Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Today's Moments Are Tomorrow's Memories

My vision of the Rainbow Bridge.
This post I'd like to dedicate to a beautiful Siberian Husky who recently crossed the Rainbow Bridge - Kodiak, the furchild of one of our blogpals so many of us have the pleasure of "knowing" - The Thundering Herd.

Since hearing the news, I have been thinking a lot about life, our furbabies, and the Rainbow Bridge (and North of the Rainbow Bridge, that I just learned about from The Herd. A special place where Siberian Huskies roam after their life here on earth has passed). We hear of so many passings, yet this one in particular has really touched me. 

Chelsey ♥ 1994 - 2007
I have given the FiveSibes more hugs, kisses, and whispers of love in hopes of extending our precious time together. I have reflected back on other dogs I've been fortunate to have part of my life, all of whom I miss to this day. Also many thoughts to my late Chelsey, whom I rescued as a pup from a pound. I wish I had more time with her to do more things with her, to help her with the Canine Alzheimer's we discovered too-late that she was battling, and I wish I had more info and understanding and could have helped her. In hindsight, I would have done things differently if I had the knowledge I have now. That will haunt me forever. I think of my childhood dogs, the ones that would never leave my side when I went walking or horseback riding. I think of my FiveSibes and just can't imagine life without them.

We can't stop the course known as life, but we can take a moment, no, take lots of moments to cherish the loving bonds we have now with our pets. These moments will be our memories some day in the future when our furkids are called home. Memories we will always hold dear, and no matter how bittersweet they are, they will also help us to move forward with love in our hearts for what we had, and while unimaginable at the time, what we are yet to have.

This video was posted on Facebook this morning by Katie the Blue Eyed Dog, and when I saw it, I thought, "what perfect timing." While it is bittersweet, it is also comforting. May it bring a little peace to all pet parents at a time when they will need it.

Kodiak of The Thundering Herd

Run free in those snow-covered fields way beyond the Rainbow Bridge, Kodiak. We never met you in person, but you have touched our hearts tremendously. Rest in peace, sweet Sibe.



  1. You are so right, that we can't cherish enough these moments that we do have with them. I still remember so vividly how it felt to scratch my Tashi's ears, even though she passed away in April. And it brings me comfort to still be able to feel her so intensely. So go kiss those Sibes!

  2. What a beautiful post and a beautiful video. Of course I'm crying...

    -Gizmo, Bart and Ruby's mom

  3. Great blog, your so correct. I wondered why we were getting more than normal hugs etc

    Hu'mum crying again, she seems to keep doing that when Kodiak is mentioned!! She says the blogging world is great but heck it hurts when one passes to the rainbow bridge.

    Husky Hugs to everyone :)


  4. I know when my dogs were put down they were greeted by my husband who adored them and they him. Nothing can change my mind about that one.

  5. beau=wootiful post, 5 Sibes. One thing Mom realized when our Sherman was terminally lll was that while she had lots of pictures of him, she had none with him with her or with dad, so they made a point of taking some. Sad to look at, cause he was so ill, but please, PLEASE, take some pictures WITH your furkids. You'll cherish them later.

    Love never ends... we'll meet again,
    jack & moo

  6. There really was something very special about Kodiak's passing - it seems to have touched all of us here in a way that is somehow "different". Maybe it is the suddenness of it, maybe it is the love we felt as we came to know The Thundering Herd and their humans. Maybe it is because it makes us all realize that we have no control over tomorrow but we can take charge of today. We seem to be getting lots more hugs and pets too. Soft woos and gentle hugs from all of us the The Herd and family.

    Very touching video.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  7. You're so right, I love this post. I am going to take a moment with Finn right now!

  8. Oh, this post and video made me cry. Beautiful post, and very touching. I know the pain of losing beloved furbabies, and I am definitely going to take lots of extra moments to cherish the ones I am fortunate enough to have now.

  9. OH dear, I better go visit the Herd.

  10. I was ver y sad to hear about that handsome Kodiak. Such a beautiful tribute.

  11. This is a beautiful post. When a dog passes so unexpectedly, it really makes me stop and think about what I have and cherishing it. It sounds like it did the same to you.

    Rest in peace, sweet Kodiak.

  12. Thank you so much for the beautiful post. I try so hard not to let past choices and mistakes haunt me, but just embrace the desire not to repeat them. I think that is one of the greatest things a dog teaches us humans - live for the Right Now, embrace the present, live it to the fullest, and don't worry about yesterday.

  13. Isn't it funny how most of us have never met, but have come to know each other.

    run free Kodiak

  14. We have lost way too many friends lately. May they all run free and their families find peace.

    Your pal, Pip

  15. This is such a wonderful post - thank you.

    - Steffi

  16. Your post was a lovely reminder of being in the moment. Our pups always are...it is us humans who often forget to stop and just take a cuddle break...Kodiak's hugs are a lesson to follow.

    Thank you. We will take some special time now to just enjoy each other. We send White Dog Army woos of peace.

  17. We didn't know the Thundering Herd but we went over to pay our condolences. They have a fine blog and Kodiak was a lovely looking dog. What a heart breaking experience for them. Your Chelsey looks quite beautiful. We know how hard it is too, even years later. My GSD pal went to the bridge five years ago and we all still miss him. I don't know why my people don't go out and rescue another pal for me. I think they are waiting for the right dog to wander down the street like I did.

    Misery says that we all think we don't do things right and wish we could have looked after our pups better and given them a perfect life, especially when some of us have been dumped/thrown out/abused/ whatever. Myself, I think a nice home, a comfy sofa, and plenty of yummy food are all a dog wants. Well, apart from a few cats to chase of course.


  18. Wow, what a beautiful post. The rainbow is lovely and there are lots of sweet angels watching down on us.
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, COP

  19. Beautiful post!!

    Mum says the only bad part to have Doggies in her life has been having to say goodbye and that she's never ready - but she is so happy that she has the most amazing memories to cherish and lots more to create!

    Your pal Snoopy :)

  20. We need to take time each day to enjoy EVERY thing and EVERY one in our lives....cherish each moment for they can be taken away too quickly....

  21. What a beautiful post. So true "todays moments are tomorrows memories".

    Never put of what you can do today until tomorrow, sometimes tomorrow never comes!

    Big Nose Pokes
    The Thugletsx

  22. What a beautiful post. We haven't been the Herd's sight yet, but will head that way to pay our respect. Never easy to say goodbye. :(