Shopping to Help Animals in Need

Has anyone visited It seems like a great site for purchasing some pretty cool items, many of which are pet-themed, and raising dollars through visitors and their charitable partners for a good cause - animals in need. Wolf and I visited the site today and by purchasing items I wanted anyhow, but selected through their site - an insulated cup with cute pawprints, a pair of pawprint rain boots, and a thumb ring (all for me, the Hu-Mom!) we were able to fund 112 bowls of food for animals in need! Now how cool is that? Check out the link below for more info about their site and the work they do:

This site is also working hard to get the "HAPPY Act" passed. The Happy Act is to assist pet owners worldwide with making pet care more affordable, thereby allowing folks to keep their beloved pets during tough economical times. For more info on this tax relief issues, visit here:

While we are fortunate to have our Sibes safely tucked in our nice A/C-cooled homes  (it's another scorcher here in our area), there are so many animals out there who are not so fortunate. Short of adopting them all, this seems to be a win-win way of helping in whatever little way we can.

So tonight, let's all give our beloved furbabies an extra hug and kiss and know how blessed we are to have them in our lives and we in theirs.

Until next time, stay safe, healthy, and happy!


  1. We have made khwite a few purchases from there and have nevFUR been disappointed -

    The Good Luck charm in the Xterra khame from there - our furiend White Dog and her furamily sent it to us!



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