Saturday, February 26, 2011

Let's Carry the Themes of Responsible Pet Ownership Month and Justice for Animals Week with us all Year Long

With the month of February winding down, I thought I'd take look at some of the things that stand out this month. Earlier on, I spoke about it being National Pet Dental Health Month, and February is also Responsible Pet Owner's Month, and today closes out the Animal Legal Defense Fund's third annual National Justice for Animals Week

First, in honor of this being the month of love and caring...I'd like to thank Peggy of Peggy's Pet Place for the pawsome bumper sticker she sent to us as part of her furbaby Kelly's birthday/Valentine's Day drawing. As the sticker says, "Hug a pet today!" Or two, or five, or six! Gibson is pleased to show off how he hugs his "pet" stuffed buddy. Please be sure to stop by Peggy's wonderful blog and say "hi!" and let her know the FiveSibes sent you!

We see it or read about it every day - severe injustices bestowed upon animals. There are dogs who are used for "sport" fighting, sled dogs who are senselessly killed, slaying of wild wolves and mustangs, and abused and neglected dogs and cats who are rescued each episode on the Animal Planet's Animal Cops: Detroit; justice for animals has been high on the minds of folks across the globe who are stunned by the horror and pain humans inexplicably inflict upon animals, just mind boggling. I can and never will understand the how and why of it.

Here are a few videos (including one on the canine cousin, the wolf) that are moving tributes to the animals we love. It's our duty as human beings to care about and protect innocent animals. They can not speak; we are their only voice. If we see an animal being abused or neglected and are not able to help ourselves, it's our duty to report it. There are so many groups and organizations who make it their life's work to help the abandoned, abused, and misused.  If we don't look out for the welfare of animals...then who will? A person does not need to be an animal lover, but no one should ever be an animal abuser. Let us all carry February's themes of responsible pet ownership and justice for animals with us throughout the year.


  1. Very nicely put. I always question human beings who get animals as pets, and treat them poorly. What's the point in that? As a fresh graduate, my parents don't allow me to have a dog of my own - Pepsi is a family dog, so he's loved by all. :)

    I however, try to adopt hamsters from shelters and from people who want to give their hamsters up for whatever reasons. & it always touches me when I see the trust my hamsters have after living with me, and seeing them grow and thrive.

    Pepsi's A.

  2. I know I'll be hugging some pets today, and I bet the five of you get hugged today. I wish that for all pets, and those still waiting for forever homes. xoxo

  3. Wow. That wolf slideshow was spectacular. I also found it very relaxing--funny huh? Maybe not. Maybe it was their freedom that was relaxing. Nice post.

  4. Such a beautiful post and the videos were incredible!

  5. Goodness, I didn't know it was such a busy month. Have to say, though, that the real eye-catcher is the "Irish" huskies. Who knew?

  6. The videos are beautiful and I really loved the second one so much. I think the animal league defence team needs to check into the shelter/pound situation in Roanoke, Virginia. Maybe they could do something about it. Lots of love, Holly and mom

  7. Love the true. I also meant to tell you on my last comment that I really like your new Irish header on your page. Very cute :)

  8. Great wrap-up. I love the picture of Gibson with his stuffed buddy, and of course the bumper sticker too!

  9. We can never understand it either. We have always though there should be harsher penalties for people who abuse animals. WAY harsher! There is just no excuse to do such things to an animal that just wants to give unconditional love.

    Our mom is also a HUGE wolf fan! The wolf video was beautiful. Mom is a member of Defenders of Wildlife, and National Wildlife Federation. Because, someone needs to help speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves, and because our wildlife is precious to the circle of life on this planet.

    Holly & Khady

  10. What incredible videos!


  11. The wolf video was just fabulous, beautiful animals.

    Both videos make you wonder why do humans think they have the right to do to animals what they do.

    Thank you for the post.

    Big Nose Pokes
    The Thugletsx

  12. Great post! Gibson, what a beautiful picture of you and your stuffy! You look so sweet! Cool bumper sticker! Congrats for winning!

    We love wolves! Thank you for sharing that awesome video!

    The ALDF video was very good, but it makes my human wonder what is going on. She remembers in the 80s that there were lots and lots of animal rights organizations, most of which no longer exist. There were also huge movements in the US and England to stop testing on animals, and a huge outcry over Puppy Mills. Yet, almost 30 years later, the exact same issues are around. It seems that nothing has changed and we have not moved forward. Puppy Mills still operate, pet stores still sell animals, laboratories still perform horrendous experiments on animals, factory farms are still places of unspeakable horror - so we wonder what has really changed in the past 30 years and the billions of dollars that humans have donated to all these organizations? And now we have farm animals being cloned and fed GM feed. When will things really change? It is so frustrating and heartbreaking. But my human and I continue to do what we can to educate humans to treat all living creatures with dignity and respect, kindness and compassion. We all share this Earth together and we all need to take care of one another. Thank you for keeping the awareness alive. You always paw such excellent, informative posts.

    Suka and K