Thursday, June 14, 2012

Help the FiveSibes™ Take Over New York City!

You can help us get our Huskies get to Manhattan! Well, actually, my photographs of them! My photography portfolio has been entered into the 
Self: A Creative Competition 
and we are very excited! But, we need your help to get our portfolio considered. All you have to do to help "judge" our work is visit this link - COLLECT MY PORTFOLIO - and  you can sign in with OR without Facebook. When you see the above portfolio, up at the top simply click the "Collect Me" button...and that's it! Well, that's all you have to do to vote for us, but you can share the link and ask your friends to, also! (Hint-hint!) You only have to "collect" my portfolio once to judge it, and the last date to vote is June 20.

Here is my Artist Statement:  

I am a photojournalist, author, blogger, and parent to one daughter and five Siberian Huskies. I have been a photographer and animal lover for almost my whole life! Through my photos, I love to not only tell stories, but capture a mood; a moment in the life of my Huskies (known as the FiveSibes™), one of which was diagnosed with Canine Epilepsy in 2009. Their innocence, devotion, and essence of happiness is so pure and amazing to witness each day. They have added so much joy and dimension to our lives, and photographing them is pure enjoyment for me and my way of eternally honoring them and their breed, while also promoting and supporting Canine Epilepsy Awareness. It is my hope that when people look at my photographs, they will smile and think, "Wow, life is beautiful."

 Thanks so much for your support and helping me and my FiveSibes take over New York City (in pictures)! I hope to share my photographs and help to promote and educate folks on the wonderful breed of Siberian Husky, as well as spread the word about Canine Epilepsy Awareness...and what better place than in the Big Apple?!


  1. All the Fivesibes will the BIG AWARENESS in the Big Apple.( i hop i got it rite???)

  2. We are so there! We're so glad to hear that Chloe is home and send tons of healing hugs and kisses.:)

    Teddy Bear & Sierra

  3. Very nice!! Oh we will do our best for you!!

  4. We did it!!! Or at least we think we did:) Hope Chloe is doing well and MOM too.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  5. We did it! And best of luck to you but we don't think you'll need it. Fantastic work!

  6. That is exciting, I'm headed off to vote,

  7. Bailey & I just voted.....beautiful work!

  8. We are very excited for you! Your portfolio is so nice and you picked gorgeous photos to use. The FiveSibes are so expressive!

    Good luck! We are heading over there now to "collect" you!

    Suka and K

    P.S. Chloe, we hope you are feeling better! Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with you as you continue your path to healing.

  9. What an exciting opportunity. Of course the WDA has "Collected" you and put out the word on our FB page to let the world know it is time you were "discovered!"

    And fellow White Dog, Chloe, feel our continued healing energies and positive calming thoughts (it is hard to be patient, we know).

  10. okey to vote now...good luck!!