Sunday, October 30, 2011

Welcoming in the Holiday Season with a Regressive Dinner for Pets Event

Today is the Halloween kick-off and first installment of the Two Little Cavaliers holiday season Regressive Dinner for Pets event! First, we would really like to thank them for hosting such a creative and fun event. We are very excited to participate - after all, it's about treats and food and the holidays! We are highlighting a favorite very simple treat of the FiveSibes - yogurt-dipped bones. Yum! We first saw these at a fruit and vegetable stand and thought what a great idea! They were charging $1.50 per bone wrapped in a pretty cellophane packet, and I thought with five Huskies, I could not only make that buck-fifty go farther, but I would feel good about having the treats be made at home. The best part? My five Siberian food critics all gave the recipe five paws up! Here's a video of the recipe we posted last year while doing our Canine Cooking Corner feature that we thought you'd enjoy! Bon Appetit!

The fun hops along at all these wonderful blogs where recipes are being shared, so please be sure to stop by and see what's cooking at:

Kol's Notes        

This is a different sort of blog hop, so there will be no Linsky list. To join in, just leave your blog site URL in with your comments and then be sure to visit other folks' as well and tell them you're hopping over from the Regressive Dinner for Pets event, and share this post and the above links with your pals. 
The rest of the Regressive Dinners will take place on the following days:
Main Course. Tuesday, November 22
Soup, Salad & Sides. Thursday, December 22
New Years Eve:  
Cocktails and Appetizers – Thursday, December 29

If you'd like to get in on the fun with one of the next dinners, just use this Pre-Registration Form and start cooking! 'Tis the season for good friends, food, and fun!


  1. What a fun recipe! Super easy and I bet the dogs love them.

    Thanks for participating.

    Felissa, Davinia, and Indiana

  2. HI Sibes! It's Gizmo here...Those bones are a little big fur me but I'm sure JG can find some terrier-sized ones & make me some of those fancy iced treats...We loved your video today & we're having fun hopping around to see all the great recipes

  3. This is a great idea for a hop. Right now I am om my iPad and your video is not posting, I will try again tomorrow on the desk top. Have a great Halloween,

  4. Great idea for a hop! We'll paw this onto mom's "to-do" list & se what happens!

    jack & moo

  5. Yum! We love yogurt dipped ANYTHING at Casa de Kolchak, so these look good to us!

    We hope you'll join us for Tasty Tuesday and add this link to our blog hop on Tuesday!

  6. Keep safe and have a very happy Halloween, Five Sibes!! Booooo!

    Woofs & hugs, <3

    ~Bailey (Yep, I'm a girl!)

  7. Great idea! Not sure if my older pups like yogurt though--the little one will eat anything. Biscuits and yogurt though I'm SURE would go over well!