Thursday, January 26, 2012

Helping a Hero

Artist rendering of Hero in fundraising poster.
We all have favorite heroes. They may be human. They may be canine. Maybe they wear capes, maybe they don't. They can be real, or they can be fictional. In any case, sometimes even a Hero needs saving. And one sweet beautiful little Siberian Husky pup, named "Hero" needs our help. 

Do you know the story of Hero, the Christmas pup? Just a few days after this past Christmas, a sweet little Siberian Husky puppy was left at a shelter in California. A rescue stepped in to save him and believes "This poor little baby was obviously someone's Christmas present only to find himself abandoned..."  

The rescue folks at Alley's Rescued Siberian Angels discovered that the puppy was only about five weeks old, too young to have been taken away from it's mother, and was experiencing seizures...and even had one as the rescue was bringing him to the vet's office for an exam. An early Chip-In was set up to assist with the veterinarian expenses. So many people came forward to help, it was so heartwarming! The spirit of the season in the pet community was shining brighter than ever!

Here is a video of Hero playing with his Christmas Tree toy!

Updates on Hero continue...and as the folks at Siberian Nation have said in their blog, "... he has kinda become our Christmas Hero for pulling though as he has, as well as now having a special place in our hearts." Well, we say, "Ditto that!"

Hero certainly has stolen my heart. His caretakers and champions have asked for the pet community's opinion on various stages along the way, including answers to the questions, "Should help be continued for this little guy as he needs lots of funds to assist?" as well as "Should he be adopted or stay at the shelter?" The community came forward with a resounding "Yes!" for continuing to help Hero, and the the majority opinion is he should remain with the rescue until he has a clean bill of health and is seizure-free before he is available for adoption. 

Continues Siberian Nation on their blog post: "He has had many many people pulling for him as well as inquiries about adoption. One person was even willing to drive cross country to adopt him and was willing to try and take on his medical expenses. Alley's stance on adoption as well as many of  Hero's followers I see has been disagreement with any adoption at this point because of the unfinished tests and doctor visits he still needs. There is too many unanswered questions. And that adoption can not take place until he would be fully stabilized and the cause of his seizures has been found, Hero's immediate care is the first priority."

First, bravo to Alley and Siberian Nation and all the wonderful and caring folks taking up the torch for Hero's cause. We must save this little pup who has become a beacon of hope for all of us. 

In these economically trying times, asking for funding is difficult. Well, asking is easy, receiving is difficult. Folks have been wonderful. There have been many successful and well-needed Chip-Ins for a variety of reasons. Animal advocates truly have the biggest hearts. I am proud to part of this community - I've seen so much care, compassion, and miracles happen when everyone joins together for the good of an animal. Sometimes the end result is gut-wrenching, but we rest can rest assured we have done everything possible...but other times, the end result is so inspirational and heartwarming, we glow for weeks.

I pray the latter is the case for Hero. I want to glow for weeks and know sweet Hero is romping around healthy and giving big Sibe kisses to his forever family. And I believe we can make it happen. 

One of the fundraisers is for this great poster (we just purchased and received our personalized copy via Email). The artist commissioned, who works under the name Cameo Anderson, will be donating all proceeds to Alley for the continued medical expenses and care for Hero. You can order yours for $25 through Lily's Pad Pet Supplies.
Here, via Alley's Facebook page, is a video of Hero (please click HERE to view) meeting the new vet staff at the specialist office, and just look at how bouncy and full of life he is! Unfortunately, the latest update from Siberian Nation via Alleys Rescued Siberian Angels from that visit is: "Hero has finished his tests and we have a diagnosis. Hero has a pocket of fluid on the brain which is causing his seizures, aggression and vision issues. They cannot draw all the fluid out because of the pocket size, doing that will cause his brain to collapse so he would need a shunt placed so that the fluid can slowly drain. They state only because of his young age he is a candidate."
Here is a new Chip-In created by Siberian Nation for the purpose of raising funds for this life-saving surgery for little Hero, which is estimated between $7,000-$9,000 to perform. If everyone from across the globe could chip in a little, this could easily be reached! And if you can't chip in money, please spread the word about Hero - and if you know of vets, clinics, pet supply stores, newspapers, radio and TV stations - please share Hero's story and links with them in the hopes some kind and generous benefactors may come forward. 

February 14th is Valentine's Day and a day for showing it is a perfect day to be proclaimed as "Hero Day." For this event, organized by Siberian Nation, everyone is asked to make this photo of Hero their default photo on Facebook and to post it on their websites and blogs to honor this courageous little Husky pup.

It will once again take a community to help save this pup...and the pet community is working hard to do so. Why? Because time is not on this pup's side and this Hero deserves a fighting chance...and we all need heroes. Who knows what great things this pup may go on to do in the life that could lie ahead of him...he may one day even go on to save a life himself, like so many who came forward to help save his.

"So guess what, a $4,000 dollar deposit has been called in by a generous donor and Hero will be going in for surgery, we still need to raise the balance so please keep sharing. Hero cannot go in until they get the seizures stopped long enough for this huge surgery, will keep you all posted. Keep your paws crossed and a huge thank you to all who have donated and kept Hero in their thoughts. He still has a huge surgery to go through and we still have a lot of money to raise. Much love and thanks to all of you, Alley."

We still have a LONG way to go. If you know of any corporate, businesses, pet stores, etc. who would be willing to donate to Hero's cause, please share the Chip-In link started by Siberian Nation in this blog post with them! Each one of us has truly made a difference! We have HOPE for Hero...let's all continue to be this little boy's champion - we are almost there!
Hero at the vet in his collar ready for surgery!
Saturday Night Update on Hero. According to Alley, he has been seizure-free long enough now that they can prep the little boy for surgery. He will be going in for the surgery to insert a shunt to drain the pocket of fluid from his brain tomorrow morning. All of our prayers and positive vibes are with this little Husky boy and his surgical team. There is so much hope for Hero, thanks to a caring community of pet lovers. Hero...fight the good fight. We WILL hear good news about you tomorrow, little fella!
Sunday Morning Update: Baby Hero is now in surgery, which will take about three to six hours. Prayers and positive vibes go out to our little Hero, his surgical & vet team, and his rescue guardian angel Alley.
Sunday Afternoon Post-Surgery Update: Alley has reported good news/bad news - Hero made it through the brain surgery and although he is breathing on his own, he is currently on life support as his heart failed during surgery and CPR had to be administered. The next 72 hours will prove to be critical...Hero and Alley need all of our prayers, positive thoughts, and healing vibes...hang tough little much love coming your way. 
Follow-Up Update: Hero is not doing well. Says Alley, "... bleeding internally and we are loosing him as the Doctors just told me. They have given him blood and fluids but he is dying. I had to authorize them to go back in and try and find the source. The Doctors state either we go back in and try and save him or we lose him for sure. We have come this far and what could I say but ok go back in and try and save him. Please share, cross paws and keep fundraising, Hero and this rescue need you more than ever." 
Come on, Hero...hang in there little've been through so much. Our "be strong" message to Hero:


  1. If our too busy mama can remember, we'll do this!! Poor little Hero. Are seizures more common in sibes than other breeds? I know glaucoma is more often seen in bassets than some others...

  2. Sibes are one of the breeds that can be affected by seizures/epilepsy, but from what I understand from Hero's diagnosis is that his are being caused by fluid on the brain that they need to put a shunt in to remove. Hopefully, after that, if it is successful, there will be no more seizures. Paws crossed for this little boy!

  3. Poor little guy. We sure hope he gets all the best care in the world to get him good as new. Sniffs, The HoundDogs

  4. What a sweet baby all our paws are crossed for Hero
    Benny & Lily


  6. Just made a contribution for our JRT Macy in the hope that Hero will be well and always loved as much as Macy is! There are doggie paws crossed and prayers being said for him.

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    ~Bailey (Yep, I'm a girl!)

  11. Thank you everyone, for your thoughts, prayers, and sharing of the links! I know it means a lot!

  12. What a beautiful pup. I wish I could help financially but I will help spread the word and keep Hero in thoughts and prayers. I just know that this Hero will come through with flying colors.

  13. It does take a community and belief in the impossible to make miracles happen. This boy deserves one. We sent some help.

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    ~Bailey (Yep, I'm a girl!)

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  17. Saturday evening update on Hero posted above - he is being prepped for brain surgery tomorrow. Thank you for all of your thoughts, prayers, and support for this little pup who is loved by entire pet community!

  18. All paws crossed for Hero ... glad to see that he is able to have his surgery! We will continue to pray for his recovery!! xoxo Chloe and LadyBug

  19. New post-surgery update on Hero above - keep those prayers and positive vibes coming. Stay strong, little boy!

  20. Cold Shore SiberiansJanuary 29, 2012 at 8:27 PM

    Get better soon Hero- Amanda W.

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  21. I just read about Hero can someone tell me if he made it and how he is doing now?//