Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Another Newsy Tuesday!

Gibson woooing his birthday and anniversary wishes!

The past two days have been special ones here for the FiveSibe's hu-parents. Yesterday was my birthday and today is my husband's and my 30th wedding anniversary! We've received tons of Husky hugs and Sibe kisses from the furkids! Now, there is so much news to share and catch up on today! 

I have to share????
First, we had entered a giveaway over at All Things Dog Blog and won! Wow, it was a box of treats that arrived in the mail for the the FiveSibes, who had a blast checking it all out!

The three pupsters had lots of fun sniffing out the goods, curious as to what could be in the box!

Gibson even got a turn at sniffing the evidence.

Wooooo! It's a whole box of 
 goodies that made their day!

They had a blast playing tug-o-war with the rope twist toy and couldn't get enough of the tasty Cesar softie treats! 

The surprise package sure made the FiveSibes' day! Many thanks to All Things Dog! Be sure to pop over and check out some of the pawsome giveaways.

We also want to say "Thank You" to Peaceful Dog Blog for bestowing upon us the "Versatile" blogger award! Please be sure to stop by their blog and say "hi!" from the FiveSibes! Previously, we had earned two other awards we mentioned in an earlier post, the "Versatile" and also the "Insirational" blogger awards, and with all three, we need to pass them along to other bloggers we feel deserve them...and I have to say, there are just too many great blogs out there that I can not choose. I think that another blogger pal has the right idea when they received theirs, they posted that all of their fellower bloggers were deserving and should have the award bestowed upon them, so since there's no possible way to select just 15, I would like to do the same and pass it along to all my blogger pals...the awards are pasted on our sidebar, so please, feel free to copy it for your own blog as you deserve it! To accept the blog, we do need to tell you seven things about us, so please visit our past Newsy Tuesday post from July to check out that info! And truly, and "wooooo-ly" we are so touched by the award and sincerely appreciate receiving it!

A couple weeks ago we entered a bid for a necklace over at the Crossed Paws blog to raise funds to help pets in need. We were so pleased to find out that we had won our bid for a very unique pawprint necklace offered by Road Dog Tales...and our beautiful necklace designed by Deanne arrived the other day and it has FiveSibes engraved on the flipside and is just beautiful! And check out that classy packaging! Love it! Please be sure to stop over and visit Road Dog Tales and check out Deanne's fabulous metal designs, and tell her FiveSibes sent you! 

As you may have seen in an earlier, post, last week we headed over to the U.K. for an absolutely awesome virtual book launch party by Carol Wyer for Miniskirts and Laughter Lines. Well, our Miss Chloe, decked out in her requested mini-skirt, traveled many miles by land, air, and sea, to join in the party fun and was greeted so warmly by Carol and her guests! They do know how to throw a party! She even got to bring home a doggie bag!  :-)  For some fun and lots of laughs (and you'll see Chloe there on the mini-skirt contest "winners" page), pop over to Facing50WithHumor blog and be sure to tell Carol that the @FiveSibesMom sent you!

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Just a reminder to keep on sending in those spooktacular  "Let's All Scream for Howl-o-ween" Pet Photo Contest pictures! It's in full swing and we are receiving some absolutely fantastic, frightening, adorable, festive, creative, and scary pet pics! There's still plenty of time to enter, so be sure to check out our contest announcement blog entry for all the rules and details. We want to be sure all of our blogger pals are eligible to enter! We will include all submissions in a Howl-o-ween Pets on Parade video slideshow on Halloween along with pics of the winners! If you'd like to promote your blog/website, be sure to give us that address and we will put it on your picture in the slideshow! We have also been getting some great prizes in too that we will post at a later date! Be sure to join in the fun; send in your pics today!


  1. Congratulations on your wedding anniversary and way to go winning that package! Nice loot!

  2. Happy Bday and anniversary!! I have my bdfay two days before my anniversary too...makes it a very special week! Hope you have a great day.

  3. Wow, happy barkday and anniversary! I hope it was wonderful and I'm wishing you a fabulous year. Congrats on both pawesome pressies! That prize pack looks amazing and I love that necklace. Mom says we're working on my costume tonight! Hope to get my pix in soon!! I can't wait for your big contest.
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, COP

  4. Thanks for the link love. We're glad you enjoyed your prize. We're having a blast with Fido's Freebie Friday giveaway offers every Friday at All Things Dog Blog.

  5. Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversary. Wow, lots going on. Just love the pictures!

  6. Sending lots of birthday and anniversary wishes your way! :)

  7. Wow! There is a lot going on your way!
    Happy Birthday to your mom and dad, and Happy Anniversary! I hope they have a wonderful day:)

  8. Happy Birthday and Anniversary!


  9. Belated many happy returns, happy anniversary-gosh! 30 years that is amazing. And as always, I adore the photos. I'm surethe Sibes enjoyed their treat.
    That photo of Chloe is now my screensaver and she will always be welcome back here. She was impeccably behaved at the party. Thank you for mentioning little old me again and I really hope you all enjoy the book-you are going to be reading it to the Sibes as their bedtime treat aren't you?
    Hugest hugs to you all from a very hot France and a large black labrador called Nero who would love to play with the Sibes

  10. Happy Birthday to you and Happy Anniversary to you and the hubs and many more to come. This sure is a newsy Tuesday post - congrats on your awards and your gifts. We loved seeing the pups check out the big box. And such a great pic of Gibson sending his good wishes.

    Have a wonderful day.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  11. You weren't kidding...all kind of things going on. Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to your Hubby and Happy Anniversary. Congrats on the nice award and on the nice wins!!! Hey, you wore me out typing, I need a nap!

  12. HAppy Birthday and Happy Anniversary!!!
    My Pawrents Anniversary is tomorrow! I think they said it was 16 years now!

  13. Your Mom is gonna LOVE the necklace. My mom has one of Miss Deanna's Necklaces... that my Ruby and Penny got fur her... AND from the day it arrived... It has NEVER EVER not fur one second been off... and it looks just as perfect Today as it did the day it arrived.
    Hey... your mom and dad have their birfdays one day apawt??? SO do My mom and dad!!

  14. Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversary!! 30 years is amazing!

  15. Congratulation on your anniversary! My best wishes for both of you, and for the great package it's really nice! I hope you had a lots of fun this day! :)


    It's all About Pet Fences | Dog Fence

  16. Wow! That was a whole broadcast! :) Congrats on the award! Congrats on winning the box of goodies! Congrats on winning the bid for that beautiful necklace made by Deanne of Road Dogs! And my oh my Chloe you sure do make a guy blush! Yowza! I'm soooo happy the mini's are back in style :P

    Waggin at ya,

    PeeS: Haven't forgotten about the Halloween photo. You're on my calendar :D Will get it to you before the deadline :)

  17. Thank you for all you wonderful wishes! They made my day! :-)

  18. Happy Belated Birthday and we hope you had a fabulous Anniversary! The good news just keep coming - CONGRATULATIONS! You were the winner of the K9 Kamp week 3 prize package! Please e-mail us at kolchakpuggle (at) gmail (dot) com to claim your prize :0)

  19. Wow...I know I am going to forget something, but Happy Anniversary! 30 years? That is awesome.
    Congrats on your award and your pressies in the mail and winning the auction. So much fun. :)

  20. Hello Five Sibes and your mom, thank you for coming to visit so I've come to return the visit. You have a fine blog - goes without saying really with five sibes - and I love your idea of newsy Tuesday. Hope you had a lovely few days for your double celebrations. Master and Misery have barkdays on consecutive days so they like to have double the fun too.

    I will add you to my blogroll, but unless Misery improves I only get round a couple of times a month :( but I usually have a catch-up read.