Saturday, June 18, 2011

Even in this Sibe Household, June is "Adopt a Cat Month" or Maybe "Cat Adopt a Human Month!"

 Chloe spots a visitor in the yard...

"Harley, who is that kitty with Smokie?"
"Chloe, if I can't eat it or chase it, I don't care."

"Wooo...Harley, he's getting really close..."

 "Wooo...Smokie, who is your new little furpal?"

 "Meowwww. Why Chloe, that's my new friend Binx. He's homeless, just like I was."

Binx...come join our family!

Gibson says "hi" to Smokie.
So the story of our kitties goes like this. Over three years ago, a starving and frightened long-haired gray kitten (a/k/a the honorary Husky cat), whom we named Smokie, sauntered by our house and met my daughter who immediately felt sorry for the beautiful, although very skinny stray. She fed her some salmon, and well, as they say, the rest is history! She never left us. I had checked the lost and found in the papers, the announcement board at the vet's, called several other area vet's and the SPCA to see if there were any reports of a missing cat fitting her description, but I knew sadly that she was not lost. She had been abandoned. I said at the time, if she was still around in a month, we'd take her to the vet's and get her a rabies shot and a check-up to start, and give her a name tag. She was still here. Turns out, she was just shy of about a year old and altered, confirming that she once had hu-parents, but was indeed abandoned. I then said if she was here in three months, we'd go back for the rest and put her on flea and tick preventative. That was over three years ago! Smokie is such a sweetheart and real lovebug, how could anyone just dump her off??? She loves to sneak into the backyard and torment the Sibes by perching herself on the fence, or slinking her way through the yard below their deck. She absolutely owns the front yard. And she comes running when you come home, greeting us with purrs and rubs. 

"Meow, Mom, can Binx stay???"
Then one night two weeks ago, she brought home a little, extremely frightened kitty friend. My daughter joked that "Smokie has a boyfriend." Just like with Smokie, she began feeding and talking to the kitty we now call "Binx." Each day, Binx comes a little closer to us. Same deal as Smokie, if he's still here in two more weeks, off to the vet's and shots and a name tag! (Hopefully we can touch him then as he's been so skittish, although he reached out to playfully paw my daughter's hand today! Big step! I'm hoping Binx will adopt us, just like Smokie did!

In honor of Adopt a Cat month, why not foster a homeless kitty, or donate some time, cat food, clean (used is OK) blankets, dishes, or toys? And if you see a few cuties roaming about the neighborhood, why not put out a dish of clean water and some snacks for them? They could be the very same cats that wind up adopting you!

Here is a heartwarming video sent to me by a friend about a cat playing with a dolphin that I'd like to share with you. I think you'll love it!


  1. Smokie was so lucky to find you. Maybe she is pawing it forward by bringing home Binx! :) What a beautiful boy he is. Although a little FYI, if your feeding him, he's staying. BOL!!

  2. Thank you for taking care of these kitties! It is amazing how sometimes they just manage to adopt you. It's sweet that Smokie seems to be looking after Binx now. I bet she remembers her tougher days. Hope you all have a great weekend!!

  3. We'd love to add a cat to our family some day. Not sure Kelly agrees with the idea. She is not very pleased with the neighbors' cats.

  4. What a sweet and touching story of your two kitties! And they sure are beauties! You are such a wonderful family for taking in two lost little souls and giving them love and a home. :-> Binx seems like a great addition, and I am sure the FiveSibes will have fun playing with him! I just will never understand the mindset of dumping a pet.

    The video is awesome! I want to go and play with some dolphins!


  5. Oh my! What an incredible video! Made me all mushy inside :D

    Great story about Smokey and Binx. Paws crossed Binx is a smart kitteh and adopts y'all :D

    Waggin at ya,

  6. Hope things work out with Binx. All of our cats have been strays,too.

    Your pal, Pip

  7. What a great story. I'm sure Smokey has filled Binx in on what a great family you are and he'll decide to stay!

  8. What a wonderful story! Thanks for saving the kitties!! It sounds like Smokey decided to bring a friend home for good!! Love the video! Lots of love, Debbie & Holly

  9. Strays are the best and thanks for all you do for Smokey and now Binx!!!

  10. Funny, I've had more cats adopt me than the other way around. Apparently word gets around in catland as to who's open for some company :)

  11. You seriously have a heart bigger than the sun. What a lovely story about Smokie. My suspicion? Smokie saw a cat in need and said "Come with me." I know a place where you'll be safe and warm and get some food." Smokie knew that this little guy would be cared for by you and your daughter. How is that for amazing?

    I hope Binx will begin to trust you. Smokie is gorgeous btw.

    Hopping by on the Saturday Blog Hop. So very glad I did. Such a touching story.

  12. Look at all those pretty cats. :) I love the dolphin/cat video.