Saturday, October 29, 2011

It's Almost Howl-o-ween: Show us Your Treat Jar for Pets & Let's Be Safe Out There

Woooo! Gibson sees something strange in the neighborhoood...
Halloween is almost upon us, and the FiveSibes are ready to do some tricks or treating of their own - Husky style! While they don't out with the neighborhood kids, they still do know how to have a spooktacular time! Here, in virtual costume, they treat us to a video of their superb Sibe dancing skills as they get the party Howl-o-ween party started!

And here's Wolf up to some tricks (helping himself to some treats while the others are busy playing! Sneaky, sneaky, sneaky!)


   Our blogpals the Cybersibes, are doing something extra spooktacular for Halloween, they are hosting a Show Us Your Treat Jar event where our furkids can blog about their own favorite treat jars, AND also us hu-parents are encouraged to 
   donate some treats to our local pet shelter! What a great idea! Be sure to stop by Cybersibes and check out all the links by the participants and see what kind of cool treat jars our furpals have! 

   Here's our Bandit girl showing off some of the FiveSibes™ treat jars & snacks! With five, we need a variety of treats! And a healthy hint for those watching their furry waistline is to nosh on frozen green beans or sprinkle some Blue Buffalo Super Bars over plain, fat-free yogurt and kibble, but if you still like to periodically indulge in a store-bought treat: split the treat in half, or check out the 5 calorie mini-version of MilkBones. (We are not a paid endorser, this is something we found and liked!)

   This here is a picture of the 10 lb. box of bones we will be dropping off at our local ASPCA to bring a little Howloween treat to some of the canine residents there. Thanks, Jack &  Moo, for the great idea!

   Looking for more excitement? For some really fun screams and howls, be sure to pop over to experience the ParaNorwood! Exciting and strange things have been happening there all this week! And, then hop on over to I Still Want More Puppies for lots of Halloween trivia, costume ideas, and parade photos, oh...and the best part, check out the Best Pet Trick video!!! It really is pretty cool!
   October really has been a special month. With all of its festive colors, crisper temperatures, and there's been an air of excitement as it is also a prelude to the holiday season. But October is also an important time to refresh our minds about several important pet issues and causes, and renew our resolve to always keeping the welfare of animals in our uppermost thoughts. With October being Halloween Safety Month, which goes paw-in-paw with National Animal Safety & Protection Month, including the recently concluded National Fire Prevention Week, it’s a busy time for pet parents.

   We don’t really need a special month to know that animal safety and protection is our responsibility…all of ours, whether we are pet parents or not. No one should stand by and watch an animal be abused or neglected. Please, call someone; a local dog warden, the town’s shelter, the police or fire department. Every animal deserves to be treated with compassion.

   And speaking of pet safety, with Halloween arriving in just a couple days, there are many things that can be dangerous for our pets. While it is a really fun and festive time of year for us humans, let's keep in mind that our pets are not always quite so thrilled with all the loud, noisy, and frightening goings-on, whether it's the scary costumes, constant ringing of the door bell and knocks on the door, or the loud music and screaming at some of the neighborhood scary houses. So while we are all having fun on Halloween, here are just a few safety reminders to ensure that all of our pets remain happy and healthy during the Halloween season:
  1.    Keep chocolate and all Halloween candy away from where dogs can reach them. So many of these “treats” are toxic to canines. And ladies, that includes purses. Be sure they are zipped up so dogs can't get to gum (sugar-free is toxic), medications, candy, small items they can swallow, etc.
  2.    If adults are having some Halloween beverages containing alcohol, be sure your furkid doesn't get into your glass for a sample. Alcohol is toxic and not for pet consumption.
  3.    Be careful of toy treats as they could become choking hazards. 
  4.    If you dress up your pet in a costume, keep the pet where you can see him/her at all times. Costumes can catch and hurt your pet’s limbs, and some fabrics that tie around the neck can also get caught on something or tighten, thereby choking the pet. 
  5.    When the trick-or-treaters come ringing your doorbell, keep your dogs safe by keeping them in another room to avoid anxiety, as well as minimizing the possibility of their escaping out the front door. Some feel more secure in their own crates or rooms with a TV or radio playing in the background for white noise.
  6.    Be sure to have your canine pal’s collar on with current ID tags, just in case they do escape during the commotion. 
  7.    Tails wag; dogs jump – so be careful not to have any candles or jack-o-lanterns lit anywhere near your dog (and his tail and paws) to avoid burns and fire hazards. 
  8.    While dogs love socializing and playing with children, especially Sibes, please don’t take them out while trick-or-treating. Even the most docile pet can become scared and react differently from the norm, i.e. jumping, growling, breaking free, etc. Leave them at home where they can be calm and safe in their own environment. 
  9.    If you know your pet gets stressed from all the creepy talking Halloween decorations, music, visitors, and doorbell chimes, you may want to use a calming aid, such as the all-natural Rescue Remedy, or spray his/her pillow, blanket, or kennel with pheromone-mimicking Comfort Zone (or use the plug-in style) to help ease their anxiety.
  10.    If you have outside dogs, PLEASE don’t leave them out alone on Halloween (or even the night before). If you can’t bring them in, stay with them. There have been some horror stories of people tossing poisoned food into yards and having deadly, or at the very least, sickly results. And, even some reports of animals being physically hurt.
  11.    In case of an emergency, have your vet’s, the 24-hour animal hospital’s, and Poison Control numbers programmed into your phone’s speed dial, as well as having them posted in plain sight. 

   And don't forget to check back here on Halloween for the posting of our "Let's All Scream for Howl-o-ween" Photo Contest winners and the Autumn Howl-o-ween Pets on Parade video slideshow featuring contest winners and furpals from across the globe! It's going to be a scream!

   Always with an eye always on our pets’ safety and well-being, here’s wishing all furkids and their Hu-families a safe and “spook”tacular howling Howl-o-ween!

    Thank you to our hosts for today's Pet Bloggers Blog Hop: Two Little Cavaliers, Life with Dogs, and Confessions of the Plume! Please be sure to stop by the other blogs, too! 




  1. Wooooo-oooo! We do love your video! Woo pups are talented! And just look at all those treat jars!!! Woozers! Thanks fur posting them, and taking that huge box of treats to the shelter, and also for putting together all those safety tips - are your paws sore from all that typing on the keyboard, or do woo all take turns?
    We'll check back, can't wait to see the Howloween parade!

    Booos & Wooos to yous!

    jack & moo

  2. Halloween is such a fun time, but it is important to keep those safety rules in mind.

    You have some great treats there. Mom gives some of us green beans with our kibble, but she never thought about using frozen ones for treats - great idea, thanks.

    You have some great treat jars there too.

    Happy Halloween weekend.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  3. Hey Fivesibes!
    Wow, you pooches sure know how to cut a rug! Never heard that version of that song before and it's perfect. I can't wait for your big contest post! I know it will be amazing.
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, COP

  4. Great points guys! I can vouch for how crazy humans act when they think you've eaten chocolate, so don't go there!

  5. You sure have lots of treats in all those treat jars. :)

  6. OOOH! Mommy used to have those treat jars too (the clear ones with the black paws on them), but now she just uses a clear Tupperware container. :)

    Happy weekend woofs & hugs! <3

    ~Bailey (Yep, I'm a girl!)

  7. Good post. We need to stay safe
    Benny & Lily

  8. Excellent...Very sound advice. Halloween should be fun.....but safe and stress free for our beloved pets.

    bangs and screams can be so stressful!

    Big nose Pokes
    The Thugletsx