Sunday, June 3, 2012

Sunny Sibe Shadow Shot Sunday

After a few days of scorching hot weather, 
followed by several days of rain, our Bandit girl 
 is soaking up some sun in the cool breeze out on the deck!  A little sun, a little music...Enjoy!

☼  ☼ 

Soaking Up the Sun
sung by Alyssa Bernal

"...We'll be soaking up the sun
I'm in it for the long run, you and me together
Whispering in my ear, 
saying that you'll be right here 
Tell me again and again cause
I'll never get tired of hearing it's forever!"

Shadow Shot Sunday 2


  1. A perfect way to spend the weekend!

  2. How nice, my sister Starr loves laying in the sun as well. :)

  3. Looking good, Bandit. Phantom loves to soak up the sun but he can't seem to find any today.

    Happy Shadow Sunday.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  4. How gorgeous! Enjoy that sunshine Bandit!

  5. hey Bandit,

    Beautiful photo! I am so furry sorry you had such hot heat. I think you sent it my way, though, because it is very hot now. blah! But glad you got some rain and a nice cool break. Enjoy the sun and the nice music!


  6. This is a beautiful view of this pup!

  7. Love the upward tilt of the face in sheer pleasure! Beautiful profile highlighted by sun and shadow!