Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Bandanas, Books, and Snoopy

"Hey, Sis, we look good in these new bandanas from All Things Dog!" woos Wolf.
Woooooos!!! The FiveSibes are very excited!!! They received a package in the mail with presents...bandanas and Snoopy books from Carrie over at All Things Dog blog! 

Back in February the FiveSibes won a giveaway All Things Dog were hosting in honor of Charles Schulz. Now how much fun is that? Who doesn't dig the coolest dog around - Snoopy? We are huge fans in this household, having every holiday toon Snoopy and friends ever made as the Peanuts gang has been a favorite of my daughter since she was a young child. So, we were pretty excited to find out we won a cute Snoopy book gift set! And, in honor of Snoopy's coolness, Carrie also sent along some snazzy bandanas that FiveSibes were proud to model! 

The  pupsters checking out each other's bandanas!

Harley stylin' in her new haute couture!

Gibson getting ready to prance through the neighborhood in his new designer bandana!
Bandit lovin' her bandana!

Fashionista Chloe dressed for envy and checking out the Snoopy books.
Thanks, Carrie (and Tanner for guarding the giveaway gifts!) Be sure to pop over to her blog and check out all the great information and recipes! And be sure to tell her the FiveSibes said "Hello!"

And in honor of the coolest dog in town...here's a little video tribute to Snoopy (the blogging Beagle?)...Enjoy!


  1. Very fashion forward! Lookin' good in your neighborhood!


  2. Very fashionable


  3. Looking good!!!!
    I have always been a big fan of Snoopy!

  4. Snoopy Rules! You all look tres chic in your fancy bandanas. Our fashionista, Nuka Angel thinks maybe you should join her for a stylish stroll, some window shopping, and the pup biscuits and iced water at Kelly's on Historic Route 66!

  5. Congratulations! What a pawsome give-away to win such fabulous prizes! Snoopy is one of the coolest pups around. My human grew up with Snoopy, too, and you just can't beat his tunes and shows!

    You pups are rockin' those bandannas! Very stylish and hip! :->


  6. You all look fabulous in your new bandanas!:)

    Teddy Bear

  7. Those are such cool bandanas and y'all look fantastic!!! Loved the video too, gotta love that Snoopy!!!

  8. Glad you enjoyed the Snoopy books and the bandanas. Keep watching the blog, as I do giveaways every week. Happy tails!

  9. You all look smashing in your new bandanas! I hope you enjoy your Snoopy books as well!

  10. I can't tell you how excited I got when I saw you had won a Snoopy prize. You'd think I'd won it myself. I have loved Snoopy since I was a youngster. The very first record I bought was 'Snoopy Vs The Red Baron' so thank you for this fab little video which brought back my youth.
    Sibes you are looking very chic today...when are you putting on your first Fashion Show?

  11. Hi Sibes!! Thanks for dropping by to wish Ruby Happy Gotcha Day. We love your new bandannas. You are all gorgeous. We had a sibe years ago. The smartest dog ever!! We're YOUR newest followers. But who is Mark D?

    -Gizmo, Bart and Ruby

  12. Cute bandanas! I love the Snoopy tribute too.

  13. Wooo you all look super beautiful in your bandanas x

  14. Your kiddos look fantastic!! Blue is so becoming on Sibes.
    I passed your info about the Athens rescue along and shared some with Khyra's mom that might help. I don't know anyone that way who can travel, though :(

  15. Such gorgeous dogs :D Gonna follow your tails to see what y'all get up to ;)

    Wishin I could wag at ya,

  16. The Blogging Beagle - cute! Thanks for stopping by my blog, glad I came by!