National Pet Travel Safety Day

Bandit and Chloe buckled up and ready for a car ride!
Mark your calendars! Today, January 2, is National Pet Travel Safety Day!

Harley and Gibson love car rides!
I am very pro-pet safety belts. In both my November blog post and in October's post I have talked about buckling up our Sibes anytime we go for a car ride. Well, National Pet Travel Safety Day takes that one step further by promoting the safety of pets not only by automobile travel, but also by plane, water recreation, and even stays at a hotel. The mission of National Pet Safety Day is to bring public awareness to keep our pets safe no matter how they travel.

Wolf and Bandit buckled and ready to go!
Colleen Paige, pet lifestyle and safety expert, and former LA paramedic with over 20 years experience in the pet industry, is the founder of National Pet Travel Safety Day. Among her credits, she is an animal behaviorist,  Editor-in-Chief of Pet Home Magazine, author of Dog Drool and The Good Behavior Book for Dogs, and is a contributing expert for and OK! Celebrity Magazine. She is also the founder of the Animal Miracle Network and national pet holidays, including today's National Pet Travel Safety Day, National Dog Day, National Cat Day, National Horse Protection Day, and National Specially-Abled Pets Day. 

Ms. Paige explains the concept behind the Pet Travel Safety Day. "I started this because one animal injured in a car accident, is one too many for me - and I've sadly seen hundreds over the years. I want to put an end to this senseless and easily preventable risk of serious injury and death to our furry beloved babies. It takes little effort and saves a life. I have always secured my dogs in the car, even as a teenager when I got my first car - I bought Sheltie a harness and put the seatbelt through it. It just seemed like common sense. I thought, 'well, we have to wear seatbelts to keep ourselves what about our dogs?' I'm going to pursue making it law to keep our babies safe!"

 Let's all join in the crusade for pet travel safety. You can visit the National Pet Travel Safety Day website and sign-up for their newsletter and even submit photos of your pet buckled-up. And remember, the animal's life you save, could be your own.

Cool Wolf is ready to board the boat!
So, please remember to buckle-up and/or ensure the safety of your beloved furbabies (just as we would with our own hu-children) each and every time you travel, whether you are driving across town or flying across the country...or if you live in a warmer area and the waterways are not boat! 

Until next time, travel safe!


  1. Safety in the car is just so very important. Thanks for the great PSA.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  2. Great post to start the New Year! Woo, that Sibe is stylin' in those doggles & safety vest!

    jack & moo

  3. Great post and very important facts to share! Lots of love, Holly and mom

  4. Hi Y'all!

    Love the picture of y'all!

    Just between you Sibes and me...all y'all have to do, while the Human is driving, chew through the strap that holds you to the seat belt. When they get a new belt for you, chew through the car belt for Humans. You won't get all the way through, but it'll upset those Humans. Finally, if all else fails, just keep twisting until your so uncomfortable you can't stand it. The Humans had to cut me out. VBG The result, when they can't take the car that holds my crate, I get to ride free! Yes!

    Now I gotta hide y'alls blog so Momma won't see it and order another seat belt!

    Hawk aka BrownDog

  5. What great information! Thanks for sharing! Miss Paige sounds like a busy woman, and an amazing lover of animals. Yay for her and all that she does for us animals!

    Wishing you FiveSibes, and your humans, an amazing New Year of 2011 full of love, happiness, fun, health, and an endless supply of treats and car rides! I look forward to reading of your fun adventures in 2011!



  6. Great post... so important for our furry friends to buckle up too! :)

  7. Great post, we are all for safety!
    Thank you for the Award! We will post it today.
    PS. absolutely love your header!

  8. A wonderful sentiment to start the new year off on the right foot. Be safe pooches!

  9. Happy New Year and safe travels to you.:)

    Teddy Bear

  10. Great post, and toally agreeable.

    Drive safe!





  12. I couldn't agree more strongly. Our pups are always in seatbelts or crates... We know a person whose dog who died in a car accident so the risk feels very real to us. I hope that more people start buckling up their dogs!

  13. Another great post!!!!!!!! So important. We (Bambi and I) don't get to go often but when we do I am buckled up but Bambi is not and I do worry about that. We are going to look into a belt for her!! Thank you!!!
    xx, Bambi & Fern

  14. I am always bothered by dogs flying about back seats in cars, standing with heads out of skylights and dont get me going on dogs in the back of pick up trucks. Great post! We have smaller dogs so we use a snoozer car seat for Kodee. Poor Becky gets the heebie jeebies so crate time for her.

  15. It is important that you take extra care when your travel with your pets. There are dogs that are not comfortable traveling on wheels. Make sure that your pets are comfortable during the ride to avoid hassle.

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  17. You should also check your pet carrier to make sure it is in good working order for Pet Travel. You can also avoid air travel during hot weather or busy holiday travel periods. Reconfirm your flight the day before you leave, and check the status online on the day of the flight to ensure there have been no unexpected flight changes.

  18. It’s true that your pets must travel comfortably and safely. Not only with the journey itself but as well as the restaurants, hotels and theme parks that will surely make your pet happy.


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