Saturday, October 8, 2011

"Let's All Scream for Howl-o-ween" Pet Photo Contest & Prize Sponsors

Boooooo-woooooooooo! The deadline for our first "Let's All Scream for Howl-o-ween" Pet Photo Contest is fast approaching! Details in our contest announcement blog entry of September 9th. All submissions should be sent or posted to our Facebook wall by the bewitching hour - 12 Midnight - on Sunday, October 16th! Be sure to include your pet(s) name(s) and if you'd like us to include your blog/website, be sure to send us the link! 

Prizes, award certificates, and ribbons will be awarded according to overall highest scores delivered by our panel of judges including pet experts, animal trainers, photographers, graphic designers, and artists and their judging will be based on the pet's photo capturing the Halloween holiday spirit, including: 
Festive Halloween/Autumn Theme
Costume or Background Creativeness

Overall Photo Composition

Photo Quality  

Pets do not have to be dressed in costume, but should celebrate Halloween by having a festive background setting and/or design.

Open to all pets. The FiveSibes™love having friends from all breeds and species! Don't forget to follow us and leave us a message that you are entering in any blog comment section, on our Facebook page, or on Twitter (we are @FiveSibesMom)!

Photos done in PhotoShop will be accepted.

All submissions will be included in a fun, Howl-o-ween Parade slideshow that will be posted here, on our Facebook, and on YouTube! So don't delay, send in your pics today!

Here's the pawsome prizes from our wooooo-nderful sponsors! Please be sure to visit their sites as well, and tell them the FiveSibes™ sent you!

Overall Grand Prize:

A spooktacular Monster Mash Pail from Treat Diva
filled with yummy gourmet dog treats and a tug toy! What really makes Treat Diva special is that 10% of all sales go to a special fund called Hope’s Dream. 

First Place Prize:

A Pupperific PupCasso/Puppie Birthday Gift from Paw-ty Animals!
Prize package includes Pup Casso, Pup Pie Happy Birthday Pie, Paws Napkins & Plates, a Stuffed Dog Toy; Gift wrapped and shipped or delivered with Paw Print Balloon!

The PupCasso kit consists of three pieces of art paper, five tubes of nontoxic paints, three paw protector sheets, a frame, and even a surprise gift for your dog. Introducing your dog to the kit couldn't be simpler. Simply apply paint to the paper, place a paw protector sheet over the paper and tape it securely. Now invite your dog to walk on the canvas. Remove the paw protector sheet to reveal your dog's abstract masterpiece. If your dog's art work is impressive enough or even if he needs a little more practice, you'll probably want to frame the artwork he created for you. Simply slip his painting into the frame provided. Voila! Your dog is an artist.

Second Place Prize:

A totally pawsome toy from KyJen Toys Plush Puppies Squeaker Mat Long Body Alligator Dog Toy with 16 squeakers! A dog's dream toy!

Third Place Prize:

A happy Pumpkin Plush Plastic Bottle Toy from FiveSibes™

Fourth & Fifth Place Prize:

Cute PetSmart Bear-Witches from FiveSibes™

Sixth Place Prize:
A hand-crafted fleecy tug toy from FiveSibes™ (and more will be available for purchase from our soon-to-be launched website at!

And...just for our feline friends...

if you are a prize winner, you can choose: Catnip Toy, Set of 4 Jingle Bell Balls, plus a $10.00 PetSmart e-gift certificate from FiveSibes™ in place of any of the Top 3 prizes, or the Catnip Toy & Set of 4 Jingle Bell Balls in place of Third - Fifth Place prizes, if you so choose:
Woos and Thank Yous to our terrific prize sponsors! Please be sure to visit their websites!

All entries will be included in a Howl-o-ween Pets on Parade slideshow that will be posted along with the winning photos on the October 31st blog, so be sure to check back here on Halloween! Don't forget to check out our September 9 blog for full details! Good luck to all!


  1. You have some wonderful prizes here. We are trying to come up with an entry but the Momster isn't doing much to help us yet.

    Kudos to your sponsors for their generosity.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  2. Yippee Skippee!! Look at all those terrier-if-ic prizes!!

    Wyatt and Stanzie

  3. Sounds like a fantastic contest!!!!

  4. This is totally cool! I love that you don't have to dress them up in a costume (I can never come up with anything clever enough.) So sharing!
    BTW - The video with musical background was awesome. I have no idea how long it took you to make, but so impressed!

  5. Hi I'm a happy follower here, FB and twitter, and would love to enter your fun contest! We're running off to send you a photo or two now!

  6. Those are such great prizes...... I am going to enter but Halloween is not our strong point here in Australia, but we will give it a go. Mum is rubbish at photoshop and all things computer creative, so my expectations are LOW! However - those prizes are GREAT!!!!! Just remember that if I win something, it can't be anything edibles...... the quarantine folk here take everything like that coz they are mean mean mean!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My prize was stolen that I got from Wyatt!!

    But we will enter and give it a go!

    Tail Wuggles, Rubie

  7. Wowie...look at all those fab prizes!

    Big nose pokes
    The Thugletsx

  8. Looks like you have wonderful prizes. The dogs that win will be truly lucky:)

    Mocha Barney, Ashley Pumpernickel and winniechurchill

  9. And a Sixth Place Prize has now been added! :-) It's a sneak peek and we hope you all like it! It's been Sibe-tested for fun!

  10. We can't wait to see the photos you received. So much fun. Sagira has her eye on that squeaker, she LOVES squeakies. haha.

  11. Okey-dokey, entry submitted!
    Looking furward to seeing the slide show!

    jack & Moo

  12. Oh Boy, sure hoping I'm a winner!!!