Monday, August 16, 2010

National Homeless Pets Day

Today is National Homeless Pets Day. It's sad to think of how many pets are left homeless each day whether it is from losing their Hu-parent, having the Hu-family moving to where pets are not allowed, runaway pets, abandoned pets, etc. For whatever reason, too many animals wind up in shelters and rescues in numbers so large it can be mind-blowing. While many of us pet parents, Sibe owners and owners of other breeds, have obtained our "kids" from breeders, let us not forget the large number who go into homes as pups and then wind up later on at rescues and shelters, and are wonderful, loving dogs in need of an equally loving Hu-family. Case in point: last October my mother lost her 15-year furry companion "Joy," a toy black Poodle. Two weeks ago my Mom adopted an adorable senior white Poodle who had lived in South Carolina with her longtime Hu-mom. Sadly, the owner entered a nursing home and her furbaby, at age 8, was left homeless. The Poodle made the trek cross-country, where she resided and was cared for at a rescue. I spotted the little gal on and the rescue owner brought her down and made an introduction to Mom. The two hit it off and now the little gal has a second chance at being in a loving home. She is a happy little girl and is adjusting wonderfully and my Mom has a darling companion once again. And there are so many other stories out there just waiting for happy endings.

Every day I come across ads looking for homes for beautiful animals. So many Siberian Huskies are in need of a good home. People fall in love with their beauty and their eyes and purchase one on that basis alone without being fully aware of their nature. As Sibe owners know, they are not a "coup up in an apartment or kennel all day" type of canine. If they are bored, they will destroy (furniture, woodwork, toys, shoes, etc.) They are howlers. They are chewers and they are diggers. They are Houdini dogs and are smart enough to open gates, doors, latches, etc. and escape. Once loose, they will run, run, run, run. And above all, they are high energy dogs. Unfortunately, many Sibes are turned into shelters when folks realize these qualities after they already purchased one. So, if you are thinking about a getting a Sibe or other furry companion, you don't need to wait until National Homeless Pets Day to find one. Go out or online today and give shelters and rescues a look-see. You may just see a future best friend in need waiting patiently for you to come find them!


  1. My mom has chauffeured khwite a few of those PETFINDER gems!

    It is amazing what hoomans khan do!

    Thanks fur getting the word out AND fur making a difFURence!


  2. What a great - if sad - post. We get calls all of the time about Sibes needing to find a new home (usually 10-18 months old and the family can not handle their energy - what did they expect).

  3. Sad to think about pets without loving homes. Good thing there are so many nice people who care. I'll help spread the word on National Homeless Pet Day.

  4. Your words are so true - too many pups in need of a home and so many because the humans had no idea what they were getting into. We know our humans love us very much but we also know that they understand what we need for care and discipline and love.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  5. I makes me so sad to think of those poor animals out there....National Homeless Pet Day! GREAT!

  6. It is too bad there is a National Homeless Pet Day. Thanks for getting the word out there, because it is a very real thing. I love the story about your mom and her poodle. Nothing better than a happy ending. Let's hope there are more of those, for Sibes and all dogs.