Saturday, May 21, 2011

As National Police Week Comes to a Close, the K9 Officer is Honored

This week has been a very special week as it was National Police Week, a time for thanking and honoring all members of the police, including the K9 officers. The beautiful tribute to K9 partners pictured here is a creation of Nessie as posted on the Law Enforcement Today Facebook page. The dedication, love, and hard work exhibited by the canine cops each and every day are just amazing. A loyal partner and dedicated officer of the law indeed.

Below is a great documentary, Freedog, highlighting the special bond between police dog and handler by filmaker Stephanie Tabor.

FREEDOG from Stephanie Tabor on Vimeo.

And a round of "a-paws" and thanks also goes out to the Siberian Husky Canine Police Dogs of the Canadian Mounted Police. In the late 1800s, the Canadian Mounted Police used Huskies and Malamutes to conduct their long winter patrols in the North Country, and later in the Arctic regions. By 1898, the police had over 100 dogs. It is written that the Husky dog teams also helped the Mounties keep the law during the wild Gold Rush days.  "On you Huskies!"

While we are so thankful to our Troopers, police officers, and K9 cops for all they do to protect and serve every day, why not take a moment today and "thank a cop," including the four-legged ones! 
"It is not just those with two legs who were born with a soul that has courage to wear the badge" ~Nessie~


  1. Well said. Where would we really be if it wasn't for the brave K9's who risk their lives everyday helping out our fellow officers? Nice tribute.

  2. Thank you for honoring our domestic warriors, both 2-legged and 4. These amazing animals do so much and ask for so little in return. Whether running after the bad guy, jumping between the bullet and his partner, or finding a lost loved one, we could not do our jobs without them. National Police Memorial week comes to a close tonight and our hope is that even just one more person realizes that the Police Officer who may give you a ticket in the afternoon, is the same Officer who would give you his life that night. A nod, a hand shake, a thank you ... we don't ask for much in return either ;)
    Thank you again. ~Nessie~

  3. Very well pawed.:) All Police officers, as well as the Four Legged Ones are truly amazing.:)

    Teddy Bear & Sierra

  4. Just one more example of the bonds between humans and dogs. It is not an easy world today in which to be a police officer, and also not an easy one for police dogs - so much crime, so much evil out there. We salute our police forces and their canine helpers.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  5. I've always been fond of police dogs - last year at a police K-9 demonstration I took a picture that I'm so fond of. It defines the relationship between handler and dog. During the demonstration, for a brief moment, the dog looked up at his handler who placed his hand on his dog's head - and they just look at each other. You can see so much pass between them, the love, the admiration, the loyalty. Too me that brief look spoke volumes!


  6. Agree!!! Thanks for this important post.

    Your pal, Pip

  7. I just love our K9 heros, they are truly very special! Y'all have a great weekend!!!

  8. That is a very great post!! Our K9 heros are the best and they need to be honored!! Lots of love, Holly & Mom

  9. Stopping by from the blog hop.
    Thats an interesting bit of history. I love how human history can be looked at through canine eyes and still tell the whole story.

  10. a police dog helped me when i was a victim of crime and he also tracked down the culprit who broke into my home.

  11. Wow. What a great video. Thank you for sharing it. (I should mention I will come back for the 2nd one.) So glad I stopped by on the Saturday Blog Hop!

    BTW - I wanted to thank you for telling me about your Wooley guy. I had never heard of them before and when I mentioned it to my friend, the one who has a dog that looks just like yours, she did some research and found out she had a Wooley too! She was so excited! She was even more excited that there is a rescue for Wooleys, so she will likely adopt another one someday. :)

  12. Thanks for the tribute. What an amazing bond between a human and canine officer. I used to do canine search and rescue and the bond between me and my search dog was incredible. I can only imagine that it's even stronger in law enforcement.

    We are saving some snow for you in the freezer!

  13. woo said it pawfectly.
    Law enforcement dogs are so amazing and should be honored everyday.

  14. Yes there are asome very clever and special dogs out there who we are completely in awe of, huge respect to them and their handlers. Dex & Louis x

  15. OMD, I hads NO idea it was National Police Week...I is so very sad I wasn't ables to post about it!!!!! I did a poat recently about joining da Broward County K-9 unit...hehehehe! I is gonna be da furst doxie K-9, don't laughs at my dreams...hehehe!
    Anyways, My mum has a furiend dat is a K-9 officer and his doggie was stabbed, he is okays and back on da job. But it was skeerey and real touch and go!
    What an awesome post...thank you!


  16. Thank you law enforcement doggies everywhere!!

    Happy Sunday woofs & hugs,


  17. Thanks for the info about the Huskies - I hadn't heard of their role withe the police prior to reading this. I love the FreeDog video - I had shared this through another FB friend earlier this week. Lovely tribute. I shared your post on my FB!

  18. You guys all do a pawsome job!! Paws up to all of you!!

    Snoopy :)

  19. What a great post :)