Friday, September 3, 2010

It’s Back to School Time! Is Your Dog Ready?

Bandit is ready for her classes!

Back to school time has arrived for the kids, and with it comes everything from shopping for school clothes and supplies to picking out just the right lunch box to having your high school graduate move away to a college dorm. In all of the September excitement, let’s not forget about our canine companions, who just may have some Back to School blues after having been treated to a few months of constant companionship with the children and family during the long, lazy fun-filled days of summer. While the children and parents are busy adjusting their schedules to meet the fall agendas, our pets will be going through an adjustment period as well. As soon as the children go back to school, our dogs may become stressed, sad, and/or lonely with the departure of their buddies on the school bus. Here are some suggestions to help our canine companions feel more relaxed and adjust a little bit easier to the new school schedule:

Bandit likes to study too!
  • If the dog is going to be alone all day, do a sample run-through of what the new typical work/school day will be. By doing this with your dog a few days before, it will let your pet become accustomed to the new routine before the new routine actually starts.
  • Let him/her escort your child with you to the bus stop, the corner, or ride along in the car if you drive your child to school.
  • Keep the mood upbeat.
  • Let your children tell their furbaby that they will be back after school to play.
  • Let the radio or TV play while everyone is away so your dog hears voices and doesn’t feel alone.  
  • Call in from the office periodically to leave happy voice messages for your dog.
  • Treat your canine to a "doggie" snack when your child has his/her afterschool snack. After all, who doesn’t bond well when food is involved!
  • Let your child read/study with the dog nearby.
  • If your child moves away for college and your house is now an empty nest, you will need to fill the lonely spot your family dog will naturally feel. Some additional hugs, kisses, and extra evening walks will work wonders. There’s no better cure for the blues (for both human and canine) than spending some time together!   
I sure everyone's first day back to school is a good one! The FiveSibes and I also wish everyone a happy, safe, and fun Labor Day!                            


  1. We don't have children, so I never really thought about how going back to school would make a difference in a pet's life. I think those are excellant tips. Especially spending snack time together. Who doesn't love that?!

  2. What great advice fur those with human pups in the house!


  3. Good tips! My son went off to college so my dog misses him a lot. Fortunately I work from home so we keep each other company.

  4. Did you eat any of those books? That's usually required for Sibe school.

    Khady Lynn