know of one that does? Then check out this Map of Stores Offering Puppy Adoptions.

Pets in rescues or shelters are not second-hand pets. They are not "damaged" dogs. They are dogs in need of love and a forever home. They all started out somewhere...the shelter and rescues are where they wound up because someone somewhere abandoned them. I think the rescue folks are amazing people. The number of Huskies I see rescued each and every day by caring folks across the globe is just outstanding. Healthy, sick, injured, abandoned, abused. They try to help them all. But it's still not enough. The amount of homeless and abandoned Siberian Huskies is epidemic. And that is just one breed! We need to start to stop this epidemic of homeless animals somewhere, and that's what this day and campaign is all about. 

"We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals." ~ Immanual Kant

I want to take this opportunity to highlight some beautiful Siberian Huskies just waiting for someone to love and to have someone to give their love to. These beauties are from various shelters and rescues across the country, some are puppies, some are young adults, some are seniors, and some have special needs. They all deserve love and care. Please take some time to click on the following links and see if there is a Husky you, a family member, or friend can give a home to or even foster.

Beautiful "Snowflake" is a 2-year-old boy available for adoption through the ULSTER COUNTY SPCA in Kingston, New York. NOTE: I am happy to report that of posting time, Snowflake has been adopted! Woo! Stop by the UCSPCA site to check out other beautiful potential adoptees!

Handsome "Sampson" or "Sammy" as his foster family calls him, is just a pup at just under a year old. He is available for adoption through the SIBERIAN HUSKY RESCUE OF FLORIDA in Seminole, Florida. They also feature a FREE national registry for listing Lost & Found Siberian Huskies.

Beautiful "Sitka" is just a year old and looking for his loving forever family! He is available for adoption through FREE SPIRIT SIBERIAN RESCUE in Harvard, Illinois.

Pretty "Emmy" is a tripawd three-year-old who is a happy Husky and doesn't let three legs stop her from doing all things Husky! She would love a forever family to love and play with. She is available through TAILS OF THE TUNDRA SIBERIAN HUSKY RESCUE in Colmar, Pennsylvania.

Striking "Jazz" is so excited to be thinking about his forever home! He is three years old and is available for adoption through TAYSIA BLUE SIBERIAN HUSKY RESCUE in Omaha, Nebraska. Don't forget to say "woo" to Tay while visiting their site!

Beautiful double parti-eyed girl "Luna"would love to come with a forever family! She is available for adoption through MAPAW SIBERIAN HUSKY RESCUE in Boyertown, Pennsylvania.

Pretty girl "Isolde" is all smiles just thinking about a forever home! She is eight-years-old and waiting at the ALABAMA SIBERIAN HUSKY RESCUE in Clay, Alabama. 

Handsome 7-month old puppy "Jeremiah" is excited about being adopted into a forever loving home! He is available for adoption through ALLEY'S RESCUED SIBERIAN HUSKY ANGELS in Corona, California.

Beautiful special needs (thyroid condition) "Misha" is a pretty wooly Siberian Husky who is five years old and dreaming of a loving forever home. She is available through TUNDRA SPIRITS SIBERIAN HUSKY RESCUE in Galway, New York.

Handsome "Nugget" is a wooly boy who is all smiles looking to be adopted by his forever family. He is currently with ADOPT A HUSKY in Carol Stream, Illinois, who serve the Northwest and Pacific Northwest regions of the United States. 

Check out handsome "Rogue" from HUSKY HAVEN OF FLORIDA in Clearwater, Florida. He is looking for his forever home! To adopt him, please contact Husky Haven! 

Pretty "Nyah" is hoping for a loving forever home! She is currently in Breaux Bridge, Louisiana. For adoption information, contact RESCUEME.ORG

"Lova" is a beautiful red & white Siberian Husky 1-2 year old female. She is available for adoption through HUSKY HOUSE in Mattawan,  New Jersey. 

Handsome "Gannon" is looking for his forever loving home. You can get adoption information on this boy from TEXAS HUSKY RESCUE in Carrollton, Texas.

Beautiful "WaChee" is a 5-month-old pup who would love to grow up in a loving forever home. He is currently residing at NORTH STAR SIBERIAN HUSKY RESCUE in Denver, Colorado and waiting for someone to come adopt him!

Meet "Bosco" a stunning "Malberian" boy from HUSKY CAMP in Wrightwood, California who is just waiting to be adopted into a loving family. 

Handsome "Phantom" is a young Siberian Husky male available for adoption through PATRIOT SIBERIAN HUSKY RESCUE OF NEW ENGLAND. 

"Shadow" is a handsome 2-year-old Alaskan Malamute and Siberian Husky mix. He is currently with a foster family and is looking for his forever home. For adoption information, visit MUSH SIBERIAN HUSKY RESCUE OF ATLANTA from Georgia.

Pretty "Nali" is a three-and-a-half year old just looking for her forever home! She is currently available for adoption through BLUE RIDGE HUSKY RESCUE  in Asheville, North Carolina.

"Haloe" is a pretty white Husky who is just two-and-a-half years old. She is looking for her loving forever family. For adoption info, contact the ARIZONA SIBERIAN HUSKY RESCUE &ADOPTION, INC. (ASHRA) 

Meet "Rascal" a cutie who is available for adoption through the HUSKY PACK RESCUE in Powder Springs, Georgia!

"Wolf" (Niko) is a handsome Husky mix who is just smiling thinking about his forever home. He is available from the SOUTH FLORIDA SIBERIAN HUSKY RESCUE  in Lauderhill, Florida.

Adorable "Bobtail" is all smiles! This 7-year-old boy is available for adoption through the SOUTHERN SIBERIAN RESCUE in Raleigh, North Carolina.

"Blinky" is a beautiful Siberian Husky waiting for his forever home at HUSKY  HAVEN OF LOS ANGELES in Palmdale, California.

Handsome "Captain Jack Sparrow" is bi-eyed 2-year-old Husky who has use of one eye due to a healed old eye wound. He would love to be adopted in a forever home! For more info, contact the HUSKY HAVEN, INC. in Houston, Texas.

Pretty "Bella" is a one-and-a-half year old bi-eyed female Husky who was turned in after her family lost their home to a fire. She would love to be adopted by a forever loving family! You can obtain adoption information from CRESTON PET ADOPTION & WELFARE SOCIETY in Creston, British Columbia.

These are just one Husky each from a just a few Siberian Husky rescues that are out there working to save these beautiful dogs. For a listing of Husky rescues in your area, visit RESCUE SHELTER'S LIST OF NATIONAL/INTERNATIONAL SIBERIAN HUSKY RESCUE GROUPS. Also check out Sibes from across the country at RESCUEME.ORG, and through PETFINDER.COM. And please, please consider visiting one of these rescues and even fostering one of their beautiful homeless Huskies to see if this breed is right for you before adopting.

Together, we can help future homeless Huskies and dogs by spreading the word about puppy mills and promoting adoptions from shelters and rescues. 

Thanks to the ASPCA, we are sponsoring a Gift Basket as part of this campaign to one lucky prize winner who takes the "No Pet Store Puppies" Pledge! If you live in the United States, you can complete this Rafflecopter for a chance to win it! Just take the pledge and then leave us a comment here. Winner will be announced at the end of the week.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Together, we CAN Be the Change for Animals. I want to leave you with one of my favorite quotes by Immanual Kent:  "We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals." 

Congrats to EMILY T. for winning the ASPCA's gift pack! 




  1. Wow, great post. Lots of info and well-researched. I can't believe the number of dogs available if that's just a subset. I hope every one of them finds the loving home and family they deserve.

  2. I pledged and shared on my facebook page, hopefully my family and friends will pledge too!

  3. So many awesome Husky's !!

    I've got my paws crossed that they find their forever homes really soon :)

    Thanks for hosting such a great giveaway too!! :)

    Big Wags to all

    Your pal Snoopy :)

  4. Perfect post! There are so many beautiful Huskies featured here!

  5. Wow! Thank you for taking the time to post all of these beautiful deserving dogs. I hope each and every one of them finds a new home. :-)

  6. I took the pledge! Great post & thanks for supporting & encouraging rescue! We love Taysia Blue!

  7. Thank you for this! Rescue and raising awareness sometimes seems never ending but when you see the success stories it gives you strength to keep fighting on!

  8. Many years ago in my little county, people got together and started to target pet stores who sold puppies. First were the ones in malls, with high traffic. Everyone made a point to be there at the very least on weekend afternoons. Others just went whenever they could. Some held big, graphic posters, and all simply stood in front of the store with handouts that included pictures of puppy mills. They very respectfully asked anyone who approached the store, to not support the horrors we were showing them. Almost all took one look at the pictures and walked away. After one store closed, another was targeted, until there were none left. If a new store opens, we check to make sure they are not selling puppies or kittens. It has literally been decades since there was a pet store around here :-) It's simple, and just takes a bit of time. And the best place to reach pet store shoppers is at the front door!

  9. Love that you're doing this! The available huskies are gorgeous, I wish I could take them all!

  10. Great post for the event, and great idea to highlight all of those lovely Huskies up for adoption!