Today is the Worldwide Candlelight Vigil in Remembrance of the Slain 100 Sled Dogs. Wear Red and Hug a Husky

Bandit is wearing red in memory of the 100 sled dogs.

Today is a day of remembrance for the 100 sled dogs that senselessly lost their lives. On this date, a peaceful worldwide Candlelight Walk will be taking place in 100 cities - one for each slain sled dog - across the globe in their memory.

Organized in Canada to honor those sled dogs on what is the anniversary date of their deaths, and to also bring awareness to animal cruelty in the hopes of joining the world together to bring forth change.

While out and about, dog owners are encouraged to attach a red ribbon to their dogs' collars in support of the memory of the Whistler 100 sled dogs, and to also help raise awareness of animal cruelty.

The Red Ribbon Campaign for the Whistler 100
is an awareness movement, that, according to their Facebook page, "... supports change in animal cruelty laws  everywhere. Based in British Columbia, Canada, where the recent animal welfare movement spurred by the April 2010 slaughter of 100 sled dogs has influenced members of government to step forward and initiate changes to the province's outdated and inadequate animal cruelty laws. Hoping that British Columbia's action will set the standard for animal welfare in the rest of Canada and ultimately, the world. The recent events in British Columbia prove that yes, people, we CAN make a difference if we bark and howl loud enough."
During the vigil in North Vancouver, Canada, red carnations will be placed into the water in memory of the sled dogs. If you can not attend one of the vigils, please take a moment to light a candle in memory of these 100 dogs: 

The young artist of this portrait sent this to the Vigil cause as a donation, and she was inspired to create it saying that she "imagined the spirit of the dogs overlooking the mountains."

As we light our candles, let us all join together to end animal cruelty. Together, we must get the word out that help is always within reach, if asked. Awareness is the key, and we are the educators. We are a worldwide network and help is just a keystroke, Email, or text away. And finally, if you see an act of animal cruelty, report it. The animals have trust, but they don't have a voice, so we must be worthy of that trust and become their voice.

Rest in peace and and may your spirits keep running free over the Rainbow Bridge, sweet Huskies.

Finest Companions
by Curtis Surovy
Adventuring up blue ice mountains
panting dogs conquer the frozen slope
where frigid air like thorns in the lungs doubles you.
With whistle signal sled travelers halt,
dismount and approach the humble beasts,
bare fingers course through frozen fur's sharp edges.
Their prideful stature spent, these finest companions
now compliant with loose tongues flapping, bellies grounded
blow out exhaustion with every breath
until standing again the hounds bark readiness
to descend, tails wagging. 

Footnote: As I discovered from our furpals the Cybersibes, today is also Hug a Husky Day. While everyday is one here, what better time than today to give an extra hug to our furbabies, one for each of the 100 slain sled dogs. I'm sure they all will feel them up in Heaven, where they are running free beyond the Rainbow Bridge.


  1. Oh my -

    Mom is all leaky again -

    We've posted something fur this as well but nothing as inkhredible as yours - we've added a link so others will khome by -

    Our khandle will be lit tonight -

    I'll try to take Mom's mind off it - she finds herself haunted by it too often - she's nevFUR been able to read any of the artikhles to the end -


  2. Wooo Great post. Lets hope the laws get changed to and help stop animal cruelty. We will be lighting a candle here in Spain.

  3. Let's hope something like that never occurs again.

    Thank you for commenting on my flea scenario :)

    Waggin at ya,

  4. I will be wearing my red bandana in memory of these beautiful dogs. Thanks for sharing this.

    Your pal, Pip

  5. Our candles will be lit and our howls will be heard.

  6. Hmmm...I'm only just hearing about this but I bet I have a red bandanna that I can wear today in rememberance.
    Cairn cuddles, Oz

  7. We are stopping by to say hi and to help honor these dogs.


  8. That was so sad and shocking to hear when it happened. What a wonderful way to raise awareness.

  9. This is terrible, just how can that happen. It must never happen again. I will be lighting a candle and will be telling folks over here about it.
    George and Jan xxx

  10. Candles lit here and paws crossed that no other animal ever has to endure such a horrid experience.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  11. Hi Y'all,

    Mans inhumanity never ceases to amaze me.

    BrownDog's Momma

  12. We are howling with you all the way from Singapore!


  13. I began to watch your video and had to stop. It is beyond any reason to understand how someone could do so much to so many with such little regard. My heart aches for those dogs and the horror they must have experienced at the hands of someone they loved.

  14. It still makes us very sad. We hopes the laws are changed so this never happens again.

  15. Candles lit here. That is just so very sad. Love, Debbie and Holly

  16. Heartbreaking post. By the time I got to the drawing by the young artist it was all I could do to not let loose tears. It is so heartwarming to know that so many humans around the World are honoring the 100 sled dogs. Love and goodness always outnumber the bad, and with such love and positive and hope being put forth by these Vigils, I know a difference will be made. The 100 sled dogs are wagging their tails and smiling down on all those who are remembering them. Thank you for such a touching, and informative, post.

    And, *HUGS* to your beautiful Pack of Huskies! :->

    Suka and K

    p.s. Thank you for your nice Comment and I am glad you liked the Fabergé Eggs. *sigh...To have such talent!

  17. How awful. May they rest in peace. :(

  18. Such a sad thing. Keeping all those doggies in my puppy prayers.

    Woofs & hugs,


  19. Such magnificent creatures, who served their humans well - only to be treated like that by those same's a story that highlights the need for our world to wake up to animal cruelty, to not stand idly by!

  20. We join in the sorrow and outrage over the loss of these beautiful noble creatures. We have lit our candle, dressed in red, and let our voice be heard for change! May their deaths bring about an awakening in the way animals are treated and may they not have died in vain.

  21. We hadn't heard of this here, but found you via one of your friends blogs. This is so sad, can't say any more really - Dex & Louis x

  22. What a great post. Thanx for participating in this day.

    Love that painting and wish I could have one.

  23. I'm late in reading this and sadly, I missed this event. I will light a candle tonight, though. As small and insignificant as one candle might be, those hauntingly beautiful eyes will see it and know they're missed.


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