Sunday, January 29, 2012

A Hero Arrives in Heaven

Hero, a forever symbol of hope & awareness.
It is with sadness that I must relay that final update on Hero, the Christmas pup. The sweet little boy who was a real fighter, earned his wings this evening and has crossed the Rainbow Bridge. May he run free and healthy North of the Rainbow Bridge. He will always serve as our beacon and symbol of hope and seizure awareness. To honor his fight, we will all carry with us how this wonderful little Husky pup brought a worldwide pet community to join together for the greater cause - helping a helpless animal. To read Hero's story, please visit our previous post from yesterday that included updates and video message in Helping a Hero.

Alley, of Alley's Rescued Angels, you are wonderful for all that you did as his guardian. Hero was lucky you found him. For your vet team, Siberian Nation, and all the champions of Hero - you are all so caring and compassionate. This little boy will always be our symbol and we will carry on his legacy, which is quite a big one - this little pup brought together an entire pet community worldwide for a greater cause - to help an ailing Husky pup with sharing, caring, and donations for medical care (the CHIP-IN is still in effect to help Alley's Rescued Angels with the balance of surgical bill and emergency procedures during surgery. Please keep the link active on your sites to help).

Facebook and Twitter were aflutter today with updates and statuses from Alley of Alley's Rescued Siberian Angels as she received news from the surgical team. Well wishes, prayers, positive thoughts, and photos of furpals flooded in from across the globe as Hero went in for surgery, where his heart stopped, he received emergency CPR and was placed on life support. Then he began having bleeding. The surgical team went back in to find the cause...but the fight took it's toll on the nine week old puppy who fought hard to the very end. 

We can not let his story end and should not let his brief life be in vain. We will keep Hero alive as a symbol of heroism and hope...and his legacy will continue as we continue to carry the torch for seizure awareness. This we can all do in Hero's memory. When we see his photo, we can all be proud of how we joined together in support of this pup and Alley, his guardian. When we see his photo, smile, whisper his name, and then give our own furbabies and extra "Hero" hug. Please remember to mark your calendars on Valentine's Day, as Siberian Nation has proclaimed it "Hero Day." While we shed our tears, let us never forget Hero's legacy - a story of how an abandoned little Husky pup with special needs brought together an entire global pet community for the greater good of an animal. That's quite a big legacy for a little boy. 

Rest in peace, sweet little furangel Hero. You've earned your wings. 

North of The Rainbow Bridge
by MakWa4me

The time comes. A Siberian Husky lifts up its head. There is an untested adventure beyond. Time to go.

Across the Rainbow Bridge is a place for all dogs. A river runs wide and shallow with tennis balls that fly with their own wings; that is the place for a Labrador or Golden to await its master's arrival.

The Siberian is not content here. Northward is its trail....

There are soft pastures for Aussies and Border Collies, with sheep and geese to pen. Agility equipment grows like trees amid Frisbees and flyball.

But the North continues its sure wild call, and the Siberian's journey continues....

Now the air is colder. Now the moon is always full. Now the light is silver and it breaks and shimmers on fields of bright snow. Now there are no roads, no walls, no pens, just endless space to run. This is where Siberians gather, North of the Rainbow Bridge.

They wait in this beautiful place, happy, but not complete. Suddenly, a howl begins, as one dog senses someone coming, someone very special. All the Siberians raise their heads and join in the ancient chorus. They dance like moonbeams and sing like winter winds.

There are red ones like dawn streaks, black ones splattered with many colors and silver ones like the first strange hour before light. They line up as if in harness and run together, in a scintillating, many-colored streak. The leader of the team guides the others past the fields and river, with racing feet and racing heart. They rush to greet the new arrival at the Rainbow Bridge, where the leader is rejoined with its beloved person, never to be parted again.

The glory of the reunion is celebrated by all the Siberians dwelling beyond the Bridge, a glimmering, multicolored team leaping and whirling with joy. The light from that scene is what we see on magical evenings in the northernmost parts of this Earth: The Aurora Borealis, the Northern Lights beyond the Rainbow Bridge.

While we are tearfully bidding Hero farewell in our own ways...let us remember to smile, hug our own furkids, and continue to fight the good fight to help those animals who are abandoned and helpless. We will continue to share news of seizure and canine epilepsy awareness. We will remain connected as a caring, compassionate pet community; and we all will remember that even in sadness, our lives are all the better for having a pet in it, no matter how long or short of time we are blessed to have them. While we are their champions, they are our "Hero"es.


  1. Thank you all for your support and love for baby Hero, would we do it again, yes. The hope is that one day we wont be needed and these wonderful Siberians and all animals will be treated like the treasures they are. Luv and thanks to everyon.

    Alleys Rescued Angels

  2. I am so sorry for your loss. I know the pain of losing a treasured part of the family. I prayed for Hero and put him in God's care. Thank you for taking care of him and thank you to everybody who prayed and gave monetary donations. God Bless Hero and God Bless you. Hero touched a lot of lives in the short time here with us and I thank God for him and all of our furry family and friends. Pam

  3. Through teary eyes I write this......Hero will live on in everyone's love, passion and respect for this special husky breed.....and ALL our furry companions. His short life and brave journey have created a beacon and awareness across the globe. That is special. Run free, without pain, sweet Hero. I never met you but you have touched me forever. xo

  4. I am so very sorry of you loss. I was so hoping and praying for a great outcome for Hero. He looked like such a special and sweet pup. As you said before, he is now across the Rainbow Bridge where he running free, playing with others and oh so healthy and well. We will all see him again someday. Run free and play hard little Hero!!!

  5. Our hearts ache for you. We share your sadness though we are worlds apart and even though we've not met, we're all brought together through our special furs who will forever touch our lives!!
    We will light a candle tonight.

    Maxx and mommy

  6. Our hearts are heavy as we read this post about Hero. We were keeping our paws crossed for a good outcome for him but I guess they needed a special angel up their. Thanks for sharing his story. Sniffs, The HoundDogs

  7. So so sad that young Hero didnt make it. The pet community is amazing. Run free young fella.

  8. So very sad for Hero and all who tried to save him. Poor little guy, he fought so hard. God bless and thanks to all those who tried so hard to do what they could for him.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  9. Oh that is so sad. Hero was just a week younger than our little Freighter. Gone to soon.

  10. Poor baby, my heart is heavy with hurt...Im so sad.

  11. He truly left behind a great legacy--one that I'm sure will continue. Run free, Hero.

  12. So very sad. Little hero, you left many a paw print on many a heart.

  13. This is just so very sad.......I went to sleep last night thinking of this precious animal and woke up early, anxious to check Hero's status. I hugged my rescue pup extra hard this morning as he licked tears from my face - God speed Hero.....give all my pets who crossed the Rainbow Bridge a nuzzle for me....

  14. We missed the post yesterday as we were away all day and then caught up this morning. So terribly sad and heartbreaking.

    May you live your life to the very fullest at the Bridge, my sweet boy...

  15. So, so sad. :(

    Woofs & hugs, <3

    ~Bailey (Yep, I'm a girl!)

  16. The little chap is in good company...

    RA, Isis & Nanuk

  17. Hero is a true Warrior by every measure. We woo him godspeed over the Bridge. His memory will not be forgotten and we pray the impact of his inspiration continues to spread like ripples in a pond. Peace, Little One.

  18. Hero: RIP little man. Run free little angel. No more pain - only warmth and peace. Know you are so loved by so many <3

  19. Zoey sends loves and prayers - RIP Hero.

  20. Latch on your silver harness and go run and play over the bridge. My furkid Isis sends her howls.